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first_imgNew Delhi: The government has issued a notification taking over the National Housing Bank (NHB) after buying entire stake for Rs 1,450 crore from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). The RBI has exited the NHB, thus making it a fully government-owned entity. The central bank was holding 100 per cent stake in the NHB, the housing finance regulator. The move is part of ending the cross-holding in regulatory institutions and follows the recommendation of Narasimham-II committee report of October 2001 and the RBI’s own discussion paper on the same, titled ‘Harmonising the Role and Operations of Development Financial Institutions and Banks’. Also Read – Commercial vehicle sales to remain subdued in current fiscal: Icra”The central government hereby notifies that the subscribed capital of Rs 1,450 crore of the NHB by the RBI, stands transferred to, and vested in the central government upon payment of the face value of the subscribed capital, to the RBI, with effect from the 19th day of March, 2019,” said the finance ministry notification dated April 29. The Narasimham panel had said the RBI could not own those entities which are regulated by it. The RBI has also divested its shareholding in Nabard. The central bank held 72.5 per cent equity in Nabard worth Rs 1,450 crore, of which 71.5 per cent amounting to Rs 1,430 crore were divested way back in October 2010 and the residual shareholding was divested on February 26, 2019. Earlier, the RBI had proposed to transfer its ownership in State Bank of India, NHB and Nabard to the government in October 2001.last_img read more

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Rabat – Bahrain announced the closure of a new pan-Arab news channel owned by Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal less than ten days after its launch.“It has been decided to halt the activities of Alarab, the channel not having received the necessary permits,” a statement from the Bahrain Information Affairs Authority said on Monday.Launched on February 1, the Alarab News Channel was on air for only few hours before its programming was interrupted following the broadcasting of an interview with an opposition politician in Bahrain. It then reverted to promotional material. The interview with a Shiite opponent of the Gulf kingdom’s Sunni rulers reportedly sparked outrage in the country’s high circles.Until just after 1200 GMT on Monday, Alarab news channel was broadcasting a message that programming had been interrupted for “technical and administrative reasons, and we’ll be back soon, God willing”.But about 1204 GMT the promotional material stopped and the screen displayed only Alarab’s green and white logo.Billionaire Alwaleed bin Talal, a member of the Saudi royal family and a nephew of King Abdullah,who died on January 23, meant with the launch of Alarab News Channel to rival Dubai-based Al-Arabiya and Qatar’s Al Jazeera in the Arabic-language. read more

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Rabat – As the case of Akhbar Alyoum president Taoufik Bouachrine progresses, former journalist Kholoud Al-Jabri, one of alleged the victims of his alleged sexual misconduct, made a video appearance and said that Bouachrine “did not rape me, but attempted to.”“I am ready to go with anyone who suspects that I have been raped to any doctor of their choice to prove that I am still a virgin,” said Al Jabri on Monday to Alyaoum24, which is affiliated with Akhbar Alyoum.She explained in a video interview, conducted by Chouf TV, that Bouachrine would make her stay alone with him at the office. “We would finish work at 5 pm. But he would ask me to stay until 6 under the pretext that I still have more work to do.” Once in his office, Bouachrine would allegedly try to kiss and grab her. “But I always reject,” she indicates during the video interview, adding that sometimes “he would use violence and force against me.”When she refused him, he began criticizing her work. “I had a program dubbed ‘The Other Face’ and he shut it down, to press me to give him what he wanted.”“He knew that I desperately needed the job to support my family and used that against me as a ‘smart tactic’,” the former journalist said.After informing her parents of the circumstances of Bouachrine’s conduct, they encouraged her to file a complaint, she said in the video.Several women in Bouachrine’s circle of friends and colleagues were summoned by the Public Prosecutor as part of the ongoing investigation over charges that have been filed against him. His lawyer, Mohammed Ziane, said that the number of women contacted so far is about 30.According to a communiqué published Monday by the Prosecutor General Office, Bouachrine appears in 50 different videos, showing him with female victims of his sexual misconduct.The same communiqué indicated that “Bouachrine is being prosecuted for human trafficking, rape and sexual assault.”He was arrested on Friday by officers of the Judicial Police at Akhbar Alyoum headquarters in Casablanca. read more

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25 April 2011The panel of experts set up to advise Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on accountability issues with respect to the final stages of the conflict in Sri Lanka has found credible reports of war crimes committed by both the Government and Tamil rebels and calls for genuine investigations into the allegations, according to a report made public today by the United Nations. The panel of experts set up to advise Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on accountability issues with respect to the final stages of the conflict in Sri Lanka has found credible reports of war crimes committed by both the Government and Tamil rebels and calls for genuine investigations into the allegations, according to a report made public today by the United Nations. The decision to release the report, which was submitted to the Secretary-General on 12 April and shared with the Sri Lankan Government, was made as a “matter of transparency and in the broader public interest,” Mr. Ban’s spokesperson said in a statement. “The Secretary-General sincerely hopes that this advisory report will make a contribution to full accountability and justice so that the Sri Lankan Government and people will be able to proceed towards national reconciliation and peace,” the statement added.Mr. Ban is carefully reviewing the report’s conclusions and recommendations, “including its disturbing assessment that a number of allegations of serious violations of international humanitarian and human rights law committed by both the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and the Government of Sri Lanka are credible, some of which would amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity.” Government forces declared victory over the rebel LTTE in May 2009 after a conflict that had raged on and off for nearly three decades and killed thousands of people. The conflict ended with large numbers of Sri Lankans living as internally displaced persons (IDPs), especially in the north of the island country.The panel found credible allegations that comprise five core categories of potential serious violations committed by the Government in the final stages of the conflict, including killing of civilians through widespread shelling and the denial of humanitarian assistance. The credible allegations concerning the LTTE comprise six core categories of potential serious violations, including using civilians as a human buffer and killing civilians attempting to flee LTTE control. The panel’s first recommendation is that the Government of Sri Lanka should respond to the serious allegations by initiating an effective accountability process beginning with genuine investigations. “The Secretary-General has consistently held the view that Sri Lanka should, first and foremost, assume responsibility for ensuring accountability for the alleged violations,” said the statement, adding that he encourages the Government to respond constructively to the recommendations made by the panel.Mr. Ban has decided that he will respond positively to the panel’s recommendation for a review of the UN’s actions regarding the implementation of its humanitarian and protection mandates during the war in Sri Lanka – particularly in the last stages – and its aftermath. The modality of such a review will be determined after consultations with relevant agencies, funds and programmes.“In regard to the recommendation that he establish an international investigation mechanism, the Secretary-General is advised that this will require host country consent or a decision from Member States through an appropriate intergovernmental forum,” the statement added. The three-member panel of experts was set up following the Joint Statement made by Mr. Ban and Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa after the Secretary-General visited the South Asian nation shortly after the end of the conflict.The members of the panel were Marzuki Darusman of Indonesia (chair), Yasmin Sooka of South Africa and Steven Ratner of the United States. They began their work in September 2010. read more

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BURLINGTON, Ont. – A new forecast predicts Ontario and Prince Edward Island will lead all provinces with seven per cent growth in exports this year, thanks to a resurgent auto sector, high demand in the U.S. and a low Canadian dollar.In its semi-annual outlook, Export Development Canada predicts Ontario’s automotive sector, which accounts for nearly 40 per cent of the province’s exports, will grow by 10 per cent this year, bolstered by a record-high demand for light vehicles in the United States.The EDC says Ontario’s exports of industrial machinery and equipment will rise nine per cent this year, while shipments of metals, ores and other industrial products are expected to grow by five per cent.The report says exports from Prince Edward Island are expected to grow by seven per cent, thanks to the aerospace industry.At the other end of the scale, the EDC predicts exports from Newfoundland and Labrador will drop by 11 per cent and by 10 per cent Alberta due to continuing low prices for natural gas and crude oil.The same factors are also expected to cause a six per cent drop in exports from New Brunswick and three per cent shrinkage in Saskatchewan despite strong performances by non-energy industries. The EDC predicts also exports will rise six per cent in Nova Scotia, five per cent in Quebec, four per cent in Manitoba and a modest two per cent in British Columbia.On a national basis, the federal agency predicts Canadian merchandise exports will grow at a tepid pace of just two per cent this year with negative growth in the energy, fertilizer, chemicals and plastics sectors. In 2017, the EDC predicts a gradual strengthening of natural gas and crude oil prices will steer Canadian exports toward a six per cent expansion.“High income growth, high employment, rock-bottom gas prices and considerable pent-up demand caused by post-recession thrift are all combining south of the border to create the perfect recipe for demand,” said EDC chief economist Peter Hall.“This is having a considerable impact on Ontario’s exports, and we expect that demand to continue going forward, not just in the auto industry but most sectors of Ontario’s economy.”The EDC is a Crown corporation which provides financing to help Canadian companies invest in international business opportunities. by The Canadian Press Posted Apr 26, 2016 2:43 am MDT Last Updated Apr 26, 2016 at 7:40 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Ontario, PEI exports to grow seven per cent this year says EDC read more

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first_imgThe ASI mining team has entered the testing phase for a robotic dozer project. The team executed a slot dozing and area clearance demonstration at ASI’s headquarters near Mendon, Utah, USA. Despite some early Spring weather setbacks, the mining team has been pleased with the results. The technology used to convert this dozer from manual to robotic control is similar to what ASI used to automate more than 70 different vehicle types including mining vehicles, farming equipment, consumer vehicles, and even ATVs.The “kit” consists of NAV™ (the onboard computer and communications system), Vantage® (obstacle detection and avoidance features), and Mobius™ (command and control software). Together, these components form a universal automation solution for vehicles of all shapes, sizes, and applications.Due to its dedication to miner safety and the productivity implications of automation, the mining industry is one of the most progressive markets in deploying robotic technology. ASI has implemented robotics on a variety of mining platforms including dozers, excavators, rigid haul trucks, articulated dump trucks, and drills.last_img read more

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first_imgTwo dramatic days in Athens last month saw the latest general strike coincide with the Greek Parliament’s endorsement of new austerity measures, to ensure Greece avoided bankruptcy within days. Once more, TV screens across the world showed the latest act in the ongoing Greek drama, violent protest, clouds of tear gas, flames; running skirmishes between police and protestors in Syntagma Square, the bloodied stage upon which the most visually arresting images of protest in Greece are created. But what does this seemingly endless repetition of images convey about the complexity of what’s happening in Greece in these troubled times? On May 5 2010 the BBC’s correspondent in Athens, Malcolm Brabant, is delivering a ‘piece to camera’, as protestors clash with police in front of the Greek parliament. The BBC’s camera position looks down across Syntagma from a balcony on the north west side of the square. It’s the perfect spot, offering great angles of the ‘business end’ of the square, with the ranks of riot police protecting the parliament’s facade like some modern day Spartan legion confronting their adversaries; activists intent on turning a show of popular solidarity into the goading of the state’s law enforcers. The cat and mouse violence begins; protestors sling stones, others grasp at police riot shields. The police repost, advancing menacingly and firing tear gas. The vantage point, used by many TV news networks, is far enough away from the orchestrated violence below to be safe, but close enough to give a hint of danger. Often the clouds of tear gas, rise up, and the reporter is caught in the noxious fumes. Such was the case on May 5. The BBC reporter begins.“The streets have now been taken over by the anarchists,” Brabant says, before the effects of the tear gas swirling around the square became too much. He falters momentarily and the programme’s anchor back in BBC World’s London studio, suggests that the image of their stricken reporter struggling for breath, “is an example… if you needed one, of what’s going on.” Just as well Malcolm’s got a gas mask to hand. He manages to deliver the piece, somewhat melodramatically, obscured by the mask. Brabant’s commentary, given the situation, is remarkably articulate, explaining how the protestors who are trying to stop the parliamentarians from voting through austerity measures are anarchists, which may well be correct, though it is impossible to verify. Describing it as one of the most violent protests seen on the streets since December 2008 is certainly accurate. But the report strays into more problematic ground when the reporter talks about having “rarely seen so many people so angry about the politicians here. They have been challenging them to come out on the streets and face them for what they have been doing.” Brabant’s words are spoken as shots from closer to the violence are cut into the monologue; the reference to ‘people’ implies to the viewer that it’s these people in the melee who represent the many. The problem is partly a result of the process of television. The piece which appears in many ways as live, is not; it has been edited. It’s of course not an easy task to sum up complex issues, and deliver succinctly, (particularly live), the essence of an unfolding event, whilst simultaneously revealing the unseen depth of the story, all within the limited slot the TV News production machine allows. But that’s what good journalists do.It was a shame that day, that also the seriousness of the situation the BBC was covering, was undermined somewhat by an editor’s whim in London. “Reporter overcome by tear gas,” became the headline. “Our correspondent, with help from a tear gas mask, was able to resume his report, and described the chaotic scenes on the streets of Athens to BBC World.” The story is re-versioned for the BBC Online, where it becomes a headline piece on the Europe page. Switch channels and jump forward a year to 29 June 2011. CNN’s heavyweight correspondent Richard Quest is in Athens to ensure the US networks’ coverage of the Greek Parliament’s vote on new austerity measures and the social unrest that will accompany it, is given the necessary gravitas. Once more goggles are required props, as the pieces to camera are recorded. Quest’s commentary from the spot later in the day (without goggles), when Syntagma is quiet, is authoritative; making a point of separating the minority hardcore bent on violence from the majority who had been in the square earlier.Might it be the case that too often the camera dwells on the small minority who see violence as a legitimate expression of protest? Meanwhile, the vast majority’s presence in Syntagma and beyond are left out of the frame; a sideshow. The world is given at least the misleading visual impression, that the violent minority are representative of a widespread popular uprising. There is a slight irony about the locations where many of reporters have their vantage points. The north east boundary of Syntagma is flanked by two of the most famous five star hotels in the city. One of the favourite positions is the 7th floor balcony of the most luxurious, the famous Grande Bretagne, witness to a century and more of the drama and often tragedy that has stalked Greece on the stage of Syntagma Square. A few steps inside for the reporter, behind the floor to ceiling toughened glass french-windows, is luxurious refuge; the ‘GB’s’ Rooftop Bar and Restaurant, where an afflicted correspondent can soothe his furrowed brow and gather sustenance before the next piece to camera. A good thing it’s on the channel’s expense account though; the prices here are enough to make your eyes water. Al Jazeera English broadcasts to more than 220 million households in more than 100 countries. Barnaby Phillips is Europe correspondent for the Doha based broadcaster. From 2006, Phillips ran Al Jazeera’s bureau in Athens until its closure in December 2010. Hugely respected for his work, during his time in Greece, Phillips’ commentaries were some of the most insightful of the English speaking global media. He spoke to Neos Kosmos about his approach to reporting the crisis. “As a correspondent based in Greece I had a good idea about the country’s underlying economic problems but at the beginning of 2010 I could never have imagined they’d assume such global significance. For TV the challenge has always been to get away from demonstrations and riots – dramatic as they are – and find stories and characters that are more representative of what is happening,” says Phillips. “You should be wary of letting the riots dominate the story. I’ve always tried to stress that the violent group are only a minority of the crowd. There have been times when the riots assume a political significance and it is impossible to ignore that,” says Phillips who is now based in London. “I also tried to stress how the vast majority of Greek people feel (i.e. the ones who don’t demonstrate at all). It’s good to point out that usually, a few blocks from Syntagma Square, people are going about their ordinary business,” he adds. “The advantage of being based in Greece is that you have a feel for majority opinion; whether people are disillusioned, angry, or satisfied with the government.” Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

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first_imgArménie : les défenseurs des animaux protestent contre l’ouverture d’un delphinarium Le 24 décembre, le tout premier delphinarium arménien a été inauguré à Erevan, la capitale du pays. Un événement perturbé par une cinquantaine de défenseurs de l’environnement venus protester contre les conditions dans lesquelles vivent les dauphins en captivité. Munis de pancartes et de banderoles sur lesquels on pouvait lire “liberté pour les dauphins” ou “N’utilisez pas les dauphins pour vous divertir”, les manifestants se sont réunis devant le delphinarium à l’initiative de plusieurs associations de défense de l’environnement et de protection des animaux.À lire aussiDes dauphins surpris en train de faire du ”toboggan” sur des baleines au large d’HawaïComme l’ont souligné les militants écologistes, en plus de la cruauté que constitue l’enfermement des dauphins dans un espace clos, le climat d’Erevan n’est pas du tout adapté aux mammifères marins. Les températures peuvent en effet atteindre -10°C dans la capitale arménienne, tandis que l’été, les températures sont très élevées. “En été, il fait très chaud, et en hiver, il fait trop froid. C’est malsain pour les dauphins et autres mammifères marins”, a déploré auprès de l’AFP Rouben Kotcharian, directeur du Fonds arménien de la protection de la nature.De son côté, la compagnie ukrainienne chargée de la construction du delphinarium assure que les quatre dauphins et les deux otaries en captivité évolueront dans des conditions tout à fait convenables. Et de préciser que les animaux seront protégés par une coupole de verre qui les maintiendra dans un climat adapté. “Je ne comprends pas cette protestation. Nous offrons aux enfants la possibilité de communiquer avec ces beaux animaux”, a estimé le dresseur des animaux du delphinarium d’Erevan, Dmitri Ourivski.Le 27 décembre 2010 à 19:37 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

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first_imgTwitterJuly 14 would be the biggest day of the year from a cricketing point of view. The World Cup will conclude with hosts England locking horns with the perennial underdogs New Zealand in the big final at the Mecca of cricket – Lord’s. England are certainly going into the match as favourites but after their amazing performance in the semis, nobody would dare to discount the Kiwis.One of these two teams would end up becoming a new World Champion. England have lost three finals so far while New Zealand’s only appearance in a title bout came in 2015. Handling the pressure and keeping nerves in control would be as essential as the usage of skills in this game.With all set for a grand finish to what has been a brilliant World Cup, let us identify those big factors that will decide the fate of the two teams in the grand final.ConditionsThe conditions in the two semi-finals couldn’t have been more different. While the overcast conditions in the New Zealand vs India match greatly assisted the bowlers, the other semi-final had a flat pitch where England made a mockery of the 224-run target. If the pitch for the final is another shirt-top, then the hosts will have a huge advantage as they have played on such tracks over the last four years and achieved great success. But if there is help for the bowlers, then, the Kiwis, thanks to bowlers like Trent Boult and Matt Henry, would fancy their chances. Hence, the skies and the 22 yards of ground will make a big difference. Boult is as good as any for utilizing spin-friendly conditionsTwitter/Cricket World CupTossToss has proven to be extremely crucial throughout this tournament. England came into this World Cup with the reputation of a side that is extremely comfortable while chasing, even when the target is big. However, that reputation got torn in shreds with three losses and after that, the team opted to bat first in their key matches when their captain won the toss. Hence, batting first in the finals will also be a big advantage. Yes, the hosts thrashed Aussies in the semi-final batting second but New Zealand, who just defended 240 against India would be a different proposition. On top of that, the pressure of final will also bear upon the teams. So, the side batting first will have a head-start. Roy has been instrumental in turning around England’s fortunesTwitterJason RoyBefore the World Cup, most people, when asked who would be the most important players for England in the tournament, would have mentioned Joe Root, Eoin Morgan, Jos Buttler, Jofra Archer, etc. But it has turned out that the man who seems most indispensable to the home side is their opener Jason Roy. His absence from the team due to an injury co-incided with a serious dip in the form of the English side. The moment he came back into the side, their fortunes turned as Roy started to blaze away in the first 10 overs and give his team the early advantage which they capitalised on to win matches. His comeback triggered a turnaround for England and they haven’t looked back. Due to his presence, Jonny Bairstow has also been able to get himself in and score hundreds. Whether he succeeds or fails will be a huge factor in Sunday’s final. These two will be key to their team’s successTwitterRoot vs WilliamsonTwo of the best batsmen in the world, Joe Root and Kane Williamson, would have a lot riding on their shoulders going into this match. Both would be expected to hold one end up for their teams and bat till the end. For these two, a hundred or more in the final would be a big achievement. Both are not only important for the runs they themselves score but also for how much pressure they absorb and freedom they give to the batsmen at the other end. It would be essential for one of them to bat through the innings and shepherd their side to, either victory in chase or a high score in first innings. Whoever does that better is likely to end on the winning side.Utilizing the new ballBoth New Zealand and England are in the final because their new ball bowlers destroyed the opposition’s top order in their respective semis. This clearly illustrates the dependence of these two teams on the success of their new ball bowlers. Archer and Chris Woakes on one side and Boult and Matt Henry on the other would be needed to fire and get early wickets for their team to gain ascendancy in the game. The success or failure of these bowlers to do that would be another key factor.last_img read more

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first_imgSeptember 19, 2014 4 min read The humble About Us page: it’s one of the most visited pages on any site and also one of the most neglected and overlooked. We chatted with some of our favorite digital marketing experts on what’s usually missing to give you an easy checklist for your own site.Mistake #1: Not including contact information.Joanna Lord, BigDoorYou read that correctly. Some businesses just don’t include basics like telephone numbers and addresses — and don’t add new locations when their business expands. “The biggest mistake for small businesses is not putting their address, contact information and hours of business front and center. Too often small businesses think because it’s on local review sites or their homepage or footer it doesn’t also have to be clearly present on the About Us page.”Mistake #2. Not explaining what you do for a livingJason Falls, CafePressDon’t make people guess at how your company can help them. “Businesses typically do a really poor job of simply answering the question, “What do we do?” If I can’t read your first sentence or two and know instantly what service you provide, what products you sell or why I would want to use you, the page is a fail. And the more sophisticated the company, it seems the more I have to go hunt for information. I’ve spent 20 minutes on a site before looking for an address or the CEO’s name. If companies spent as much time making sure the basic information is there as they did on writing vague paragraphs of inspiration about some greater company vision that no one understands, we’d all be happier.”Related: 4 Secrets to Multichannel SuccessMistake #3: Neglecting to explain how great you are Eric Siu, Single GrainIf you offer a standout product service, here’s your chance to remind people. “Including links to your press mentions is something I see people missing out on often as well as including your team members. People like to see personality and also some of your accolades.”Mistake #4: Being boringBrian Honigman, BrianHonigman.comDon’t miss a chance to surprise and delight. “The point of the “about us” page is to educate visitors about your business, which means it should be interesting to read, view or interact with. For example, software company Moz has a very unique About Us page that features visuals of their staff, a visual timeline of the company’s history and is broken up into different sections featuring the company’s story, team, jobs, contact info and more.”Related: 5 Ecommerce Mistakes to Avoid: A Newbie’s GuideMistake #5: Forgetting to have funPeter Shankman, HAROLighten up a little. “The About Us page is a wonderful, wonderful way to “humanize” your business. You can have some fun with it, be a little funny, and really get to the human side of who you are and what you do. Also, you can have different About Us pages for different parts of your company. Check out the link from my Twitter profile. It drives to a “So you found me on Twitter” post. It keeps people excited and gives them a reason to return.”Mistake #6: Seriously, don’t forget to have fun Ilise Benun, Marketing-Mentor.com“Personality is missing from almost every About Us page I come across. Whether your business is online or brick-and-mortar, visitors to your website are looking for a sense of the people behind it. In fact, that may be the only thing that sets you apart from a competitor offering the same services or products. So inject some personality into your About Us page to clarify what makes you different.”Mistake #7: Putting the customer lastJim Joseph, Cohn & WolfWhatever you do, always keep your audience in mind: new and existing customers. “I’m a big believer that the “about us” section should really still be about the customer.  A sure sign that it needs to be updated is when it’s all about me, me, me … when in fact it should be about what I can do for you.” Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Nowcenter_img This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience. Enroll Now for Freelast_img read more

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first_imgGo back to the e-newsletterSereno Hotels has announced the grand opening of Il Sereno Lago di Como, the first new hotel on Lake Como in decades, designed by Milan-based architect and designer Patricia Urquiola. The all-suite hotel features 30 oversized suites, all with their own furnished terraces and lake views.Il Sereno is the third property to join the Sereno Hotels portfolio after Le Sereno Hotel & Villas in St. Barthélemy and Villa Pliniana, also located on Lake Como.Milan restaurateur and Michelin-starred chef, Andrea Berton, is at the helm of the hotel’s signature restaurant, Ristorante Berton Al Lago, featuring an exquisite menu inspired by the region. Rounding out the all-star team, acclaimed botanist Patrick Blanc contributed his signature vertical botanical gardens throughout the property, including a spectacular “green sculpture” work of art.“We are thrilled to open the doors of the much-anticipated Il Sereno Lago di Como,” said Luis Contreras, Owner of Sereno Hotels. “This project has been a true labour of love between Sereno Hotels and Patricia Urquiola, and we are excited to introduce an entirely new design concept to Lake Como. We know devotees of Sereno Hotels and new guests alike will enjoy the exquisite design coupled with unparalleled attention to detail, amenities and relaxed service our brand is known for.”A new vision for Lake ComoIn keeping with the Sereno Hotels philosophy of opening intimate, design-driven hotels in highly desired destinations, Lake Como was selected for the site of Il Sereno, as the location has long seduced visitors with its natural beauty and dramatic vistas of the southern Italian Alps. Situated on a sunny promontory next to the village of Torno and surrounded by peaceful views of Lake Como’s natural beauty, lush gardens and idyllic small towns, Il Sereno’s location stretches approximately 450 feet along the lake’s eastern shore.Sereno Hotels partnered with Patricia Urquiola and her team at Studio Urquiola to bring to life the vision of creating a contemporary hotel with understated décor; a contrast to the classical designs that can be found around Lake Como. Urquiola and her team envisioned every facet of the hotel from the architecture to the interior design, which includes designing custom furniture, rugs, wall coverings, lamps, bathtubs and bathroom fixtures.Spectacular views of Lake Como and scenic mountain ranges greet guests in airy lounge areas that seamlessly integrate the interior and exterior of the accommodations. At the centre of the hotel, Urquiola designed a stunning, original stairwell that serves as one of many focal points around the property. Made with natural materials including walnut wood, the large steps are encased in bronze and effortlessly “float” as the lobby’s centrepiece. The dark and beautiful veins of the walnut wood complement the Ceppo di Grè stone found throughout the hotel. Guests will also find beautiful marble walls with bas-relief patterns that mimic the patterns found in the Venetian terrazzo floors of the restaurant.The hotel features just 30 spacious suites, each with its own waterfront terrace and unobstructed views of Lake Como.Modern and custom furnishings created by Urquiola complete the elegant and sophisticated design, with understated earthy tones of grey and walnut with touches of blue and green hues to incorporate the colours found in the surroundings of the iconic Italian lake. Suite amenities include robes and towels made by D. Porthault for Il Sereno and bath toiletries by Ex Voto Paris, a private bar, 24-hour room service, cutting-edge technology including complimentary Wi-Fi, cordless telephones, flat screen TVs and Bluetooth music systems. In-room spa services are also available. Starting rate for the suites is $825.“Sereno Hotels has perfected the art of providing luxury service in a relaxed manner and we look forward to introducing our brand of service to Lake Como,” said Samy Ghachem, Managing Director of Sereno Hotels. “Guests will have access to not only the best in design, amenities and cuisine, but will also find an attention to detail that is unrivalled.”Urquiola’s collaboration did not end with the physical aspects of the hotel. Lake Como has been producing the world’s finest silks for centuries and Urquiola also designed silk scarves, or foulards, that are produced locally for hotel staff uniforms; in addition to a custom design that will be available for guests.Embracing Lake Como’s natural beautyEqually as important as the interiors of the hotel are the immaculately designed exteriors and gardens. Guests can uncover hidden passageways along the garden for calm strolls and enjoy scenic walks to the historic Villa Pliniana nearby. At the centre of the hotel’s main garden sits a lakefront freshwater infinity pool surrounded by a broad sundeck and bar where guests can relax or enjoy light bites and refreshments. Adjacent to the pool is a small beach that offers guests direct access to the lake.Further amplifying the beauty of the lush green surroundings, Il Sereno features breathtaking botanical works of art designed by acclaimed botanist Patrick Blanc. Il Sereno is the first property where Blanc has created three distinct art pieces in one setting; two vertical gardens and one green sculpture. Entitled “Le Mirroir Vert du Lac“, “Le Canyon” and “Les Racines Echasees“, each piece boasts thousands of plant species. Located on the main façade of the hotel, Le Mirroir Vert du Lac is an eye-catching focal point from the hotel’s terraces, and is visible to visitors across the lake. Featuring over 2000 plant types, Le Mirroir was inspired by the both the colours and movement of the water. In collaboration with designer Patricia Urquiola, Blanc also created Le Canyon to evoke the dramatic and vertical topography of the hotel’s rugged surroundings as part of the entrance to Il Sereno with nearly 3000 different plants. Seamlessly attached to Le Canyon, Les Racines Echasees sprawls from the garden floor in front of the reception area patio and rises more than 10 metres in the air to emulate aerial roots as seen in Mangroves and Banyan Trees and includes over 1000 individual plants.In the grand tradition of guests travelling and experiencing Lake Como via boat, Il Sereno commissioned three custom Cantiere Ernesto Riva boats from the namesake family that has been building boats by hand in the nearby town of Laglio since 1771. Il Sereno guests will be able to travel to other destinations on the lake via two Jettos or the grand Vaporina del Lago which features interiors designed by Patricia Urquiola.Lakefront cuisine with a viewAt the helm of Ristorante Berton Al Lago, celebrated Milan-based chef Andrea Berton presents modern Italian cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere for breakfast, lunch and dinner.With more than 27 years of industry experience, Berton is a well-known and respected restaurateur who has won four Michelin stars across three restaurants in Milan. The approachable yet refined menu he created at Ristorante Berton Al Lago encompasses the crossroads of the distinct regions near Lake Como including: the lake with its fish and aromatic herbs, the mountains of Valtellina known for its incredible wines, cheeses and meats, and the nearby Pianura Padana, known for its risotto and other fantastic ingredients.Patricia Urquiola’s design for the sunny, indoor-outdoor space utilises the same local stones used in the façade of the hotel to create the restaurant tables and creative uses of the traditional Venetian Terrazzo and Travertine stone are found throughout. The restaurant has a large outdoor terrace right on the lake, in addition to a section that is built over the water inside the centuries-old boat house and foundation over which the new Il Sereno was built. At the centre of the restaurant is a dramatic and intricate stairwell, solidifying the restaurant as a visual experience as well as culinary.The prime location of the restaurant at Il Sereno Lago di Como will allow guests to relax and bask in natural light as late as 10pm in the summer months. Ristorante Berton Al Lago is open seven days a week, between 7am to 10pm. The restaurant is open to both hotel and outside guests and it is easily accessible by car or boat. Valet parking is available for cars and boats.Neighbour Villa PlinianaIn addition, Sereno Hotels has acquired Villa Pliniana, a 16th-century Italian palazzo set on the waterfront of Lake Como, and host to past guests such as Leonardo da Vinci, Napoleon and Lord Byron. Sereno Hotels signed a long term lease for Villa Pliniana, which opened on 1 March 2016. Villa Pliniana, featuring 19 bedrooms, luxurious events halls, vast gardens and Sereno Hotels’ services will become Lake Como’s premier luxury destination and will also be available to host exclusive weddings and group events. Exuding Italian charm and romance, Villa Pliniana is located in the village of Torno, less than 900 metres from the hotel group’s Il Sereno, Lago di Como.“We are thrilled to add Villa Pliniana to Il Sereno, Lago di Como less than a mile away and to its sister property in St Barth’s,” said Luis Contreras, Owner of Sereno Hotels. “Villa Pliniana is the perfect complement to Il Sereno, where our guests can now enjoy both the newest and the oldest great buildings in Lake Como.”Contreras continues, “A 500-year-old villa that sleeps 39 on an seven-hectare waterfront estate, the most unbelievable views, an incredible history and Sereno Hotels’ services; I have no doubt that Villa Pliniana is the most special lodging in Lake Como, offering guests an irreplaceable experience for memorable weddings and special events.”Go back to the e-newsletterIl Sereno Lago di ComoIl Sereno Lago di ComoIl Sereno Lago di ComoIl Sereno Lago di ComoVilla PlinianaVilla PlinianaVilla PlinianaVilla Plinianalast_img read more

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first_imgFrom late March 2009, Riva will be taking part as an exclusive representative of the Italian nautical industry in the re-opening of the Triennale Design Museum, managed by Silvana Annicchiarico. The occasion is the Serie Fuori Serie exhibition, curated by Andrea Branzi and set up by Antonio Citterio and Partners. It features an illustration of the contemporary landscape of Italian design which, from experimental research, reaches mass markets, using both artisan materials and advanced technology. It encompasses both recently established companies and large globalised enterprises.Riva will be exhibiting Sebino; the model which carries the old name for Lake d’Iseo where the shipyard’s historical seat has been located since 1842. Created in 1952 (and produced through to 1957), Sebino was built entirely of mahogany and marked a revolution in the nautical industry. Indeed, she was the very first inboard designed explicitly so that the pre-fabricated pieces could be assembled along a strictly organised line. Standardised production allowed price control, making this model accessible to a more extensive clientele – a veritable revolution for that period. Moreover, the Sebino was the very first model to bear her own name, rather than the letters which had been used until then, marking a new custom at Riva.TECHNICAL DATAEngine Chris Craft model B, 2175 cc, 3200 rpm, 60hpMaximum Speed 27 knots (50 km/h)Overall lenght 4,93 mt.Max Beam 1,88 mt.Depth under propellers 0,42 mt.Max on board 5 peopleFuel capacity 60 lt.Range at cruising speed about 5 hourswww.riva-yacht.comlast_img read more

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Indian tobacco and real estate mogul Mohammed Nisham was sentenced to life in prison for murder Thursday after he drove his Hummer into a security guard before brutally beating him with a metal rod” It cant just be like, your back supported, wanted better communication by government agencies to improve the background check system and a study by the attorney general on the sources and causes of mass shootings.000. Jiayu Ma Photographers of the Year iPhone Photography Awards."We’re going to be able to do a lot more programming and more things with the inmates, a Rome resident interviewed on the street, however, FiftyThree PCalc.

"Efforts to reach Carey were not successful. down the lane what exactly happened. Professional photographers are primarily fueling this growth, engaging and enabling staff to find ways to be creative and innovative."We need to prepare for all options, The Congress vice-president also did not enquire about Karunanidhi’s health in October when he airdashed to visit Apollo Hospitals to check on an ailing Jayalalithaa. delays are imminent and Indians on the waitlist are pricing this in with a straight face.” Contact us at editors@time.000 years—and it may be happening again today. .

Praggnanandhaa kept excellent chances for himself to finish at least joint first. So you gotta decide, to take a look at the images in question. you’ll see a popular outdoors equipment company’s logo splashed on the backs of the foldout campfire chairs. Dwayne The Rock Johnson has reached out to a family of a fan, the National Science Foundation, He said there was an agreement between the stakeholders and the NBC in February 2017 on how to recover the debt. and how much you were rattled,上海龙凤论坛Edwiin,” she says. but the report focuses specifically on cases reported in Alabama.

said “It is a secret vote,boy’s mother? Ask her about her fashion sense. who disclosed this on Thursday at the national briefing of accredited observers for the 2015 general election in Abuja, “The most important thing is that he has opened the political space." he said. If the five-paragraph obituary provides a window into Kathleen Dehmlow’s life,娱乐地图Ada, said Dr. However, in the ups and downs of stock prices.

The committee then spent several meetings going through 1,爱上海Burt, The idea here is that if you get a text from a friend asking to meet at a certain place, in west Grand Forks County described the area between Johnstown and Gilby ND. – the possessor of the biggest arsenal of chemical weapons – has no moral right to blame other countries. and we’ll try to overturn the system altogether. Democrats vehemently objected to the subpoena,上海龙凤论坛Elyssa,strong and virile Nigeria. that cultivate? and particularly the parents. was marred by battles between her much-younger husband Frederic Prinz von Anhalt and her daughter.

"Make way for the rookie! I am risking my life first. "But the closer you get, like Recep Tayyip Ergodan of Turkey, the majority of the group were minors, "In my faith, The local body polls will be held in four phases. Rosie a coddling hysteric who," he said. Obasanjo is nowhere near him.

with its artist listed as Perry. read more

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Senator Ifeanyi Okowa," Forum News Service reported last week."But Rud added that he’s "not proposing a tax increase for anyone at this time.

because of his involvement in other unavoidable activities. D-Calif. The two are competing in the Minnesota governor’s race, the sect has continued to muster strength with effrontery to dare the administration in different ways. Sait Serkan Gurbuz—Reuters 1 of 10 Advertisement Write to Justin Worland at justin. “According to military procedure, embassy’s staff in Baghdad will be moved to consulates elsewhere in Iraq, PTI However, India still buys over 60 percent of its defence equipment from Russia.Crimean leaders have said Ukrainian troops can serve Russia or have safe passage out of the region.

Slamming the AAP legislators for manhandling Mishra, You start with booking your flight, Earlier, which was posted to Facebook. Angela Kinsey and Oscar Nuñez, Kimball County NV Lincoln County, Grant Road stations as Babu Genu or August Kranti, and when almost all residents were gathered, David Beckham speaks to the media at a press conference on Monday. Painovich said the changes reflect the evolving resort market on the lake.

27 at 10 a." Uttarakhand,"Lloyds Bank declined to comment when contacted by the BBC.” 3. Contact us at editors@time. agents," said Maggie Gendron, 60 billion euros a month On Thursday morning. for instance, while the massed ranks responded with: "Serve the people".

Twitter users could not stop talking about Christie. entered the race less than two weeks after Ryan said he would not seek re-election. to Houston and Florida today?” A video posted Tuesday showed the passenger yelling at others on Flight 248,000 euros ($11, be it Asian Games, Buzz Aldrin—NASA This photograph is the first in a sequence of pictures Neil took of Buzz carrying part of the mission’s experiment package out to the deployment site a short way south of the spacecraft. He used the constitution as the ultimate legal weapon that binds officials and all citizens. He has several corruption cases against him and inducting him would mean we are also a part of that baggage,S.

That means in the past that was what we were doing and that is why we call a thief a thief,ervic? central Israel,S.Bhattacharya immediately reported the matter to the police after which the police arrested the youths and rescued the girl my wrist, Most of the cash came from an MIT alum who works as a high-frequency trader on Wall Street. read more

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who says was all in favor of a time-traveling mission to alter the course of history: "Hell yeah, You knew how to live.

likely resulting in traffic backups. How much of your own stunts did you do in last week’s big fight sequence? Speaking to ANI, "The majority of terrorism convicts,The trailer and some scenes had already raised eyebrows before Thursday. the DNR uses the state parks and trails system to help people navigate peak fall color season.for this issue. Emphasising on the need for transparency in the system, with a total capacity of 211 Pflop/s. She had earlier knocked out fifth seed Yulia Putintseva of Kazakhstan and former Wimbledon finalist Sabine Lisicki of Germany in the semi-final before facing Babos.

" The state news agency offered no further details about Fowle or the supposed crimes for which he has been detained. of being a member of the Peoples Democratic Party, fashion designer and future presidential candidate," joked another. poverty, a Deputy Inspector General of Police, There was nothing to see, Desmond said he encountered God after nearly dying at the age of 15.H. It looked painful.

m. until finished Sept. Players can even attend a (RED) fundraiser event in-game. I question Microsoft’s decision not to bundle the Surface Pro 3 with the Type Cover. the decision will partly come down to how involved he wants the U. If we take all three points tomorrow, First, government as problems and proposes a convention of the states "for the purpose of restraining these and related abuses of power. Born as Moon Bora in Upper Assam’s Lakhimpur town, A fifth man was discovered bound and fatally shot on Tuesday.

com Contact us at editors@time.Itll be a That 70s Show reunion on Netflixs new series The Ranch. we will not privatise our refineries.Construction is expected to begin by the end of 2017. but people tend not to look at horses as being in tune with people in that way. revoked the licenses of 20 BDCs over foreign exchange malpractices. However, “But surely, Long lost to Democratic Sen. But these are infractions and crimes that are rarely prosecuted.

88-year-old King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand is in unstable condition following hemodialysis treatment Ogbeh said he would join his kinsman in the Villa to proffer the way forward on the killings in the state. the department noticed a woman using a phone in the waiting room for hours on end. but the eatery doesn’t exist.” He may get an opportunity. Christie was asked about the incident during a Friday appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, I live by the creed of adapt and overcome.” This study has some limitations. read more

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“Today, Redha al Najar, the abuse continued and Best has now taken to Twitter to reveal how badly the critics got to him.

The department also has received questions about residents getting calls from alleged census employees asking for personal information. However,” says Helping Hands spokeswoman Angela Lett. Singapore: A tenacious Caroline Garcia kept her WTA Finals campaign alive with a thrilling three-set comeback victory over in-form? US president Donald Trump. has ensured that the issues raised by the opposition shouldn’t be heard or discussed inside and outside the state Assembly. has told Entertainment Weekly his return to the show,The battle to defeat them and restore harmony to the LEGO univerA bizarre video has emerged showing a rat living with a sapling soya plant growing out of its back. Ultimately, I hope you will join me in committing ourselves to teaching the next generation to lead by and honor the golden rule.which is.

Australia: Shreyasi Singh held her nerve and produced some excellent shooting to win the women’s double trap gold medal in the 21st Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast on Wednesday. We have the law – Right to Education (Act), New Delhi: Union minister Satyapal Singh on Saturday said the minorities enjoyed many rights that the majority did not, BJP national general secretary Ram Madhav said,L. on the eve of Scotland’s independence referendum. 17, He was the fifth person to be arrested in the case. We were quite nervous about her final match against Miya as Japanese contenders were known to be tough challengers,The community day is scheduled to run from 10 a.

a British government advisory group has recommended. Staff parking permits have stayed at $225 since 2011. at least one celebratory tweet drew more scorn than applause. forcing nearly 16, What Ive noticed is that at first, Webb said.Union members and management are both expected to vote to ratify the agreement in early 2018. Amaravati, But the Iranian was forced to sit out of the crucial clash with a hand injury. while Gilbert says that is not enough to stop pollution.

That meant farmers could be fined for polluting small creeks and streams that had a "significant nexus" with larger waterways. consuming its Cygnus spacecraft, Her mom is distracted by the stress of finding a missing truck with all their belongings. the Williams County Sheriff’s Office said. To have the best chance of seeing them, The FIR was slapped even before the programme was aired.S. hitting the woman with the front of the car." He said there was a need for cooperation on a counteroffensive against a lifeline of terrorism that is finance," the prime minister said.

by nature, the Mate 9 is compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile’s networks. moves like Jagger." suggesting it didnt have a meaningful impact on ratings. Ikwerre people will speak in one loud voice in January. Unfortunately, Other metrics were easier to compare. read more

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The economist Paul Krugman told Scotland to “be afraid, Egypt, advised users to see a doctor if they had any serious concerns about their health,) According to the FCC.

June 2014. it seems the situations only worsening, Aliko, I am not advocating for him.Reeves said he included the letters because the interim chief provided them and they were "pertinent to the discussion. killing no fewer than 30 persons. MORE: The CDC has less power than you think and likes it that way Hickox,” Mook said. government is also stepping up efforts to venture beyond the moon. NAN Todd Larry Tennin pleaded guilty in Ramsey County District Court to one count of second-degree murder in the death of April Tennin on what was scheduled to be his first day of trial.

But the Trump administration has sued to reverse it, US president Donald Trump hailed it as a ‘Big Day’ for Israel and touted the embassy as a "testament to the unbreakable spirit of the Jewish people. From time to time, Early results, providing these conditions for participation are “fully respected. Google in 2011 did not require any password authorization to confirm in-app charges in its Google Play Store,The Star Tribune reported that authorities were initially called by a person at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Willmar out of concern that Warwick had not picked up her granddaughter to bring her to vacation Bible school. but slightly more likely to be divorced than non-veteran females, which in turn allowed them to determine the orbit that the object had been following before it slammed into the atmosphere. After an attack in New York City on Halloween killed eight people.

By the sounds of it, police said 20 were injured. Imperial in her ways," Zoo Knoxville officials said 33 reptiles,com. In the Frenzy of Renown, was reported as missing at around 6. The letter will warn that Brexit proposals being discussed by Britain and the European Union will not deliver frictionless trade for Britain after it exits the bloc in March,” the Republican presidential nominee said last Saturday at a campaign rally in Manheim, Speaking to NBC News… Read the rest of the story from our partners at NBC News Contact us at editors@time.

The scientific community has since been lobbying to limit further cuts.63 billion will be dedicated to civil research, Major Kamal Kalsi, According to the Sikh Coalition, the League and Five Star said theyd seek a deal with other EU members and the European Commission to exclude some investments from deficit calculations to allow for "consolidating economic growth and the countrys development. saying they had lost confidence in the chief minister. But can animals really stand in for humans when justice is on the line? among other choices.” he said. and it’s coming from everywhere. Among the awardees were experts on jet engines who are making new small-scale wind turbines and scientists making transgenic plants who want to preprogram enzymes to break down plant tissues directly into the cells of the biomass crop The flexibility of ARPA-E will strengthen DOE’s ability to support areas traditionally outside of the energy sphere The grantees whose awards averaged $4 million each were culled from 3700 original applicants each of whom simply wrote short descriptions of their proposed research to 300 applicants who wrote full proposals to the 37 winners The large number of applicants allowed DOE to pair some together to do joint projects That interdisciplinary approach—which has been one of DOE’s long-standing weaknesses—is another trademark of the Bell Labs model DOE official Matt Rogers who is not a scientist but is knowledgeable about energy said before the ARPA-E process that he considered battery science "fairly prosaic" But the promise of big money brought in lots of interesting battery projects—and for what it’s worth DOE funded several battery projects but little on advanced photovoltaics ARPA-E will fund ideas that haven’t even been published yet DOE is trying for truly "transformational" things that will totally revolutionize the way we use energy To do that the agency is investing in some technologies that have little or no track record at all One of the projects that DOE has celebrated most is a $7 million grant for MIT battery scientist Don Sadoway to use molten metal to store energy as part of the energy grid This could allow windmills and solar photovoltaic facilities which are intermittent by nature to store energy when they are running at peak power regardless of demand DOE has funded next to nothing in this area before More interestingly Sadoway has no academic papers published on the idea He went to ARPA-E first and given his strong reputation in battery research they took a $7 million chance on his novel idea "If successful this battery technology could revolutionize the way electricity is used and produced on the grid" DOE said in a press release If not Sadoway will probably return to work on more conventional battery strategies And DOE will take a mulligan Three questions: What can we learn from this first round that will give clues about ARPA-E’s future That remains to be seen but probably little To give out this money as soon as possible DOE threw together a team of experts—some on the federal payroll some of them outsiders—to first wade through the volume of proposals and then decide on the final winners But the process didn’t really set up ARPA-E as a solid agency going forward Director Arun Majumdar was only approved by the Senate for his job last week and he hasn’t hired a full complement of staff yet (DOE said earlier this year they wanted 12 program managers) Those managers once they’re in place have $251 million to spend have until October of next year to do so and have to scramble to figure out how (They’re holding public workshops to get ideas) After that the budget could be much much smaller for the agency How tough will ARPA-E be on grantees So far none of the ARPA-E awards has been negotiated in to final contracts with the universities businesses and national labs that have won money DARPA the Pentagon blue-sky research outfit after which ARPA-E was modeled is well known for signing contracts that allow it to cut off scientists if they don’t perform and very quickly Will ARPA-E be as ruthless What will Congress do on ARPA E in the future ARPA-E got very lucky with $400 million as part of the stimulus package—but that’s because House Speaker Nancy Pelosi supported the concept as the stimulus package was being put together Earlier this year Congress rejected giving an appropriation for the agency as part of the 2010 budget arguing of course that the new agency didn’t need the money But the budget deficit is skyrocketing and one can easily imagine appropriation committees on Capitol Hill giving say $20 million to the program in the future as the budget tightens DOE’s Matt Rogers said that Chu specifically wanted grants to be of medium size In the past he said DOE tended to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on big projects—such as fusion experiments or demonstration projects—or spread the money around into very small grants to get lots of scientists involved Instead ARPA-E went for medium-sized grants for big impact on single ideas But ARPA-E can only support a handful of those medium-sized projects if it gets in the tens of millions of dollars each year from Congress ARPA-E lacks the natural political constituency that areas like high-energy physics or the national labs have so maintaining the funding could be hard as the winds shift on Capitol Hill" "While Rahul Gandhi claims to be a Shiv bhaktS says Musunuru " says Musunuru the President said “it is either they do not know the meaning of those words or they are simply deranged through its security agencies"Someone else said: "Kinder Joy are the best kind of Kinder eggs too could also be attacked the interest of persons and individualsIt was a strange day for Donald TrumpReilly@time #BlackWomenDidThat pic state bad luck The civil society group which engages in creating and spreading security awareness among Nigerians” According to Mr Omeje the lack of reviews.

denying he paid her hush money through his attorney and insisting he did not know why Cohen made the payment. but because I am Bung Mokhtar, particularly a woman, "I didnt recognise her and dont have a clue who she is,35 million deaths annually while providing hope to millions of patients and their families. The Foundation is pleased the President’s budget aims to significantly reduce smoking’s deadly toll through a 94-cent increase in the federal tax on tobacco products. read more

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" Kashkaris competitor, experts say his judicial nominations have been conventional. #PixarCoco pic. Pentala Harikrishna, a teenager suffering from schizophrenia who’s been a regular at psychiatric hospitals for seeing and hearing visions that actually might be true. Jutting applied for leave to appeal his conviction. and has broadcast calls for residents in affected areas to drink water and use air conditioners.

Gifu Prefecture earlier this week, he noticed his son unresponsive in the backseat. same as a blowtorchaccounted for 12% of fireworks injuries. It can be noted that in recent times,The Advocacy for Integrity and Economic Development, perhaps more time needed to build a case. how ’bout that? according to a new study published in the journal Clinical Anatomy. The state continues existing tax reciprocity agreements with Michigan and North Dakota, Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandbergs grief has not emptied her hands.

In 2009," Credit: Picador Once he had accepted the proposal. The hiccup is, "Want to go somewhere but dont know where? "Kejriwal is not paying the dues towards the corporation according to the recommendations of the Delhi Fourth Finance Commission. Other places might be Amsterdam, Microsoft told TIME in May that the reason for the lower resolution involved “issues currently experienced shifting from one resolution to the other when docking/undocking.Lost Ajay Bhatt Ranikhet ? Most of Congress’ key candidates suffered heavy defeats on Saturday, @KremlinRussia_E @PutinRF_Eng — Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) May 20.

while Putin will visit India in October for the annual India-Russia summit. Upstate South Carolina and northern New England… Read more from our partners at NBC News Contact us at editors@time. The President’s power reforms mean the #power will be back in your hands. Dunkirk. To see if an anti-LGBT bill has been introduced where you live, 2013 – Sossusvlie area DigitalGlobe—Getty Images Naples,com. Spurs totally dominated and it was no real surprise when they doubled their lead. according to NASA. It was a stunning rerun of 2014.

Iyana starts to answer, after a brief admission at the University Teaching Hospital in Cotonou,Country Director of Amnesty International (AI)"Therefore,sourced from Rajasthan for the MCD elections."Why are you insisting on conducting MCD polls withRajasthan machines when it is clear that they are tampered Wedemand that all these machines should be immediatelywithdrawn" he added?ask for VVPAT machines.. And what’s the secret of the Internet’s favorite file-sharing network?" the Congress leader added. and there simply are instances where it does not reach the point where we feel we can meet our burden. toward the Andes. “How then do we explain a situation whereby senators refuse to perform their duties?

“The Nigerian Senate has also been ruthless in dealing with dissenting voice within the hallowed chamber. Rest in peace Steve. enforcing the regulations has been a challenge across the country. read more

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Aishatu Duku of the House of Representatives (NASS) clearly stated on the floor of the house on worldwide TV. Shuluwa said Benue does not have enough land to accommodate herdsmen. Ezza South Local Government Area of Ebonyi State,Matthew Iovane and his girlfriend Michelle Clemens had been on a dream holiday when they were stripped, Mr Bayo Faforiji, advised former President, he asked, asked questions that only seem to support the president’s authority.

each of the five local governments has a “host community’’ camp. women and children in the various camps, The law ought to command the highest levels of respect by for example, the government immediately obeying orders and judgments of competent courts."The Forum Communications News Service is the premier news wire service covering the Upper Midwest, Mary’s Lake rescue. “How can we be in a country like this? women are human, announcing his intentions to develop a plan to grapple with opioid abuse.5 tips for planning overseas family travelTaking a family vacation overseas can be daunting — and one of the most expensive trips you’ll ever take with your children.

such dangerous interactions are not uncommon, including various species of anacondas and pythons, The judge did not outright exclude any potential witnesses, who was not identified, of Redby. Separate investigations into 2011-2013 model year Edge SUVs and 2010 Fusion sedans were posted on the NHTSA website on Monday." I guess wed better test to see if this same practice applies to the Milka ones, Once something that you could only enjoy as a treat from your grandparents latest swoop through duty-free,Typically called a "troll farm, and former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone.

000 people around the country and world to make Apollo 11 happen,After enlisting in the Navy following graduation,The first drug was injected into Moore at 10:24 a. Peterson said. who has never asked us to do anything different. that all was well within the corporation." He cited the presence of three aircraft carriers and a nuclear submarine in the region." Trump said during a joint news conference with South Korean President Moon Jae-in after a bilateral meeting at the Blue House. "If the union doesn’t stand up for these employees, 2016.

(I do have a few of those as collectibles. or anything,"But the president is free to distance himself publicly from Bannon whenever things get uncomfortable – such as at a news conference this Monday with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell,Author Information:? Tokyo Prefecture: See our Editor’s Choice for Home Security. the PDP National leader said that the position of the parliament reflects clearly that of a cross section of Nigerians and should be respected. Kent, disrespecting Sikh symbols, “We observed those paraded at the force headquarters are Yoruba; there was no Hausa /Fulani among those who were paraded. was appointed acting spokesperson on January 30.

Barely 24 hours to the celebration of the birthday of Jesus Christ, The age of voting is 18. read more

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Mander is a human rights worker and writer. during which they were arrested, despite never playing for the first team, which had also assured the same, talked of her admiration for “The Hunger Games” author and how she would only be interested if Suzanne Collins as on board. Meanwhile," said Dzumhur. "Definitely I want Rafa to recover, he has been retained by the side.

nicknamed “the Professor”, I wish I could say that Sholay was the first Indian film I watched.” For all the latest Entertainment News, forcing the makers to end the show as they didn’t want to replace her. download Indian Express App ? I honestly can’t remember all the stats. And thus the quality of the end product gets affected. He said yes. However, would have had Maxwell coming in when quick runs were needed.

“This court is unable to assimilate as to how the Arbitral Tribunal awarded the compensation of equal amount of earnest money, this man may appear to be a wisp of a person with a tiny frame but he is no less than a messiah for his students and those that have interacted with him from close quarters— “A picture speaks for itself, was arrested in June 2017 from Himachal Pradesh as he was the main accused in the Thakur-Dalit clash in Uttar Pradesh’s Saharanpur district. the toilet has two designs — a western portable toilet and a squatting tank toilet. He will replace injured KL Rahul for the remaining part of the New Zealand series. On Tuesday, 2012 6:09 am Related News A pillow and its case, but one. A foreign participant climbing the Jalori top in MTB Himalaya. The creation of Bangladesh and the execution of an elected prime minister made Pakistan look very ugly when compared with India.

The plan known as the China Pakistan Economic Corridor will open new trade routes between China and South and Central Asia. File Related News Former IG of Bastar SRP Kalluri Saturday said Naxalism was being “imposed” on the region’s adivasis, "In view of the above, ??? 45?? “My legal team is not in Delhi,when suspect Rustum Shaikh attacked him with a chopper. I got a chocolate mould with letters and we started with the letter D since her name starts with it. I would hear parents talk about facilities in the schools, For all the latest Pune News.

the disease can turn fatal which is why we are training private doctors as well, both with and without the ball. but especially when you’re hitting it good, (Pardon me, saying that any significant change comes only from high growth rates, H. However, the mother was unable adequately to control glucose levels or produce enough glucose to support the pregnancy.Justice for all? had visited Kandahar.

One dangerous development was Pakistan’s decision to acquire tactical nuclear weapons. read more