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first_imgExpert marketeer Mark Steven Bosko shares some great tips for promoting your next film project.Resources like Indiegogo and Kickstarter have revolutionized the way filmmakers raise support and interact with their audiences, but successful films require much more than good fundraising. They require good marketing. As indie filmmakers we stress over the subtle nuances of production but when it comes to selling our film we are often clueless.To assist us with this problem we’ve asked Mark Steven Bosko, the founder of the Bosko Group and author of The Complete Independent Movie Marketing Handbook, to answer a few questions we had about marketing indie films.Q: Let’s start with the basics – the state of indie film. What’s the outlook right now for new filmmakers?A: We are in an extremely competitive era offering a vast array of entertainment options. Not only do filmmakers have to compete for audiences against other films, but also against offerings such as the Internet and vastly expanded cable offerings blasting content 24/7. The days of gaining eyeballs simply because you finished a feature length film or documentary are over. Everyone has access to the technology, making this situation even more complicated. Thus, the filmmaker that understands marketing – the whos, whats and wheres of their intended audience are those filmmakers that will succeed. A filmmaker who knows how to tap into his/her audience will be better at creating a film that address that audience’s needs, and more importantly, how to get them interested in the film.Q: How important is marketability when choosing a film to create?A: Well, an artist always has to stay true to his work, so I wouldn’t promote creating a film specifically for commercial reasons. That being said, however, I can stress enough how vital saleability is to a project. There are so many great interviews with storied directors that note they do some films for money and some films for themselves, so if they get this concept, an indie producer should, too. I am constantly seeking marketable films. I get 10-15 films in our office every week, and less than 10% of those have what it takes for me to get the film into the distribution pipeline.That doesn’t mean that many of the movies aren’t great – I enjoy many of the movies that I can’t sell. But I run a business, and to stay in business I must offer films to my buyers – the retailers and Internet platforms – that are attractive to their buyers – the audience. When a filmmaker understands how to combine marketability with their vision – that’s when it works great. Those are the films I want to have in my catalog.Q:  Should filmmakers wait until the film is complete to begin marketing a film?A: No. A filmmaker should start selling their films the moment the decide to make one. That doesn’t mean a filmmaker should start calling folks like myself when they write one page of a script, however, I track many films from inception-through-completion, with the producers checking in along the way to ensure they are on track with something marketable. Additionally, to get a film completed, a filmmaker has to constantly market the project to keep folks excited and involved. Selling your vision is a tough job, and requires a lot of energy and work. A dedicated filmmaker gets that and those that can keep the marketing going usually succeed in creating a project that finds its audience. Read about Coppola or Corman – they are the greatest filmmaker/producer/salesmen ever.Q: Ok so you just finished editing your first feature length indie film, what now?A: Have an objective audience view it. Not friends or family but people who don’t know you. Let them criticize it, take notes (or have them make notes or record their thoughts). Even if the comments seem ridiculous or nasty – it’s a great learning process and exposes the filmmaker to ideas and views about their project that usually end up being true weaknesses in the story, acting, direction or production value. Its not fun, but a necessary task.Also send the film to a couple of folks like me who are willing to take a look and offer insight from the business side. I’ve seen films in early cut stages that I could tell with a few changes would make a huge difference in my ability to sell it. Even a change in title can make or break a movie.Q: What are the most important marketing resources filmmakers should utilize?A: The Internet and social media. Filmmakers can connect to their audiences like never before through this medium. From finding buyers and potential audiences to access to building fan bases and targeting direct sales, the possibilities are literally endless. Also key art, metadata and the trailer. These are VITAL. I cannot stress that enough. Audiences still judge a book by its cover and make viewing decisions based on a movie’s trailer, and many times simply on its key art and description (metadata). Do not try to create the key art yourself. In 18 years I think we have only used three designs that originated from the filmmaker. Movie posters look great (and similar) for a reason.Q: In your book you write about the importance of networking as a filmmaker, What advice do you have for aspiring filmmakers that aren’t great at networking/communication?A: Find a team member or champion who can do this. I am a promoter/distributor/salesman – this is what I do. But I meet so many filmmakers that do not have that skill set (much like I don’t have their skill set). So many movies never reach their potential because of the person representing it. They either are too shy, too demanding or too protective. There is a lot of finesse in a sale and making the connections that will get a film sold, and if your front man doesn’t understand how it works, they will simply turn off buyers (or we will forget about you).Every filmmaker has someone they know or that is working on the film that can be a salesman. Many times I have spoke with an actor, as these folks are naturally outgoing and friendly. Being honest is very important, as is delivering on time. Nothing will squash a deal quicker than missing a deadline. So whoever is out front, be sure they can back up what they are telling people like me.Mark Steven Bosko is the founder of the Bosko Group a company designed to help filmmakers find distribution and promotion. Mark is also a regular presenter at film festivals and industry events including SXSW, AFM, Moondance, an Reel Inspiration, among others. Thank you for sharing your insights Mark!Have an indie film marketing question? Ask in the comments below.last_img read more

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first_img1920 x 108023.98 fps264 Mbps176 Mbps117 Mbps82 Mbps36 Mbps Frame DimensionsFrame RateProRes 4444ProRes 422 (HQ)ProRes 422ProRes 422 (LT)ProRes 422 (Proxy) 1440 x 108025 fps236 Mbps157 Mbps105 Mbps73 Mbps32 Mbps 960 x 72025 fps118 Mbps79 Mbps52 Mbps36 Mbps16 Mbps 1920 x 108029.97 fps330 Mbps220 Mbps147 Mbps102 Mbps45 Mbps 720 x 57623.98 fps88 Mbps59 Mbps39 Mbps27 Mbps12 Mbps 720 x 57625 fps92 Mbps61 Mbps41 Mbps28 Mbps12 Mbps 720 x 57629.97 fps110 Mbps73 Mbps49 Mbps34 Mbps15 Mbps 2048 x 115225 fps315 Mbps210 Mbps140 Mbps97 Mbps43 Mbps 1280 x 72025 fps138 Mbps92 Mbps61 Mbps42 Mbps19 Mbps 1440 x 108023.98 fps226 Mbps151 Mbps101 Mbps70 Mbps31 Mbps 1440 x 108029.97 fps283 Mbps189 Mbps126 Mbps87 Mbps38 Mbps 720 x 48625 fps79 Mbps52 Mbps35 Mbps24 Mbps10 Mbpscenter_img 1280 x 72023.98 fps132 Mbps88 Mbps59 Mbps41 Mbps18 Mbps 2048 x 115223.98 fps302 Mbps201 Mbps134 Mbps93 Mbps41 Mbps 720 x 48629.97 fps94 Mbps63 Mbps42 Mbps29 Mbps12 Mbps 720 x 48623.98 fps75 Mbps50 Mbps34 Mbps23 Mbps10 Mbps ProRes has gained in popularity as an intermediate codec. In this post we share tips for using ProRes in your video workflow.When I began my career I was editing a lot of video in Final Cut 7, so ProRes naturally was my best friend. When I made the brief jump to Avid and then quickly turned to Premiere Pro, ProRes came along for the ride. With more and more high-end cameras shooting RAW and programs like Premiere having the ability to read those RAW files natively, as of late ProRes has been dwindling within my workflow. However, if you’re shooting a project with a short turnaround time, you can’t go wrong with ProRes.1. Know Your FormatsThere are a total of six ProRes formats. These formats range from extreme compression to minimal compression rates. It’s important to note that each ProRes format supports all of the current frame sizes such as SD, HD, 2K, 4K & 5K. So lets take a quick look at each codec and the data rate specs for each frame size. 1920 x 108025 fps275 Mbps184 Mbps122 Mbps85 Mbps38 Mbps 960 x 72029.97 fps141 Mbps94 Mbps63 Mbps44 Mbps19 Mbps 960 x 72023.98 fps113 Mbps75 Mbps50 Mbps35 Mbps15 Mbps 1280 x 72029.97 fps165 Mbps110 Mbps73 Mbps51 Mbps23 Mbps 2048 x 115229.97 fps377 Mbps251 Mbps168 Mbps116 Mbps52 Mbps 2. Encoding with Variable BitrateVariable Bitrate (VBR) allows ProRes to be economical with video storage, without damaging the visuals. This type of damage will sometimes occur when max bitrate is exceeded with codecs that are fixed. So for instance, if we encode an action sequence, ProRes can use a higher data rate which will ensure that image loss is negated and the detail of the video remains. Then say, we have a simple two-shot dialogue sequence. ProRes reallocates only the bitrate needed. Being able to vary bitrate based on the material is pretty impressive.3. Question of Storage and RAW UsageWhile ProRes is a larger file size than H.264, it falls well short of the storage cost of RAW formats such as RED RAW. With that said, for most video professionals ProRes is the codec of choice for any work relating to a project that needs a quick turnaround time.However, many professionals agree that if you are working on a project where more time can be devoted to the project, you’ll want to go with RAW. Even though ProRes 4444 retains a wealth of image information, this data is still far less than what you get with RAW.RAW assures you that you are getting the least compression. I’ve found that by using RED RAW over ProRes I have far more flexibility in post. If not much time can be devoted to post, then I’ll transcode to ProRes 422 in order to speed up my editing process. Working with RAW 4K footage can be taxing on your editing system.Here is a nice video comparison of ProRes going head to head with CinemaDNG through a Blackmagic Cinema Camera (video by Tom Majerski):4. You Can Edit Outside of Final Cut Pro XWhile this seems like a no-brainer it’s a misconception that I’ve found with quite a few inexperienced video producers and filmmakers. I’ve heard “I thought you could only use ProRes in Final Cut” a few more times than I care to admit. ProRes is supported by all of the major editing softwares such as Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer & Lightworks.5. ProRes is a 10-bit CodecThe basic train of thought is the higher the bit number, the higher the quality of the video. Bits give us an idea on how many colors are being captured during filming (for most DSLRs you’ll be capturing 8-bit video). But ProRes is a 10 bit codec, so that means it can process a lot more color data. It’s a good rule of thumb that even if you capture 8-bit video using a DSLR (like a Canon 5D Mark III), you can convert that to ProRes and take advantage of the 10 bit encoding, which can make the color correction process easier.The folks at Atomos put it like this:Even if your camera only outputs 8 bit video, it’s still better to work with a 10 bit codec, because all subsequent editing and processing will be done at the higher resolution. Imagine, even if your original was only 8 bit, adding a subtle colour tint. If you did that at only 8 bit resolution, you’d be adding contours to contours, whereas with 10 bit per channel resolution, you’ll get a much smoother effect. The bottom line is that it’s much better to work at 10 bit resolution than 8 bit, whatever the source of your video.What do you think of ProRes? Is it your codec of choice? Share in the comments below.last_img read more

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first_imgKeeping your sound in sync with your footage is critical. Use these techniques to improve your editing workflow.Top Image via Red Giant.As simple as syncing audio to video might sound, this crucial process can be very time-consuming. This is especially true on extensive, multi-camera shoots. In the already-tedious world of filmmaking, the technology to simplify this process is invaluable.Recording audio and video separately on set ensures you get the highest quality sound for your project. As you may have experienced, built-in microphones on even the best cameras will never capture sound that’s clean enough for professional work. So using an external shotgun microphone and syncing your audio with a slate, snap, or a clap is essential.Image via Shutterstock.While that’s easy enough to do on set, once you get into post production and are organizing footage from multiple camera angles as well as all of your audio files, syncing can become daunting and tedious. But you have options.Your three main options for syncing audio to video are Red Giant’s Plural Eyes software, Premiere Pro’s “Merge” or “Synchronize” options, or the good old-fashioned way of doing it manually.Red Giant’s Plural EyesVideo via Red Giant Tutorials.The best option by far (but with a price tag of $200) is Red Giant’s Plural Eyes. This software makes up for the price with the amount of time and energy you will save — especially if you work in documentaries with long interviews involving multiple camera angles. Plural Eyes allows you to import an entire project (clips and audio) and handles the syncing for you.To synchronize, simply open Plural Eyes and click “Add Media” or drag your clips directly into the app. Next, hit the “Synchronize” button and watch the program do its thing. Successfully synced clips will show up in green, while clips with errors are red. If you get a red error, navigate to the “Sync” drop-down tab and make sure you’ve selected “Try Really Hard.”Once everything is synced, click Export Timeline and drag the exported project directly into Premiere Pro. As an added bonus, Plural Eyes also can help correct audio drift in your project.Premiere Pro CCImage via Shutterstock.If Plural Eyes isn’t in your budget, or if you only have a few clips to sync, Premiere Pro CC offers two different options. The first is merging. To do so, click the video file and its corresponding audio file in your project bin, right-click, and select “Merge Clips.”A menu will open up, allowing you to name your newly synchronized clip. Select “Audio” as your “Synchronize Point” and make sure to select “Remove Audio From AV Clip.” Hit “Ok,” and you’re all done. A new file will appear in your Project bin that you can drag into your timeline.Another option for syncing in Premiere Pro is dragging both your video file and audio file into your timeline and stacking them on top of one another, roughly aligned. Select them both in your timeline, right-click, and select “Synchronize.” In the menu that pops up, simply make sure to select “Audio” and hit “Ok.”ManuallyVideo via Corey Machado.The final option is to sync clips manually, which I did for an entire painstaking year in my filmmaking infancy. If, for some reason, the previous methods don’t work for you, lining audio and video up manually is very straightforward and surefire way to synchronize.To do this, pull your video file and corresponding audio file into your timeline and loosely stack the two. Ideally, you have clapped or used a slate, and all you need to do is zoom in on your audio tracks in the timeline and find the spike in the waveforms representing your slate. I find this spike in the video file’s audio and put a marker directly on that clip and then do the same with my audio file. Then I just slide the audio file until both markers line up.Play your clip, and make sure it worked properly. Occasionally, a little tweaking is necessary, so I simply click the audio file and hold the Shift key while I hit my left or right arrow keys on my keyboard to make frame-by-frame adjustments.At the end of the day, all these options can take care of your syncing. While Premiere Pro does a great job syncing individual clips to individual audio, it still doesn’t compare to the ease and speed of syncing entire projects in Plural Eyes. And when you really need to, you can always dig in and do the work by hand.Do you know other tips for syncing audio to your footage? Let us know in the comments.last_img read more

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first_imgThe Chhattisgarh police said on Tuesday that Maoists had been killed in an encounter in Sukma district of south Chhattisgarh.P. Sundar Raj, Deputy Inspector General of Police (Dantewada range), said, “We received a tip-off that a group of 15 to 20 Maoists were present in the forest near Jongeras village under Kukaknar police station [of Sukma]. We sent a Special Task Force team led by Inspector Salim Xaxa and they conducted a search operation on June 4. There were Maoist casualties in the exchange of fire last night.” The STF team recovered seven backpacks, four black uniforms, three detonators and some IED-making material from the area. The STF team, could not recover any bodies or capture any injured Maoists.last_img read more

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first_imgFormer Commonwealth Games Organising Committee chairman Suresh Kalmadi.Former Commonwealth Games Organising Committee chairman Suresh Kalmadi’s name is not mentioned in the Games legacy report prepared by authorities in Delhi to give a bird’s eye view of delays, successes and other issues in the conduct of the sporting extravaganza.Sources said the four-volume legacy report and a 50-minute film on the Games, which focuses on minute aspects of preparations of the event held in Delhi between October 3 and 14 last year, mentions every thing except the sacked top boss of the OC.”We have not mentioned any individual’s name. There are many Function Areas heads who were handling different responsibilities in the conduct of the Games. We are not giving any photo or name of anybody in the legacy report,” CEO and Chairman of OC Jarnail Singh said.He said the report will have all aspects including how contracts were awarded and executed and what led to delays in implementing works on time and escalation of costs.Sources said the decision not to credit any individual was taken unanimously by the OC considering that Kalmadi and sacked Secretary General Lalit Bhanot among other former officials have been involved in the CBI investigation into financial irregularities in the conduct of the mega sporting extravaganza.They said the report, both in print and electronic format, will give details of the work carried out by those in-charge of 278 function areas like overlays, sports, technology, accommodation, sponsorship and event management among others.One of the crucial aspects mentioned in the report is the number of contracts delayed by certain unnamed OC officials who did not follow Games master schedule prepared by the international federation, the sources said.advertisementGiving details of the delays in awarding overlays contracts, the report said the work was given in a hurry to a contractor in April last year, about a year after its expected deadline of March 2009.Interestingly, the fact that out of a total of 540 contracts to be completed by 2009, OC had executed 37, which led to supply of inferior quality products at highly-inflated rates, is being mentioned in the report.Remaining 503 contracts were carried out by the firms after January 2010, the sources said.”Most of the contracts by the OC were well behind the deadline set by the international federation for Commonwealth Games. Thus, to complete all of them on time, the officials had to violate certain official norms and procedures which attracted the eyes of CVC and CBI for financial bunglings,” an OC official said requesting anonymity.The legacy report is being reviewed and will be finalised within two months time and made public, the sources said.CBI, CVC, Enforcement Directorate and Income Tax Department are probing several cases related to financial and managerial bunglings in Games-related projects carried out by OC, civic and construction agencies like Municipal Corporation of Delhi, Delhi Development Authority, Public Works Department and New Delhi Municipal Council.last_img read more

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first_imgNew Delhi, Oct 20 (PTI) Olympic bronze-medallist Sakshi Malik will be seen in action for the first time after her historic feat in the Rio Games when the National Wrestling Championship for men and women gets underway in Gonda, Uttar Pradesh from October 23. The 61st Senior Free Style, Greco Roman Style and the 19th Female National Wrestling Championship is being organized at Nandni Nagar till October 25. All affiliated Units of WFI, including the Railways Sports Promotion Board and the Services Sports Control Board are participating in this event. Around 650 wrestlers and 175 Officials from all over India are reaching Gonda for this competition. Malik would represent Railways in the 58kg category. The other icon players in the fray are Amit Dahiya (57 Kg), Mausam Khatri (97Kg), Amit Dhankar (70 Kg), Ravinder Singh (59Kg) all of whom would represent Haryana. Bajrang (65Kg), Satyavart Kadiyan (97Kg), Dharmender Dalal (130Kg) would also represent the Railways. The current Olympians Ravinder Khatri (80Kg) and Sandeep Tomar (57Kg) will represent Services. From this year, the Wrestling Federation of India has made Aadhar Card/Voter ID mandatory for the participating wrestlers. “Hence, 90 per cent of the participating wrestlers have submitted their Aadhar Card to WFI Office and the rest submitted their Voter Card/Passport,” the WFI said in a statement. PTI PM BS BSlast_img read more

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first_imgThe team line-ups for the Under-17 World Cup (17th edition) to be held in India between 6 and 28 October 2017 are now complete, after the CAF (African Confederation) qualifiers were over on Monday.Victories in their final group matches ensured Mali and Niger progressed to the tournament joining Ghana and Guinea, who had already sealed their qualification.Niger made history by qualifying for a first-ever FIFA tournament after defeating Tanzania 1-0.The 2016 AFC U-16 Championship held last year ensured Iraq, Iran, Japan and North Korea qualified for the tournament from Asia. Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico and the United States of America recently qualified from the CONCACAF (Central, North American and the Caribbean) region.England, France, Germany, Spain and Turkey recently sealed their places for the FIFA event after finishing as the best 5 teams from the 2017 UEFA European Championship.Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Paraguay are the final CONMEBOL nations that will participate from South America while New Caledonia and New Zealand have qualified from the OFC (Oceania) region. Hosts India qualified for the tournament directly.Welcoming the 24 countries, Tournament Director of the Local Organising Committee Javier Ceppi said, “It is very exciting to know the 24 teams that will be playing the World Cup. The line-up is superb, with established powerhouses in the category (such as former World Champions Brazil, Ghana and Mexico) and teams making their debut, among them the hosts India. Having seen the teams and knowing of their quality, football fans are in for a real treat in October and it is key that they can start getting their tickets now and book their place in history before is too late”.advertisementWith the 24 teams in place, the attention now turns to the official draw, which will take place on July 7 and determine the fixtures for each team.The 24 teams are:  India, England, France, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Japan, North Korea, Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, United States of America, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Mali, Niger, Ghana, Guinea, New Caledonia and New Zealand(With inputs from AIFF Media)last_img read more

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first_imgIndian Women’s Hockey team secured a 1-0 win against Chile to affirm a place for the knockout stage of the Women’s Hockey World League Semi Final.As soon as Preeti Dubey secured a goal in the 38th minute, India registered their first win of the tournament.India were beaten 4-1 by U.S.A. in their previous game, while their match against South Africa ended in a goalless draw.After the goal, Chile attacked relentlessly in the final quarter, but India defended well in the death.India will next play Argentina on July 16 in the quarter-finals of the tournament.last_img read more

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first_imgNew Zealand have moved to temper expectations ahead of the Cricket World Cup after their six-wicket victory over India in a warmup match on Saturday, with conditions likely to be more conducive to batting during the tournament.New Zealand skittled India out for 179 in the 40th over at The Oval with only all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja’s 54 saving the tournament favourites from an embarrassingly lower total.Ross Taylor then top scored with 71 as the 2015 finalists coasted to 180-4 in 38 overs.The 35-year-old Taylor, however, said New Zealand had the benefit of exploiting a green-topped pitch early on, which saw them reduce Virat Kohli’s side to 39-4 in the 11th over.”It is a warm-up and you have to take what you want out of it,” Taylor told reporters. “Time out in the middle for most of the batters is crucial.”Taylor added that familiarity with conditions should benefit tournament hosts England, with New Zealand experiencing a similar boost in 2015 when they played all of their pool matches, quarter-final and semi-final at home before the final in Melbourne, which they lost by seven wickets to Australia.”I think that’s what makes England the favourites,” Taylor said. “They know these conditions very well.”But there is a lot of cricket and some good cricket needing to be played before we even think about semi-finals and finals.”If you get off to a good start and get onto a bit of a roll and make the semi-finals then you’re only two wins away from lifting the trophy.”advertisementNice to see swinging conditions: Trent BoultOpening bowler Trent Boult, who took 4-33 off 6.2 overs against India, added that pitches around England and Wales were already starting to look dry, which would aid batters as the tournament progressed.”It was nice to see it swinging around a little bit and I would like to see that everywhere but there are some good wickets around the country … (and) I think the other wickets look quite dry,” Boult said.”The biggest challenge will be when it’s not swinging or nipping around a little bit, then how do we take wickets … (because) we know what early wickets does to any batting side.”New Zealand play West Indies in another warm-up in Bristol while India face Bangladesh in Cardiff, with both games on Tuesday.Also Read | Lower-order runs were good positives: Virat Kohli after loss to NZ in World Cup warm-upAlso Read | Nothing to worry about: Ravindra Jadeja on India’s batting woes after loss to NZAlso See:last_img read more

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first_imgYuvraj Singh is known for his sense of humour and cheeky comments on his former teammates’ posts on social media but it is not often that he gets a taste of his own medicine as Jasprit Bumrah came up with an epic reply to one of Yuvi’s trolls on Instagram.The banter started when Jasprit Bumrah posted a picture on his Instagram account of himself posing with an anti-acne cream as part of a paid partnership with a brand.”Act on your acne NOW!” Bumrah captioned the picture. Yuvraj replied with, “Yes u have lots of them ! Use it now.”Bumrah, not one to lag behind, got one back with a cheeky reply as he took a dig at Yuvraj’s age.”Yuvi pa I know you have been searching for an anti aging cream to feel young. You’ll soon find the product soon,” replied Bumrah. Bumrah is currently in the middle of the World Cup 2019 where he has already picked up 7 wickets from 4 matches at 26.71.He was adjudged man-of-the-match in India’s narrow 11-run win over Afghanistan in their last game where he bagged a couple of crucial wickets to dent Afghanistan’s chase of 225.Bumrah finished with figures of 2 for 39 in 10 overs as India bowled Afghanistan out for 213 to avoid the biggest upset of the tournament so far. Mohammed Shami also contributed with 4 wickets for India, including a hat-trick in the final over.Yuvraj Singh meanwhile, recently announced his retirement from all forms of international cricket and revealed that he would he making his debut in the 2nd edition of six-team Global T20 Canada to be held in Brampton from July 15. The World Cup-winning all-rounder was picked by Toronto Nationals as its marquee player.advertisementYuvraj will be joined by some big names from world cricket, including New Zealand captain Kane Williamson, Andre Russell, Shahid Afridi, Wahab Riaz, Shakib Al Hasan, Sunil Narine, Faf du Plessis among others.Yuvraj will share the dressing room with India pacer Manpreet Gony, Brendon McCullum and Kieron Pollard at Toronto Nationals.last_img read more

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first_img Watch This Bugatti Chiron Shatter a World Speed Record at More Than 300 MPH Last year I had something of an epiphany behind the wheel. I was barreling toward turn eight on Big Willow racetrack in southern California, carrying triple-digit speeds, with the throttle matted to the floor. As I started to turn in for the long sweeper, every reflexive inclination my body could muster screamed at me to scrub off speed.I kept the throttle buried, attempting to mask my lack of talent with the blind courage that has always served me that way. To my surprise and great relief, I stayed on the track. The car was more than happy to oblige my seemingly absurd request.This was the most thrilling driving I’d ever experienced – by a wide margin. And the car that delivered those thrills was not race prepped Corvette or a Porsche 911 Cup car. Instead, the chariot in question was a second-generation Mazda MX-5, dishing out all of 110 horsepower or so.That’s when it occurred to me: Despite our fixation on it in all things automotive, horsepower is woefully overrated.Too much for the trackA few months after that Spec Miata race, some track time with a 2014 SRT Viper T/A only reaffirmed my new mantra. With 640 horsepower on tap, there’s no question that piloting the Viper around a race course was an intense experience. But I still had more fun in the MX-5. It might seem ridiculous – perhaps even pretentious – but hear me out.The T/A wears the widest tire contact patch on a production car sold today, with 295mm Pirellis up front and massive, 355mm meats in the rear. But even with all that rubber to work with, it takes little more than an overly eager dip into the throttle without the front wheels pointed straight ahead to get the car bent out of shape. This kind of behavior is certainly not exclusive to the Viper either – high-horsepower cars, especially those that are rear wheel drive, tend to rely on driver patience coupled with short bursts of acceleration and massive brakes to scrub that speed back off before entering a corner. Around Buttonwillow Raceway, this translates to a series of carefully calculated throttle inputs and two, maybe three, brief flashes of wide open acceleration per lap.2014 SRT Viper T/AA second-generation Miata, even in spec racer form, does not offer massive power, nor particularly mind-blowing braking capability. But those seeming disadvantages result in a car that requires the driver to wring every single ounce of performance potential out of the car in order to maintain a fast pace. Instead of gingerly guiding the car around the track, you’re grabbing it by the scruff and demanding everything it has to give.While taking a fast lap around Buttonwillow in a Spec Miata, you’ll likely be at full throttle 80 percent of the time or more. Sure, those sticky race slicks help in that regard, but the takeaway here is that there’s a point at which too much horsepower can (for mere mortals like myself, anyway) actually detract from the driving experience.Out on public streets the problem is compounded further. Here in the U.S. there’s no road where you can legally hit well over 150 mph like you can on the main straight of Road America. More importantly, our roads simply aren’t designed and maintained to allow for vehicles to travel at rates approaching those speeds with any modicum of safety.Considering the fact that the vast majority of performance car owners never take their vehicles to race tracks throughout a lifetime of ownership, what we’re ultimately left with is massive performance potential – potential that almost never gets realized because of poor drivers or poor roads. But at the helm of a relatively low-output car that is dynamically engaging, like a Subaru BRZ, which makes 200 horsepower and 151 lb-ft of torque, simply getting up to speed on the freeway can be an involving experience.Every once in a while, underdogs like these serve as giant killers, not necessarily because they hit above their weight class, but because they encourage you to better understand the economy of performance and utilize what the car has to offer more effectively. Those fundamentals translate as you move up the ladder into faster cars too, allowing you to develop your skills at a more realistically attainable threshold. Trust me, it’s a lot easier than strapping yourself into a 600-horsepower juggernaut and hoping that you’ll learn a thing or two about driving dynamics before you put the car into a ditch whilst seeking the limits of grip.So why do we have an insatiable hunger for more horses, regardless of whether or not we actually have the means to do anything with it?The arms raceDuring the early 1970s, the automotive world entered a dark time for performance, particularly for domestics. Government emissions and safety regulations, skyrocketing fuel prices, and insurance company mandates conspired to choke the life out of the once venerable V8 performance engine. By the middle of the decade, vehicles like the Chevrolet Corvette, which could be had with a 427-cubic-inch V8 churning out as much as 435 horsepower in 1968 – had been reduced to a top-spec offering of a 350ci V8 doling out a mere 205 horsepower just seven years later.It was trend seen across the industry, and without a technological workaround, automotive companies sought other means of grabbing enthusiasts’ attention, be it with screaming-chicken hood stickers, luxury options, or other superfluous doodads. While everyone involved was more than eager for the era to pass, it wouldn’t be until nearly three decades later that the auto industry’s overall technological aptitude would allow for companies to resume producing mass market vehicles with hair-raising performance stats.Today there are literally dozens of different models sold to the public for use on the street that make over 500 horsepower, and no less than seven different 2015 production models to choose from that make in excess of 700 hp. Not only is it a far cry from 1975, it’s a far cry from the best that the original “golden era” of performance had to offer as well.But more has changed than just sheer output. We’ve become a society obsessed with metrics, and automakers are well aware of this. One of the core metrics for street performance has traditionally been the sprint to 60 miles per hour from a dead stop, and being able to advertise a time that’s even just a tenth of second faster than a competitor has become major bragging rights between rival car companies.Accordingly, the pursuit of the performance crown has dictated some design choices for street cars. An example: shifting, no matter how fast you are with a clutch or how quickly your DCT gearbox swaps cogs, costs time. To combat this, many automakers have moved away from shorter gear ratios to prevent the need to shift before getting to 60 mph. While this is an effective way to shave some ticks of the clock off, it results in a car in which you are exceeding the speed limit of just about any public road (aside from highways) before you’ve even had a chance to shift out of first gear. The wow factor might initially seem impressive, but out on the road the lack of driver involvement can make this something of an anticlimactic event once the novelty has worn off.Absurdity still has its placeThis isn’t to say that cars like Dodge’s SRT Hellcat models and Tesla’s “Ludicrous Speed” P85D are without merit. Knowing you have Thor’s hammer under your foot anxiously waiting to open up the taps can be a pretty great feeling, and the brief moments where you can actually use it are likely to put a smile on your face. Ultimately though, horsepower is only one component of a much larger performance equation – one which includes weight, chassis tuning, the vehicle’s ability to inspire confidence behind the wheel, and a host of other factors than don’t necessarily include its acceleration and top-speed capabilities.Most of the vehicles that tout those massive performance numbers come along with a substantial price tag, and you’ll have to pay if you want to play. But if a $20,000 model can be as much fun behind the wheel as an $80,000 car, what are you really paying for at the end of the day? A Guide to Bodywork: Massage, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, and More What Wrangler Is Doing to Make Denim More Sustainable Slopestyle Mountain Bike Champion Emil Johansson Talks Tricks, Staying Fit, and More The Best Leg Exercises for Sculpted Calves, Quads, and More Editors’ Recommendations last_img read more

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first_img The Best American Liqueur The Best Bottles of Whiskey You Can Buy For $20 or Less Garden & Gun is all about Southern pride. The magazine, which launched in 2007 and has since expanded into a multimedia lifestyle brand, delivers award-winning coverage of Southern food, culture, architecture, outdoor living, and design to more than 1.5 million readers nationwide. Not to mention their retail ventures Mercantile + Co and Fieldshop, their popular Whole Hog podcast, and the over 75 events they host each year. However, their pure affinity for the people, stories, and traditions of the American South is perhaps never more obvious than in their annual Made in the South Awards.The awards began in 2010, when the folks at G&G decided to seek out a new way to, as senior vice president and editor-in-chief David DiBenedetto puts it, “shine a spotlight on the talent and creativity of the South’s artisans, crafstman, chefs, designers, and tastemakers.” Every year, the Charleston, South Carolina-based publication shops, samples, and scrutinizes the work of Southern artisans and businesses across six categories: Style, Crafts, Drink, Food, Home, and Outdoors. With nearly 1,000 entrants in this year’s awards alone, narrowing down the list of winners and runners up can be a daunting process. “I’ve been a part of these awards since the launch,” says associate editor Elizabeth Hutchison, “and every year I think it can’t possibly become more difficult to narrow down the winners — and then it does.” The whole process isn’t without its rewards, though: “Witnessing the ingenuity, passion, and drive of each of the … entrants is incredibly inspiring,” Hutchison adds. As for those being considered for the awards, the grand prize is a whopping $10,000 cash and a prominent spot in the magazine’s December/January issue. This year, the Made in the South Awards saw competitors from a dozen states submitting their wares to a panel of eight distinguished judges that included actress and entrepreneur Reese Witherspoon, president of Savannah College of Art and Design Paula Wallace, and CEO and celebrated designer Bunny Williams. The end result is a collection of 24 carefully curated products that are dripping with pure Southern comfort and quality.We’ve gathered up a few of our favorites from this year’s group of winners and runners-up. For even more down home greatness, head over to Garden & Gun to check out the full list.Alabama Sawyer Planked Dining Table | Birmingham, AlabamaWinner, Home Category and OverallHusband-and-wife duo Cliff and Leigh Spencer have a passion for design that is evident in every rustic masterpiece they churn out at their Birmingham, Alabama shop, but what you may not see until you dig a little deeper is the compassion that’s woven into their products. This gorgeous planked dining table is made from hackberry, an under-appreciated deciduous tree that Birmingham boasts a bounty of. When the couple discovered how many trees were being cut down in their city (nearly a hundred per week), they decided to go all-in on a practice they had dabbled in at their previous West Coast studio: breathing new life into abandoned urban trees by re-purposing them into beautiful furniture and home accessories. The Planked Dining Table is a perfect representation of what earned Alabama Sawyer the top spot on Garden & Gun’s list this year: It turns a too-often overlooked Birmingham staple into the star of the show, paying further homage to its southern roots with understated iron legs cast at Sloss Furnaces (a Birmingham staple for so long that it has been named a National Historic Landmark) and tipping its cap to expert craftsmanship with a nearly six-week long, lovingly precise hand-building process. Alabama Sawyer has become so synonymous with this sort of environmental appreciation that people from all over Birmingham now bring their fallen trees to find new life at the couple’s studio.Modus Studio Fire Pit-Grill Combo | Fayatteville, ArkansasWinner, Outdoors CategoryIf it’s possible for something to be too well-designed, this fire pit-grill combo from Fayatteville, Arkansas’ Modus Studio definitely hits the mark. At first glance, the ingenious little Firebox looks like nothing more than a shiny steel case, but once you get your hands on it, you’ll find there’s a lot more than meets the eye. The Firebox’s three simple pieces (fire pit, grate, and lid) can be pulled apart and rearranged to suit multiple cooking styles. In the mood for some toasted marshmallows? Remove the grate and you’ve got a perfectly portable fire pit (use the lid as a base while you’re at it). Want to fry up a couple of eggs before you head out for that hike? Throw the lid over half the grate in grill mode and you’ve got yourself a handy skillet. Jonesing for some tasty grilled grub but forgot to bring any kindling? Not to worry — the wooden crate the Firebox comes in was literally designed to be safely used as firewood. With such elegant and clever design, it’s no wonder the Firebox is becoming a seasoned winner. Not only did it take the Winning spot in the Made In the South Awards’ Outdoors Category, it was actually born from one of Modus Studio’s annual internal design contests.Ian Balding Paddle Bateau | Wilmington, North CarolinaRunner Up, Outdoors CategoryPart paddleboard, part canoe, this Paddle Bateau from North Carolina’s Ian Balding is handcrafted and fully loaded to elevate fishing, surfing, and camping adventures alike. The idea for this amalgamation came about when Balding himself grew tired of trying to haul gear around on a typical SUP, and the craftsman’s genuine passion and skill come through in a design that is as drop-dead gorgeous as the scenic waters that inspired it. The Bateau is shaped and glassed by Balding in his Wilmington shop, with a brilliant, beautiful white finish that pops against gorgeous bamboo decking. The result is a paddleboard that is sturdy enough to tote all of your gear, comfy enough to fish from, large enough to bring a friend along, and durable enough to last through adventure after adventure. Quite frankly, the gorgeous aesthetic and pure reliability of the craft alone are enough to make Balding’s Bateau well worth the price tag, but he’s not one to leave a stone unturned. The Paddle Bataeu is topped off with rod holder, cooler tie-downs, bungee webbing, and GPS.McKenzie Knife Co. Cutting Board & Knife Set | Houston, TexasRunner Up, Craft CategoryWe love to say everything’s bigger and bolder in Texas, but this cutting board and knife set proves that Texans know how to do small and sophisticated just as well. The set, from Houston’s own McKenzie Knife Company, is both understated and elegant, using carbon steel, bone, and Austin mesquite to create a home bar accessory that is as well-crafted as it is attractive. Jonathan McKenzie, the expert cutler behind the design, doesn’t stop at the visuals. He specifically selected the carbon steel and bone used in the knife because both materials age well, and he chose the wood for the cutting board as an homage to his beloved state. He also slipped in a magnetic, leather-lined alcove for easily storing the knife in the cutting board to up the function of the piece. Wrap that all up, and it’s easy to see why this neat little package made G&G’s list as a Runner Up in the Craft category.Naked Pig Meat Co. Pork Fat | Oakboro, North CarolinaRunner Up, Food CategoryFat. It seems like we’re constantly stuck in limbo with the controversial flavor-bringer, always waiting to hear some new list of reasons why it’s both the cure for and cause of all our food-related woes. The truth is, fat is an incredibly valuable cooking tool, but just like with anything else, the source matters. Sure, throwing some old fast food grease in your Christmas cookies isn’t going to wow anybody, but have you ever tried putting a little dab of high-quality lard in that batter? (Fair warning: Only do this if you’re prepared to be invited to every holiday party thereafter.) Shawn and Jenny Hatley, members of a fourth-generation farming family and owners of North Carolina’s Naked Pig Meat Company, know the magic and wonder that is high quality lard, and they are ready to help you see the light. Their Pastured Pork Leaf Fat is sourced from humanely raised, antibiotic-and-hormone-free hogs, processed in small batches, and triple filtered for a final product that is so smooth, shiny, and delectable that you’re going to want to tear open your fridge and throw out every scrap of butter and bacon grease you’ve been naively saving up in there. What’s really great about this Pork Leaf Fat is that it never hogs the spotlight; its true talent lies in being able to elevate anything and everything you pair it with, from sweet crumbly pie crusts to hand-battered crispy fried chicken. How to Make a Bee’s Knees Cocktail Editors’ Recommendations The Manual Spirit Awards 2019: The Best Craft Liquor Made in America The Best American Gin last_img read more

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first_imgA niche manufacturing company in Springhill is strengthening its roots in rural Nova Scotia. W.R. Benjamin, a manufacturer of residential heating products, is investing in its line of oil- and wood-fired central heating systems by developing technology as part of a new, energy-efficient electric boiler. The province, through Nova Scotia Business Inc., has partnered with W.R. Benjamin, signing a payroll rebate to a maximum of $124,250. W.R. Benjamin will earn the rebate as it achieves performance targets tied to productivity and staffing. “W.R. Benjamin’s project will improve its competitiveness in export markets and strengthen its productivity,” said Economic Development Minister Angus MacIsaac. “Strong companies don’t just happen, they are built by investing in innovative products, processes and people.” W.R. Benjamin is committed to maintaining its six full-time positions over the next four years. It also plans to add up to 15 new jobs as it continues to export products throughout Canada and parts of the United States. “Competitiveness through quality is our number one priority,” said Stephen Benjamin, president of W.R. Benjamin. “We are excited to expand our product offering in the world market from our home base in Springhill.” For companies that commit to paying for at least 20 per cent of project costs, a payroll rebate may be an additional investment to promote competitive improvements through export markets and retain jobs. “W.R. Benjamin is taking action, improving its competitiveness, investing its own money, and we are helping the company to see its plan through,” said Stephen Lund, president and CEO of NSBI. “W.R. Benjamin is a true leader, and NSBI is pleased to partner in its growth.” Nova Scotia Business Inc. is Nova Scotia’s private-sector-led business development agency. NSBI is the investment attraction arm of the province and helps businesses in Nova Scotia meet growth potential through advisory services, trade development, financing and venture capital.last_img read more

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first_img(PART I)APTN National NewsThis week in Aboriginal politics saw the Conservatives still trying to push through parts of the budget bill including changes to the Indian Act on elections while Aboriginal leaders are in Winnipeg talking about missing and murdered Aboriginal women.This week the panel featured Conservative MP Chris Warkentin, NDP MP Jean Crowder and Green Party leader Elizabeth May.last_img

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first_imgCALGARY – The Petroleum Services Association of Canada is predicting more pain for the oil and gas sector next year.It predicts a total of 6,600 wells will be drilled in Canada in 2019, down about five per cent from an expected 6,980 wells this year, adding that translates to a year-over-year decrease of up to $1.8 billion in capital spending by exploration and production companies.Outgoing association chief executive Tom Whalen says the oilfield services sector in Canada is headed for a third year of stalled activity as export pipeline capacity constraints keep petroleum prices low.It forecasts an average Western Canadian Select price discount to New York-traded West Texas Intermediate of US$24.50 per barrel next year, about US$10 above typical differences.3,532 of those wells are epxected to be drilled in Alberta. The decrease in wells is going to mean $1,5 to $1.8 billion less in capitl spending by exploration and production companies across the country #yyc— Ian Campbell (@news_ian) November 1, 2018The forecast calls for activity to gradually ramp up during 2019 as crude-by-rail volumes rise to allow more barrels to get to market.PSAC announced Thursday that former Alberta cabinet minister and provincial trade representative Gary Mar will become its new president and CEO as of Dec. 1.last_img read more

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28 April 2009Progress has been made in Nepal’s peace process, including steps towards drafting a new constitution, but Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has cautioned that differences among key political parties continues to impede the consolidation of peace. Regarding the “all-important constitution-making work,” Mr. Ban wrote in a new report made public today that nation-wide public talks are under way and the Special Committee mandated to supervise, integrate and rehabilitate Maoist army personnel has kicked off consultations.Further, the Government has taken steps towards discharging disqualified Maoist army personnel from the cantonment sites, he said.In spite of these “not insignificant positive measures,” the report noted that relations between the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) (CPN-M) and its main coalition partner, the Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist-Leninist) (UML), as well as among the four political parties in the Maoist-led coalition Government, remain “fractious, marked by public acrimony and weak consultation over major decisions.”A decade-long civil war, claiming some 13,000 lives, ended in 2006 with the signing of a peace accord between the Government and Maoists. After conducting Constituent Assembly elections last May, the nation abolished its 240-year-old monarchy, declared itself a republic and elected Ram Baran Yadav as the country’s first President.At the end of its previous mandate in January, the UN special political mission in the country, known as UNMIN, reduced its staff to a minimal level.“Nepali parties have repeatedly indicated to the United Nations that UNMIN arms monitors will continue to be needed to perform their current duties until the issue of integration and rehabilitation of Maoist army personnel is resolved,” the Secretary-General said in his report.“The international community remains committed to supporting the process on which Nepal has embarked for the consolidation of peace and improvement of the lives of its people,” he added. read more

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A 42-year-old man who worked as a building superintendent in Toronto has been charged in the alleged sexual assaults of two children.Investigators allege the man was working at 12 Rockford Rd. when he assaulted a young girl over the course of four years on multiple occasions.Barry Strangways is facing four charges in connection with those allegations, including sexual assault and sexual interference.Police say the same man is accused of befriending a boy in 2013 and spending a significant amount of time with him from the time he was 11 until he was 14.It’s alleged he sexually assaulted the boy on several occasions and has been charged with sexual assault, sexual interference, invitation to sexual touching and indecent exposure to a person under 16 years.Strangways is scheduled to appear in court Monday.Police say Strangways has been employed as a building superintendent at several residential addresses in Toronto including 4750 Jane Street (2003–2008), 2911 Bayview Avenue (2008–2012), 12 Rockford Road (2012–present).Anyone with information that could help police with this investigations is asked to call 416-808-2922. read more

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OSU redshirt-freshman quarterback J.T. Barrett (16) runs through Maryland defenders on his way to the end zone Oct. 4 at Byrd Stadium in College Park, Md. OSU won, 52-24. Credit: Mark Batke / Photo editorThere were a lot of unknowns heading into Ohio State’s matchup with Maryland, but the Buckeyes left College Park, Md., with a series of questions answered.Whether the question was whether OSU could find success against a bear defensive front from a Big Ten opponent, or if redshirt-freshman quarterback J.T. Barrett could continue to develop, the Buckeyes are set to head into a bye week with improvement — but not overhaul — in mind.The Lantern sports editors picked five of the most important takeaways for OSU coming off Saturday’s 52-24 win.1. The Barrett era is in full swingThere’s no way around this one — no matter what co-offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Tom Herman says. Barrett is simply light years ahead of where he was expected to be at this point in the season.Herman has continuously said he isn’t surprised by Barrett’s play, but if that’s the case, the Wichita Falls, Texas, native would have at least locked up the backup spot well before senior Braxton Miller went down with an injury.Barrett’s numbers against Maryland were — once again — highly impressive. He completed 18 of 23 pass attempts for 267 yards and four touchdowns, while also finishing second on the team with 71 rushing yards and another score.So far this season, the Rider High School product has accumulated 1,354 passing yards and 17 touchdowns, and run for 276 yards and two more touchdowns. His 186.3 passer efficiency rating is the best in the Big Ten and fourth best in the nation. Barrett’s average of 326 total yards per game also puts him atop the conference, and tied for 13th in the NCAA.Those numbers are good — really good — no matter who you are. The fact that he’s an inexperienced redshirt-freshman who would have been an afterthought if not for Miller’s injury just makes it that much more impressive.2. Sophomore defensive lineman Joey Bosa is probably the best player on the teamNot only is Bosa arguably the best player on the team, but he’s one of the most dominant players in the nation.His numbers aren’t earth-shattering quite yet, but he takes over games and causes a lot more havoc than simple sacks and tackles for loss can show. But that said, Bosa’s numbers are still very strong as he leads the Buckeyes with 3.5 sacks and seven tackles for loss.On top of tallying one sack and 2.5 tackles for loss against Maryland, he also helped force a throw from Terrapins’ redshirt-senior quarterback C.J. Brown that was intercepted by redshirt-freshman linebacker Darron Lee. That play led to an OSU touchdown pass from Barrett to redshirt-junior tight end Nick Vannett and more or less sealed the game for the Buckeyes.3. The Buckeye offensive line is hitting its strideEver since the Buckeyes gave up seven sacks in a loss to Virginia Tech, the OSU offensive line is starting to impose its will on opposing defenses.Granted, they haven’t quite played a team as talented as the Hokies since then. But after breaking a school record against Cincinnati and keeping a balanced offense against the Terrapins, the Buckeyes have every reason to be excited about their line.In its last two games, OSU has turned the ball over just once and has amassed more than 1,200 offensive yards. Add Barrett’s impressive decision-making to the improving line play, and you have the makings of a top-tier offense.We’re not saying the Buckeyes boast one of the better offenses in the country, simply because they have done it against B-list opponents. However, think about this: three of OSU’s six offensive touchdowns Saturday were scored by freshmen or sophomores and there is just one starting senior on the offensive line.Plenty of cause for excitement if you are a Buckeye fan.4. Michael Thomas is emerging as a starWith uncle and NFL legend Keyshawn Johnson in attendance, redshirt-sophomore wide receiver Michael Thomas put on a show.Thomas led the Buckeyes with 75 yards on four catches Saturday, none more impressive than his lone touchdown in the back of the end zone and over the back of a defender.The catch was Johnson-esque and occurred right in front of the OSU section of Byrd Stadium.There is no doubt that Thomas is the Buckeyes’ best overall receiver right now, and if he continues to be Barrett’s go-to guy, he could very well go down as one of OSU’s best if he continues to play like he is.5. Special teams make a differenceThere’s no doubt that OSU would have won even without Lee’s interception and the ensuing Vannett touchdown, but there’s also no doubt that it was a big momentum shift in the game.And none of it would have happened without sophomore punter Cameron Johnston.His 69-yard punt that pinned the Terrapins deep in their own territory was one of the biggest plays of the game, and especially big for him after he struggled earlier this season.While stalled drives haven’t been a big problem for the Buckeyes, coach Urban Meyer can rest easy when OSU does have to punt if Johnston keeps booming kicks like that, instead of shanking them straight out of bounds.There’s still a problem with redshirt-senior kicker Kyle Clinton hitting the ball out of bounds on kickoffs, but the coaching staff seemed to fix that later in the game by having him kick down the hash marks instead of toward the right corner.The Buckeyes are scheduled for a bye week before taking on Rutgers on Oct. 18 at Ohio Stadium. Kickoff is set for 3:30 p.m. read more

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Stephen’s murder is the most high profile racially motivated killing in BritainCredit:AFP/Getty Images One of the Stephen Lawrence murder suspects has been arrested by police as he left a gym in Barcelona.Jamie Acourt, one of Britain’s most wanted fugitives, was detained following a joint National Crime Agency (NCA), Metropolitan Police and Spanish National Police operation.Acourt, 41, has been wanted by the Metropolitan Police on suspicion of conspiracy to supply cannabis resin between January 2014 and February 2016, the NCA said. The Met Police said: “Today, Friday May 4, Spanish authorities arrested Jamie Acourt, 41, in Barcelona on a European Arrest Warrant (EAW) on behalf of the Metropolitan Police Service.”The EAW was issued as part of the Met’s efforts to trace Acourt in relation to an investigation into the unlawful supply of controlled substances. Ian Cruxton, Head of International Operations for the NCA, said: “Acourt thought he could evade capture.”But as a result of an intelligence-led operation his days on the run have ended.”We were able to direct the Spanish authorities to his location in Barcelona. Both Dobson and Norris were later found guilty of his murder. The other men were never charged.Acourt is the 81st fugitive to be located out of 96 publicised through Operation Captura – an initiative involving the NCA, Crimestoppers and the Spanish authorities. Jamie Acourt has been arrested in Spain Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. “Our ability to share information and work at speed with our international partners ensures there is no safe haven for fugitives. We will never stop pursuing these individuals.”The 25 year anniversary of the murder of Stephen Lawrence, who was stabbed to death in the most high profile racially-motivated attack ever, was remembered recently. One of Britain’s most wanted fugitives, Jamie Acourt, was captured in Barcelona today following a joint operation with @metpoliceuk and Spanish National Police.Full story here: https://t.co/yq35UIK458 pic.twitter.com/HX0IMmZjpY— NationalCrimeAgency (@NCA_UK) May 4, 2018 Acourt thought he could evade capture… but as a result of an intelligence-led operation his days on the run have ended.Ian Cruxton, Head of International Operations for the NCA Dobson, left, and Norris, right, were jailed for the murder The south Londoner is allegedly believed to be a principal member of an organised crime group involved in the large-scale supply of cannabis.Armed officers detained Acourt after he left the Metropolitan Sagrada Familia Gym on Friday afternoon, an NCA statement said. He was the subject of a European Arrest Warrant. Jamie Acourt has been arrested in SpainCredit:Granada TV/PA Stephen's murder is the most high profile racially motivated killing in Britain Dobson, left, and Norris, right, were jailed for the murderCredit:PA Acourt, along with his brother Neil and suspects Gary Dobson, Luke Knight and David Norris, were all arrested in connection with the crime. Show more “This relates to an investigation launched in 2016 by detectives from the Serious and Organised Crime Command.”Extradition proceedings now await.” read more

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first_imgHUMAN BODY PARTS fell from the sky in the city of Jeddah today, with police saying they could be the remains of a person trapped in an airplane’s wheel bay.“Police received a telephone call at 2:30 am from a witness reporting the fall of human remains at an intersection in Mushrefa neighbourhood” in the Red Sea city, spokesman Nawaf bin Naser al-Bouq said in a statement.Initial indications were that the remains “fell from a plane’s landing gear,” said Bouq, adding that investigations were ongoing.In a desperate attempt to cross borders, some people at poorly monitored airports climb inside the bays holding the landing gear of planes.Most of them freeze to death once the aircraft reach cruising altitude, but some survive.In 2010, the head of Beirut’s airport security resigned after the death of a man who managed to sneak onto a runway undetected and hide in the wheel bay of a Saudi-bound jet.The man’s body was found by a maintenance worker in Riyadh who was inspecting the landing gear of the Saudi-owned Nas Air Airbus 320 after it touched down there.- © AFP, 2014December 2012: UK police unable to identify man who fell from skylast_img read more