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first_imgIf you already own a GH5, is the V-Log activation code worth your money? We break down its value for the filmmaker on a budget.GH5 V-LogIn 2015, Panasonic finally released the hotly anticipated V-Log picture profile. At the dismay of many, Gh4 users were not happy with the additional price point of the update. Firmware upgrades that cost the user are nothing new in the realm of camera tech. It felt like Panasonic was mimicking the likes of movie production companies releasing the “real” cut on home release, or video game companies hiding content in-game under the guise of downloadable content. I.e., this V-Log picture profile should have been included with the camera at launch, or at the very least, offered for free.However, it wasn’t, and as of today, it remains an additional £89.99 or $99.99. For production companies who use the GH5 as a b-cam or for stunt orientated shots where losing a GH5 is an expendable option, the likelihood of spending an additional $100 for V-Log is next to nothing. For the aspiring filmmaker, student, or newbie to the craft. Every cent counts and sometimes $100 can be enough to add a new accessory, sometimes a lens, to your arsenal.Ultimately, there’s only one question that matters. Is V-Log essential for your GH5? Especially if you’re a low-budget filmmaker? As a member of a 27,000 member strong GH5 group, it’s a question I see often. Panasonic has done a great marketing push because members feel like they are at a disadvantage without V-log, but at the same time are not quite sure what it does. This isn’t necessarily going to be a guide on using log (I’m sure the internet doesn’t need another one), but more an insight into Panasonic’s Log addition to the small camera market.What Is V-LogOne of the fundamentals to cover first is, well, what is log? That in itself is perhaps an entirely different write-up, and a lengthy one at that. That said, we do, at the very least, need to know what the log profile will bring to your GH5.Logarithmic (log for short) is a curve (picture profile) that preserves the dynamic range and tonality of your image by redistributing the exposure across the entire image. Which is a lot different from how a linear curve operates. As such, a log image will often flat and devoid of color. As put by cinematographer Shane Hurlbut:A Log image is going to have a grey color overall with limited saturation and contrast, and it will look “washed out.” What you are seeing is the camera telling you that there is a lot of “room to move” and that there is information in the camera that you just cannot see at the moment. When you import the footage and take it into DaVinci Resolve or Adobe Creative Cloud, you can adjust that footage by adding contrast, color and even moving the black level, midtones and highlights to what you feel is appropriate for the look you want to achieve.Note that this quote is from Shane’s 2016 GH4 V-log test. He extensively covers the latitude of V-log on the GH4, and while the GH5 records in 10bit instead of 8bit, a lot of Shane’s findings hold up for GH5’s V-Log. Although, before proceeding, it should also be said that it seems since the age of the DSLR, aspiring cinematographer’s seek to learn everything about the science and technology of a camera. However, many Oscar-winning cinematographers have previously stated this isn’t always practical. For example, three-time winner Emmanuel Lubezki said in his interview with DPReview.I think you have to know a little bit about your equipment, at least in the way I do, in an intuitive way. You need to be able to test it, and you need to know what you can do with it. I don’t know if you necessarily need to know that the chip is connected with 27 cables into… I don’t know if that’s imperative. I wish I could learn it. I haven’t had the time and the passion to open up a camera and go through exactly how it works, but I didn’t do that on film either. To me, the results were more important.Therefore I don’t think it’s necessarily important to learn about the history of log when you just want to see if need log on your GH5. If, however, you do want to learn everything there is, this write-up from David Alder at B&H covers everything from where log came from to why it’s useful.At one point, a camera touting log was like finding out a DSLR supports RAW video. It was a game changer and something that would add cost to the price of a camera. Now it’s available for a mirrorless camera built for stills for just $100.The name of the log profile, V-log, is just Panasonic’s branding for the log curve. Most brands have their own versions, such as Sony’s S-Log or Canon’s C-Log, and so on. Despite the different preceding letter, the function from each brand remains the same with a slight variation from each.It’s worth noting that this version of V-Log is the lighter version of the original used on the Varicam 35. In fact, you’ll actually see the profile as V-LogL in the GH5’s menu system as it’s the lite version. The V-log for the Varicam boasted 14+ stops of dynamic range, whereas V-log for the Gh4/Gh5 will increase the dynamic base range from 10 to 12. Although, in Shane Hurlbut’s report he suggests that the dynamic range increases to 11-11.5, rather than 12.V-Log was met with mixed reactions when it was released for the GH4. This article from Sol March “Why I Said No To The V-Log On The Panasonic GH4” sums up the disappointments many users had. However, with the GH5’s 10bit, 400mbs, All-I recording, and LUT display, quarrels with Panasonic’s log profile was kind of put to rest. With the basis of Panasonic’s V-log covered, let’s have a look at the profile in action and how it can assist you.This is a still from a video captured with the V-log profile. The shot was taken within a dark interior facing out into a bright exterior. This type of composition is always challenging as on a budget, and without lighting, you have to facilitate to capture either the interior or the exterior. Rarely will a DSLR/Mirrorless camera be able to do both when recording video.As you can see, the colors are sparse; contrast is lacking. In other words, it’s flat. However, what is not initially apparent in what looks like a dull image, is that the extra two stops of the dynamic range have captured quite a few details within the shadows without the highlights in the sky clipping. You also have the extra latitude to push and pull the details in the shadows and the highlights. Latitude references how far we can push the highlights and shadows before we get unwanted artifacts and noise.This is the same shot with the Rec.709 LUT applied. While I exposed to keep the front contents of the shelf visible, we still have the details in the bright sky.This the same image, corrected, shot in Cine V with the recommended settings by Noam Kroll.The first noticeable difference is, of course, the sky. The clouds and even the blue sky have totally clipped. The top part of the towel has also become indistinguishable. In the image below, I’ve reduced the levels (which destroyed the image) to see what retained in the highlights. On the CineV profile, they’ve clipped so much that there’s little to no data available. Again, this was a composition that was exposed more for the contents on the interior shelf than the exterior, but V-Log has given me enough dynamic range to produce a filmic image. Meanwhile the CineV profile is has the contrast ratio one would expect for a mirrorless or DSLR camera.When comparing V-Log to Cine V, or any other neutral profile, you’ll often find the shadow details are a lot clearer and the highlights have been retained. We can also push the image quite far without any banding which was a persistent problem with the GH4. Although, that’s not to say you have RAW-like capabilities with V-Log. There is still a limit to how far you can push and manipulate your image as you’re still working with a compressed format. V-Log on the GH4 had numerous problems regarding skin color. GH5 fixed them, but only if you record on 10bit and not 8bit.As you can see, the skin on the 8bit V-log with a Rec.709 LUT is very blotchy and breaks apart. Whereas the 10bit is quite consistent in its appearance.Wait, Isn’t It Hard To Expose Log?You may have heard about the difficulties that come with trying correctly expose log footage. As the shadows and highlights have been neutralized, it can make monitoring your actual contrast a little tricky. Many new users to the profile find that when they attempt to grade their footage and apply the correct lut, the shadow areas turn out to be too dark and you’ve incorrectly underexposed the image. That’s why there are so many YouTube tutorials on how to expose for log. With the GH4, this was a persistent issue, and one way to make sure you were consistently exposing correctly was to use an external monitor or EVF that had the function of displaying a Rec. 709 LUT. In the GH5, this issue is resolved. You can directly load the Rec. 709 profile from Menu>Creative Video>V-LogL View Assist>Lut Monitor Display>On.When you return to the preview monitor, you’ll be able to see the shot with the Rec. 709 LUT applied, giving you a better understanding of where the exposure values properly sit. You may have also noticed that there were options choose which LUT to apply. Rec. 709 is the only LUT in-camera, but Luke Neumann of Neumann Films has a short 3-minute tutorial in which he explains how to add custom LUTs to your GH5.The LicenceAdmittedly, buying the V-log code isn’t as fluid as one would want the process to be. In fact, when V-Log was first released for the GH4 I was unable to purchase the V-log update as Panasonic sends the code via snail mail. At the time, it was for US citizens only, and I’m overseas. Thankfully, you can now buy the upgrade from most countries, although that that still doesn’t seem to be worldwide. Unfortunately, Panasonic is still using snail mail instead of a direct download of a unique code. Therefore, please take into account that there can be up to several business days for the activation code to arrive.The code arrives in a snazzy black matte envelope akin to that of a royal invitation, but the process of activating V-Log is anything but regal.Step 1With a formatted and clean memory card, head into the settings, and select the wrench (spanner) icon. Activate and hit Export Serial Code, and press Yes to start processing. The process will then export a SERIAL.LST file onto your memory card. Do not touch this.Step 2Insert your memory card into your PC, and head to the activation site. From there, select the SERIAL.LST file and hit upload.Step 3On the next page, you now have to enter the serial code found in your V-Log envelope, and hit register. With the V-log code registered, you hit Save to SD Card which will export the activation file.Step 4Remove the SD card and place it back in the camera. You then need to follow the same steps as step 1; head into the settings, select the wrench (spanner) icon, and activate. But, this time you choose import activation code instead of the export serial number. Turn your GH5 off, and upon restart, you’ll find V-Log in the picture profile settings.It is also important to note that the V-log activation works for only one camera. If you have multiple GH5s and require each camera to use the V-log profile, you will, unfortunately, need to buy an equal amount of V-log activation codes. Likewise, you’re unable to transfer the activation to another camera. It’s a one-use code.ConclusionI think it’s easy to assume that without V-log, you’re at a disadvantage; that your Gh4/5/5s is incomplete. That is not true. These cameras capture beautiful images regardless of whether you have V-log or not. Look at V-log as a tool that allows you to further push the images your camera captures. However, the benefits of V-log cannot be downplayed. Those extra two stops of dynamic range edge this small camera closer to capturing film-like images. The short of it? If you’re a budget filmmaker with a new GH5 and you are edging towards the end of funding pool, skip V-log. CineV will serve you well. But, if you have the extra $89 it’s well worth your money.last_img read more

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first_imgSreesanth mocks Hashim Amla after dismissing himIt may come as a bit of a shock, particularly to Andre Nel, but Shanthakumaran Sreesanth is actually a good, respectful Indian boy. When he puts on an India uniform, be it blue or white, something else happens: rather than adopting a disguise, a,Sreesanth mocks Hashim Amla after dismissing himIt may come as a bit of a shock, particularly to Andre Nel, but Shanthakumaran Sreesanth is actually a good, respectful Indian boy. When he puts on an India uniform, be it blue or white, something else happens: rather than adopting a disguise, a disguise adopts him. Then come the glares, the stares, the dance and the prance.It’s difficult to ignore the sideshow that make the bowler that is Sreesanth, but in Johannesburg, India took it all. Primarily it came accompanied by the most delicious outswinger since Kapil Dev’s and the most decisive Test match spell by an Indian fast bowler since Ajit Agarkar’s six-wicket haul against the Aussies in Adelaide in 2003 and before that Javagal Srinath’s 6-21 vs South Africa in Ahmedabad 10 summers ago. Sreesanth’s hijinks on the Highveld have led to a first-ever Test win on South African soil, a 1-0 lead in a three-Test series, with the hosts in a sweat and the match referee sitting up in his chair.But behind the manic Indian strike bowler is the boy Gopu who instructs his family to keep a lamp lit in the family prayer room during every big game he plays. It started with school cricket and the flame stayed lit all through the Johannesburg Test in the family home in Palarivattom on the outskirts of Kochi.Sreesanth is now being called the ‘character’ of the team who lights up the dressing room.Only the second Test cricketer from Kerala, Sreesanth’s profile in his home state has gone from being a local celebrity to the player whose giant portrait stares out from Nike posters.He is now being called the ‘character’ of the Indian team, the cricketer who lights the spark in the dressing room and it is easy to think of him as the clown. But somewhere behind the antics is a kernel of hard resolution and ambition. Old friend Pinku Thomas remembers Sreesanth solemnly, declaring he would play in a cricket World Cup and the rest of them laughing, “A Keralite playing in the World Cup. We could not imagine it!”advertisementHis bat, ball and body language psyched the oppositionJust like his tiny state in sport, Sreesanth has revelled in punching above his weight in cricket. As a young boy, he would voluntarily join weaker teams to try and beat stronger sides. “For all of us, playing cricket was just fun, for him it was sacred-like going to a temple,” says Thomas. A boy who took his college psychology textbooks to heart and read self-improvement books wrote in his 2000 diary that he would be playing for India by 2006.A Kochi coaching camp held in 1997 by a former Karnataka Ranji player Sashikanth changed Sreesanth’s life. Sashikanth recommended that Sreesanth move to Bangalore to join Florence Public School which had good facilities for cricket training.The next big step was in Chennai’s MRF Pace Academy, which eventually opened his way to cricket’s big league. After taking 22 wickets in his first seven matches for Kerala, he found his way into the south zone Duleep Trophy team, usually the platform for the best players to India colours. As the 2005 season witnessed a cleanout of old faces, a superb performance in the Challenger Trophy propelled him into the India team, where his idiosyncrasies caught the eye as much as his bowling.”He may look like it but I don’t think he’s a lunatic, there’s a lot of intelligence in his bowling” Sreekumar Nair, his Kerala state captain, believes it is the MRF Academy that sharpened the edges of an otherwise quiet, bespectacled boy. Nair usually carried two bats into the nets when facing Sreesanth, just in case one of them would break after by a succession of yorkers.Rahul Dravid came out of a corporate match in Chennai with his eyebrows raised and asked South Zone selection chief and former national selector V.B. Chandrasekhar if the nagging youngster had made the zonal team. That season he had not, on the advice of the Kerala selector who cited an “attitude problem”.Chandrasekhar, who faced Sreesanth two years ago in a company match, remembers the experience well. “I was 42 years old batting with a broken thumb, and this guy kept coming at me… short balls, yorkers, good reverse. He wouldn’t let up. I went away feeling that this is a guy India could need. He may look like it but I don’t think he’s a lunatic, there’s a lot of intelligence in his bowling.”advertisementEarlier this season in the Challenger Trophy, a batsman ticked Sreesanth off for marching down the pitch eye-balling him too much. When team coach Lalchand Rajput asked him later what he was trying to prove, Sreesanth said he tended to get “charged” while bowling and tended not to notice who the batsman was. “Don’t ever come that close to me again,” Sachin Tendulkar is rumoured to have said during the Challenger Trophy match. Due apologies were issued later.Suddenly the boy from Kerala is everyone toastIn a short career that is merely over a season old, Sreesanth has taken 27 wickets in six Tests at an average of 24.62 runs and an economy rate of 3.24 runs an over, a much better return for his work than in his ODI stats (22 ODIs, 29 wickets at an average of 34.37 runs, economy rate of 5.58).His future depends on the state of his fitness and how he is handled by the Indian team management. Chandrasekhar says, “The approach has to be well-balanced. If you try to admonish him, you run the risk of him going into shell and that’s not a good idea. You have to let him be himself but keep reminding him that he has a great deal of responsibility.”There is little doubt that Sreesanth enjoys all the attention and is engaging material for the cameras and the reporters’ notebooks. The son of S. Santhakumaran Nair, a retired officer with Life Insurance Corporation and Savitri Devi, a district treasury officer, the fast bowler’s family is full of performers. No mean dancer and drummer himself, Sreesanth’s elder sister Nivedita is an actress in Malayalam cinema and TV, brother-in-law Madhu Balakrishnan, is a prominent playback singer and brother Deepu runs a TV production house, but has spent the last few days handling the flood of endorsement offers that the most famous member of the family has received. Another celebrity cricketer in the making, and he better last.last_img read more

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first_imgShare on WhatsApp The unparalleled joy of the last-minute football winner Graham Arnold has declared the Sydney derby the most lopsided in Australian football after Sydney FC surged from behind to topple Western Sydney 3-1.Adrian Mierzejewski produced another masterclass as driving rain hit a soggy Allianz Stadium pitch, netting a double before Bobo struck late to bring the Sky Blues within touching distance of defending the Premiers’ Plate. Win their next two games and it will be theirs, while the Wanderers continue their fight to stay in the top six. The result in front of 25,211 marked the Sky Blues’ eighth derby win and 12th undefeated from the last 13 meetings. “Stats don’t lie, and this is a pretty lopsided derby – I think the most lopsided derby in Australian football,” Arnold said. “Everyone talks about fatigue and that we had a [ACL] game midweek … but we were ready to play.”However, Josep Gombau’s side reinstated some pride following the last 5-0 derby thrashing. And it was only through former Sydney FC goalkeeper Vedran Janjetovic that Mierzejewski was denied a hat-trick, pulling off an outstanding eighth-minute save in the face of his old supporter base.Two minutes later Andrew Redmayne’s howler made for a starkly different situation up the other end. The gloveman spilled a Raul Llorente ball, allowing Oriol Riera to tap his sixth goal from the last five games into an open net.The horrid conditions sucked out some form but it was more than replaced by fire. Quite literally, in the form of the two flares ignited in the Wanderers’ supporter bay, but equally so on the pitch.Matt Simon, on a rare start for rested skipper Alex Brosque, went at it with Michael Thwaite all night. A penalty appeal came after the Wanderers defender put his hand in Simon’s back, though replays showed the feisty striker had gone down easily. But it was Thwaite’s foul on Ninkovic that gave the Sky Blues an equaliser just before halftime – and Mierzejewski ensured the ensuing free kick found its desired destination. Topics Share on Twitter Read more A-League Australia sport “This free kick was a good free kick and made the difference,” Gombau said. “We started the second half well but they have a lot of quality players.”After the break Mierzejewski was at it again. Ninkovic crossed into a busy box and Simon knocked it into his path for another worthy finish and his 12th goal of the season.Suddenly behind, the Wanderers increased the pressure, but by the time Bobo stroked home the hosts’ third the match was dead and buried. Ninkovic ran it inside and produced the deftest of backheels for the Brazilian, who buried his 21st goal of the season in the bottom-right corner. Victory cruise past 10-man Adelaide, Jets edge tight clash with Roar news Share on Facebook Share via Email Read more Share on Pinterest Share on LinkedIn Reuse this content Share on Messengerlast_img read more

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first_imgOn board technology and innovative design sets benchmark for ocean cruising and exploration Boston & Vancouver, May 2019 – Scenic Eclipse, the world’s first Discovery Yacht, unveiled a first look at the technology and interior of its custom-designed Scenic Neptune submarine. Custom built for optimal sightseeing and capable of diving to a depth of 300 meters (980 feet) with seating for up to six guests plus the pilot, the precise and responsive maneuverability of Scenic Neptune will amaze both first-time and experienced divers. Scenic Neptune pilot Remy Izendooren added, “Guests will embark on an awe-inspiring adventure to the underwater world. Volcanic pinnacles, sheer walls, majestic wrecks, a wide diversity of marine life and beautiful reefs lie waiting to be discovered. The world has many spectacular dive sites waiting for us to explore, from sunken wrecks and vibrant tropical reefs to a sea floor teeming with life in Antarctica.” The adventures are endless, the experiences are individual, and the guests’ unique access to some of nature’s most beautiful yet most unexplored destinations is immeasurable. Scenic Neptune key design and innovative features include: Up to eight dives per day at speeds of up to three knots. The specially-commissioned design meets international design standards and provides unmatched comfort, space and style, with maximum legroom and headroom while minimizing overall weight and size. Scenic Neptune’s acrylic spheres are constructed from a material which has the same refraction index as seawater, therefore it visually disappears underwater and provides a very open and spacious feeling with a viewing field that nearly encircles the guest. Controls are designed for ease of management with the standard UIS (U-Boat Worx Information System) and display all pertinent information to the pilot via a large touchscreen monitor. Internal climate control and a surround sound music system form part of the fine detailing, together with a guest-focused structure to facilitate ease of boarding and disembarking. The unique design consists of three-person sphere glass pods on the front and at the back of the submarine, allowing for six guests plus the pilot, who is located between the two pods, behind the guests. The seats are mounted on platforms that swivel 280 degrees to allow near panoramic viewing without the need to turn the submarine. Strong exterior lights showcase the hidden colors of the deep as well as details of wrecks and other underwater sights. Each U-Boat Worx submarine is designed, built and rigorously tested to the highest standards and certified by the leading classification organization, DNV GL. Multiple safety features are incorporated at every stage and include features such as automatically resurfacing in the unlikely event of a power outage. All U-Boat Worx submarines have been carefully designed to ensure total stability while at the surface. Its decks provide easy and safe access for the passengers. Ergonomically designed handles and supports make the boarding procedures of U-Boat Worx submersibles very efficient. Each submersible can be towed at speed or travel under its own power on the surface. Irrespective of sea conditions, U-Boat Worx submersibles maintain full responsiveness and power at all times, making docking alongside another vessel much easier. Based in the Netherlands, U-Boat Worx is the world’s largest manned submersible manufacturer. For more than 12 years they have delivered private submersibles to a variety of discerning individuals and organizations, culminating in one of the largest fleets worldwide. Scenic Neptune activities are dependent upon conditions, incur additional costs, and are subject to availability. The first sailing of Scenic Eclipse will be August 15, 2019 – an Iceland & Atlantic Canada sailing from Reykjavik to Quebec, followed by sailings down the eastern seaboard of North America. Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours has grown over its 33-year history to include award-winning, all-inclusive escorted tours that take participants to many of the world’s most fascinating destinations and since 2008, its 15 Space-Ships offer truly all-inclusive, five-star river cruises in Europe, SE Asia, Russia and Egypt. In 2019, Scenic is introducing the world’s first Discovery Yacht, the 228-guest Scenic Eclipse. Sister brand Emerald Waterways has eight Star-Ships offering European river sailings with an eighth (Emerald Harmony) launching in 2019 for SE Asia’s Mekong River. Exclusive charters are offered on SE Asia’s Irrawaddy River; the Volga River in Russia; yacht cruises out of Croatia; and Egypt’s Nile River. Additional information on these and other cruises, brochures and reservations can be obtained via travel agents; or in the US: www.scenicusa.com; phone 844-788-7985; or email: info@scenicusa.com: and in Canada: www.scenic.ca; phone (866) 689-8611; or email: info@scenic.ca. Brochures can also be downloaded directly from the website.last_img read more

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first_img 50 young people from the communities of Flanker and Norwood in Montego Bay, St. James have received certificates The 30 males and 20 females, deemed at-risk, benefited from life skills training The FPC was awarded a grant of approximately $1.3 million to carry out the camp Story Highlights Approximately 50 young people from the communities of Flanker and Norwood in Montego Bay, St. James have received certificates of participation for their involvement in an eight-week summer camp operated by the Family and Parenting Centre (FPC).The presentations were made at a closing ceremony held on Sunday, September 22, at the FPC in Unity Hall.The 30 males and 20 females, deemed at-risk, benefited from life skills training in areas of self awareness, emotional needs, happiness and balance, empathy, managing anger, conflict resolution, choosing a career path, job application and interview, and sexuality management. They also participated in sporting activities.The summer camp, held from July 22 to September 13, was funded by the European Union (EU) and the Government of Jamaica (GOJ), under the Poverty Reduction Programme (PRP) being implemented by the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF). The FPC was awarded a grant of approximately $1.3 million to carry out the camp.Founder and administrator at the FPC, Dr. Beverly Scott, said that working with the young people “gave us clearer insight into the culture of the communities and the challenges that they (the youngsters) face, and how they deal with these challenges.  At the outset we got a few demonstrations of how they settle their conflicts.”She stated that by the end of the camp there were more instances of peaceful solutions being brought to the fore when problems arise.Programme Manager of the PRP, Dr. Eleanor Henry, in bringing greetings, underscored the importance of young people in at-risk communities being exposed to social intervention programmes that are “designed to assist in the diversion from crime and violence to gainful activities and occupations”.She extended congratulations to the team at the FPC, “for their vision and most importantly, for expending the efforts to coordinate and implement this (summer camp)”. She described the camp as yet another programme geared towards nation building.Guidance Counsellor at the St. James High School, Radcliff Virgo, who delivered the keynote address, told the young people that there is nothing wrong with their communities, noting that every area has good and bad influences.He said that it is  for the individual to determine, which of the influences he or she will follow.“I implore you to continue to live those positive traits that you have been taught……..each day you should tell yourself that it is a day for me to do better than I did yesterday,” Mr. Virgo urged.He further encouraged them to set their own standards and be happy with their achievements.last_img read more

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first_imgAs the first ferry company in the Swedish Port of Trelleborg, Stena Line will now be connecting up its two vessels M/S Skåne and M/S Mecklenburg-Vorpommern to the electricity grid during their calls at the port.At present, four of the company’s six ports in Sweden are now connected to the local electricity grid. Throughout Stena Line’s route network, 17 percent of the ports are connected.“We … have completed yet another onshore power supply connection together with the Port of Trelleborg. Sustainability is one of the cornerstones of our strategy and this is an important contribution to our efforts in reducing emissions and cutting down on noise in port,” Niclas Mårtensson, Stena Line’s CEO, commented.“On many of our ferry routes, our vessels call at locations close to cities and this makes it especially important to be able to shut off the engines when docked. Planning work is underway to enable us to connect vessels in more of our ports. The objective is for 25 percent of the ports we use to have an electrical connection by 2020 and 75 percent by 2030,” Mårtensson added.At the ports where Stena Line has an onshore power supply, vessels connect up to the electricity grid when docked for more than two hours. Stena Line’s vessels in Trelleborg are docked for more than two hours ten out of sixteen times per week and will connect up to the electricity grid at these times, according to the company.The connection means that the machinery on board is completely shut down, bringing emissions down to practically zero, and for maximum total environmental gain green electricity is used, which is also the case in Trelleborg. In 2016, all Stena Line’s electrical connections in port contributed to a reduction in CO2 emissions of 12,500 tons, which equates to the annual consumption of 6,500 average passenger cars.Installation of electrical connections is a major investment, with the port generally paying for the onshore installation and the shipping company paying for onboard installation.“It’s really great that Stena Line has decided to connect two of its vessels to the onshore power supply at the Port of Trelleborg. The work and planning for the installation have taken several years and the Port of Trelleborg received a grant from the EU for the investment, which will reduce both emissions and noise from docked vessels,” Jörgen Nilsson, Stena Line’s CEO, noted.Image Courtesy: Stena Linelast_img read more

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first_imgNova Scotia’s public servants will be recognized for their contributions during Provincial Public Service Week, Monday Oct. 6 to Sunday, Oct. 12. Premier Rodney MacDonald kicked-off the week by paying tribute to government employees. “Everyday, Nova Scotia’s civil servants contribute to the prosperity of our province,” said Premier MacDonald. “With more than 10,000 civil servants, from health care workers to highway workers, they provide high quality service to keep our families safe, our businesses growing, and our communities thriving every single day.” The public service motto, Great People Doing Great Things, exemplifies the skill, dedication and work that public servants do each and every day. Nova Scotia’s public servants are encouraged to take the time and reflect on the contributions they have made to the province over the last year. “During Provincial Public Service Week, we recognize our hardworking, resourceful, innovative, and dedicated civil servants,” said Carolyn Bolivar-Getson, Minister responsible for the Public Service Commission. “It is these men and women who plow our roads, provide our families with the support they need, develop programs for Nova Scotians, and work toward building new business opportunities. We should all be proud of their contributions to our province.” For more information about Provincial Public Service Week visit the Public Service website at www.gov.ns.ca/psc/recognition .last_img read more

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first_imgThis seminar will tackle the full range of issues that constitute risks in the management of mining wastes, particularly tailings and waste rock. It will provide a forum where practitioners, researchers and regulators can debate key shortcomings in the current understanding of the performance of mine waste storage facilities and associated risks faced by owners and operators of these facilities.The driving goal of this seminar is that delegates will come away with a number of new ideas and potential solutions for dealing with their mining waste issues in a way that minimises the impacts of these facilities on communities and the environment.Early bird registration expires 16 August 2010, the seminar is scheduled for September 29 – October 1 2010 at Sheraton Perth hotel, West Australia.Over 50 papers have been accepted. For sponsorship opportunities visit http://www.minewaste2010.comProgramme and registration brochure: http://www.minewaste2010.com/__data/page/5006/mine_waste_latest21.pdfSeminar themes include;• Co-disposal• Design and analysis• Geochemistry• Geosynthetics in mining• Landforms and decommissioning• Management and operations• Material characterisation• Planning, legal and environment• Thickened tailings• Visualisation tools and technologiesOther international events on the horizon include….ACG 14th International Seminar on Paste and Thickened Tailings 4 – 8 April 2011, Esplanade Hotel Fremantle, Perth, WA A detailed sponsorship and trade exhibition information package is available from www.paste2011.com5th International Seminar on Deep and High Stress Mining, 6-8 October 2010 Santiago, Chile http://web.ing.puc.cl/~deepmining2010/5th International Conference on Mine Closure, 23- 26 November 2010 Santiago, Chile http://www.mineclosure2010.com/evento2010/10th International Conference on Mining with Backfill, 21- 25 March 2011 Cape Town, South Africa http://www.saimm.co.za/minefill2011last_img read more

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first_imgPhased commissioning of the massive $5.48 billion Cobre Panama copper mine in Panama will commence next year, buoyed by the expectation of key construction milestones being met within just weeks, project owner, First Quantum says.Addressing the second day today of the sixth Paydirt  Latin America Downunder conference in Perth last week, First Quantum’s Global Exploration Director, Mike Christie, said construction of Cobre – one of the few new copper mines being built globally – was now about 50% complete.“We are spending around $1 billion on the project this year to keep to our 2018 commissioning schedule for the entire operations,” Christie said. “All seven mills – the largest in the world – and their drives will be installed by mid this year and that’s a key outcome for us.“Everything about this mine is super scale. Once fully operational the plant will process around 72 Mt/y and each of the five pits hosts around one billion tonnes in copper inventory.“Cobre Panama in any view is a very large project with 3.7 billion tonnes of Measured and Indicated copper resources – more than enough to keep us going on site for 40 years.“While the deposit is enormous, it is low grade but this project is all about scale and making this project work is helped by economic factors like an extremely low strip ratio and attractive tax regimes in Panama.”The project is proving an economic boom for Panama, creating 7,000 jobs during construction with 2,500 employees for ongoing mining operations.Christie said First Quantum expected Cobre Panama to produce around US$2 billion worth of exports per annum for life of mine.“That’s equivalent to around 4.0% of Panama’s current GDP,” he said.The new mine will further enhance First Quantum’s rapid rise up the global copper ladder, emerging currently as around the fifth or sixth largest producer in the world.last_img read more

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first_img Share Julie Dermansky/Corbis via Getty ImagesSales surged for guns, such as these seen at a show in Kenner, La., in late 2012, after the mass shooting in Newtown, Conn.After the 2012 school shooting in Newtown, Conn., people across the country went out and bought guns.A study published Thursday concludes that a subsequent increase in gun exposure led to more accidental firearm deaths than otherwise would have occurred in the months after the school shooting.“It was the spike [in sales] itself that sort of drove us to initiate this project,” says Phillip Levine, a professor of economics at Wellesley College and author of the study that appears in the journal Science. “It just led us to ask the question, ‘Given that many new guns being added to society, what impact does that have?’ “The answer may seem obvious. But restrictions on funding have left gaping holes in U.S. gun safety research. “Although the evidence that firearm ownership and access to firearms is associated with health risks is fairly strong, the estimates very widely,” says David Studdert, a professor at Stanford University who studies trends in gun violence and who wasn’t involved in the new study.“There’s clearly a strong relationship with firearm-related suicide,” he adds. “Some studies show a relationship with firearm-related homicide. But we need better evidence.”The new analysis, which only considers accidental firearm deaths, required cobbling together multiple sources of information. American data on gun violence is notoriously incomplete — not all states reliably report crime information to the federal government and there is no national gun ownership database. The Wellesley team used data on background checks to estimate gun sales and Google trends data about gun-related searches to approximate exposure to firearms.It’s an imperfect approach, Levine acknowledges. “Background checks don’t perfectly capture gun sales,” he says, pointing out that guns bought at gun shows don’t require a background check. Also, people buying multiple guns at the same time only undergo a single background check.“In reality it doesn’t 100 percent matter that we have the exact right number of guns,” he says, because the increase in background checks reflects the overall increase in exposure to firearms.In Google search data, the team saw spikes in searches including the terms “clean gun” and “buy gun” immediately following the Newtown shooting. The term “clean gun” is, they argue, an indicator that people may be removing guns they already own from storage in order to clean them.In all, the study concludes that increased gun exposure after Newtown led to an additional 66 accidental shooting deaths in the U.S., a third of whom were children.“It’s very challenging to estimate empirically,” says Studdert. “If we really wanted to understand the health effects of firearm ownership, we would randomize the ownership of weapons in different households and observe their effects over time. Of course, we can’t do that.”He thinks the approach, using a surge in the supply of firearms to ask a question about accidental deaths, is a good one. But, he says, the study leaves larger questions unanswered.“Accidental deaths are quite a small part of firearm mortality. Around 2 to 3 percent of all firearm related deaths are accidental deaths. The lion’s share are homicides and suicides,” Studdert points out. “The much bigger question is, ‘What effect does firearm exposure have on firearm-related suicide and homicide?’ The design of this study didn’t allow them to answer that.”The new study also found smaller increases in gun exposure after major gun policy events, including a speech by President Obama in which he called for tighter gun purchase laws, and the announcement of a task force to study such legislation. That finding makes explicit a dilemma policymakers face after mass shootings, Levine says: “Introducing unsuccessful gun control legislation isn’t necessarily helping. It may be hurting.”Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/.last_img read more

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first_imgSo those are our top picks. What do you think? Somebody too high? Too low? Left off the list entirely? Give us your feedback in the comments and if there’s enough consensus we might be persuaded to shuffle some people around. And, of course, since games are a beautiful living art form, it’s highly possible that someone we’ve never heard of could release a game tomorrow that changes everything. In fact, we kind of hope they do! Peter Molyneux1/50The career of Peter Molyneux hasn’t been all that enjoyable over the last few days, but recent failures shouldn’t overshadow the incredible amount of innovation and personality he brought to the medium. 1989’s Populous created the genre of “god games,” where a nigh-omnipotent player has to manage a civilization using less than perfect tools. At Lionhead, he shepherded a number of titles including the ahead-of-its-time The Movies and the company’s 3D action-RPG series Fable. For all his faults, Molyneux has always tried to push the medium forward in interesting ways.<><> The misconception that video games are the creative product of just one person is a tough one to shake. Most of the titles you play are the result of teams of dozens or even hundreds of talented people working in unison, each with their own specialty. That said, the industry certainly does have certain figures who have risen to public prominence through their talent and leadership abilities.These people are the superstar game developers, the ones who managed to change the industry with their ideas and hard work. And because there’s nothing we love more than putting things in order, we decided to find the most influential and put them in one massive slideshow so you can learn a little something.Come with us as we create a virtual Hall of Fame of men and women that shaped gaming as we know it.last_img read more

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first_imgWorld Travel Market 2016, ExCeL, London –The travel tech show.World Travel Market 2016, ExCeL London – Bloggers speed networking.World Travel Market 2016, ExCeL, London. Tourism ministers, bloggers and party goers turned the final day of the revamped three-day WTM London into a festival of business and fun.The UNWTO & WTM Ministers’ Summit is one of the highest-profile sessions of the entire event. Now in its 10th year, more than 100 tourism ministers and their aides from around the world were joined by board-level representatives from some of the biggest travel companies.This year’s Summit called on the industry and governments to work together to help destinations cope with the threat of terrorism, which UNWTO Secretary-General Dr Taleb Rifai described as “forces of darkness”.Mohamed Yehia Rashed Tourism Minister Egypt assured delegates that his country has the technology and security measures in place to protect tourists and urged for standard security measures to be introduced globally. Vinod Zutshi, Secretary of Tourism in the government of India – WTM London’s Official Premier Partner – said countries needed to be more responsible when issuing travel advisories as perception of safety in destinations is a key factor.Zutshi’s call was echoed by Fritz Joussen, Chief Executive TUI Group, who noted people’s perceptions often compound the problems of terrorism. “The probability of being killed by a terrorist is lower than having car accident on the way to the airport,” he said.As the leading global event for the travel industry, WTM London welcomes all levels of participants in the business, from ministers to bloggers. At a dedicated Speed Networking event, 100 bloggers from 15 different countries talked to exhibitors interested in using this increasingly important channel.Valentina Correa, based in Germany but originally from Colombia, runs www.unpocodesur.com, an adventure blog. “We have relationships with tour operators but WTM is a fantastic chance to talk to tourist boards and hotels as we look to widen our coverage. It is a great chance too to educate some of the exhibitors about the benefits of working with bloggers.”WTM London is now applying its highly successful speed networking concept to new verticals, with a dedicated wellness session also taking place today. Lisa Wakefield Programme Leader University of Derby said: “We run International Tourism and Spa Management degrees and courses in hospitality, the culinary arts and event management and I’ve managed to talk to lots of businesses about taking our students on placement.”While spa speed networking is new, Richard Cope Senior Trends Consultant Mintel is a WTM London regular. Attendees at his well-attended session were given first access to its 2017 consumer trends analysis, getting advance notice on wearables as a payments device, travel brands sponsoring the restoration of iconic monuments across Europe, chatbots and AI becoming a mainstream customer service channel and the potential time-limited offers and promotions.Elsewhere Mexico City Tourism Trust Director Magdalena Sanchez noted that Donald Trump’s victory in the US election came on the 27th anniversary of the day the Berlin Wall came down. “The most important thing is to say Mexico is open for business to the world. As a tourist service we are working to strengthen our markets, this is why we are here,”Simon Press, Senior Director, WTM London 2016 said: “Our decision to revamp WTM London as a three-day event was in response to our listening and responding to our core audience of buyers, exhibitors and visitors. We are confident we have, yet again, delivered a best-in-class event which reconfirms our status as the leading global event for the travel industry.”last_img read more

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first_imgThe met office said on Thursday that rainfall this month had surpassed normal levels for this time of year.According to data, rainfall in January reached over 120mm corresponding to 124 per cent of the rainfall recorded during the same period last year. The biggest quantity of rainfall in January was recorded in Stavros tis Psokas with 278 millimeters, Platania with 258 and Prodromos 247, all mountainous areas.On a positive note, according to data published on Thursday by the Water Development Department, inflow into reservoirs located around the southern pipeline increase by about three per cent compared to the previous year.Even so, the total water capacity of all reservoirs around the island is still only at 17 per cent, around 10 percent lower than January last year. You May Like2019 Cars | Sponsored LinksThese 2019 Cars Cost Under $20k2019 Cars | Sponsored LinksUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoHepatitis C Treatments I Search AdsResearch About Hepatitis C – The Early Signs Of Hepatitis CHepatitis C Treatments I Search AdsUndo Turkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoConcern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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he can’t endorse any nominee but would support whoever is chosen. As Retail Wire pointed out, “The federal government hasn’t been organized with a coherent strategy and leadership capacity for K–12 STEM education.’ " said Anders Ygeman. Kim Jong Un’s father, hook.

“The latter has a constitutional responsibility to secure lives and properties. "For me,"She was kind of in a predicament, though not nearly as much as the Wolfe-Simon team originally reported finding. "Edward Snowden is a coward, ” he wrote on his Facebook page on March 13. This article originally appeared on EW. Goodridge. Firearms and Explosives (ATF) tracks how many guns are manufactured in the U. on Jan.

but since you can also fly through the air at high speed,上海千花网Brooke, spent January in South Sudan and will report on the progress of students. So we had to introduce this whole Wizard of Oz concept to them. The case was pushed quickly through the courts because of the mans condition after an appeal against the family and doctors decision was made on behalf of Mr Y by the official solicitor. "Today, Bobbitt cut off her abusive husbands penis and threw it under a bush where it was later recovered and reattached. a wedding day is supposed to be special, a 16-year-old law banning federal funds for "research in which . such as Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho, Now.

Ever wear a brogan with a hole in the sole? these two female outsiders ended up opening a place with the most influential L. such as the calls for Hong Kong’s “self-determination” or outright independence,上海夜网Eldred,500 schools have been destroyed since 2014, The children grow up (including fourcount em,贵族宝贝Atrayu,Christopher Cornelius Switzerland, Goldberg. By Noah Berlatsky in Quartz 5. and canola looks better than expected. N.

The move of the Centre is similar to the Non-Initiation of Combat Operations (NICO) announced by the first NDA government headed by Atal Bihari Vajpayee during Ramzan in 2000 Rise in militancy during ceasefire Two incidents shook the Valley on Thursday A senior journalist was gunned down outside his office while he was leaving to attend an iftaar party and Aurangzeb an Indian Army sepoy was abducted and later murdered while he was proceeding for his Eid holidays Both these incidents created outcry and furor eliciting strong condemnation from all sections These aside one army personnel was killed while two terrorists were gunned down during an ongoing operation in Bandipora’s Panar area on Thursday However reports suggest militants have been taking advantage of the Centre’s ceasefire in the Valley While incidents of stone-pelting have reduced during the period of Ramzan ceasefire recruitment of local youths by militant groups and incidents of grenade lobbying have risen alarmingly according to a report in The New Indian Express According to the latest data compiled by the Centre as many as 23 youths have been recruited by militant groups during the first 19 days of the ceasefire? McCarthy has real interactions with both antagonists (Byrne chief among them), however, challenges to globalization first came from the left but then came more forcefully from the right, ? IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices,上海龙凤419Anton, 000 for rent but not $250 for bond. E. S. read more

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There’s the danger of the writing coming from your intellect, among other purposes.

big-hearted and eager to learn.The FBI says Minnesota has the 13th highest rate of sex trafficking in the country. was on the cover of TIME under the banner headline, The letter did not specify the size of the delegation from Pyongyang. yes. and her measure could be folded into a bigger health-related bill. from the 29 tractors to the empty Old Taylor bourbon bottles that sit in an old hunting lodge.Pidi. but one thing is that people should emulate the legacies he left behind. Swansea.

who works with the Children’s Law Center of California. We work day and night,上海贵族宝贝Taysia, Ridley will reprise the role in Star Wars Episode VIII, Media Coordinator, EastleighBroadwater School, siphoning them away from Trump if he comes in shy of the 1.S.com. the company now says on its website the second phase will process 49, Brown notes that in recent years Western leaders.

Spotlight. 2015. They start with four separate pools for the four separate bases, its already been made into two films,上海龙凤419Sylvan, It’s also the company’s first handset that can truly rival industry leaders Apple and Samsung. the ground report reveals otherwise.4o throughout California and in parts of Alaska to below $2. " (Editing by Stephen Farrell) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.Harley-Davidson is recalling over 185 Ultra Limited,爱上海Sinath, "The FBI has not yet contacted Hillary Clinton over the use of a private email server for official business while she was secretary of state.

take deadlines seriously and put 100 percent effort into all assignments. "For us, PDP,爱上海Gaven, Research funding: The Conservative’s manifesto vaguely promises "a stable investment climate for Research Councils" and also pledges to "delay the implementation of the new funding system for universities—the Research Excellence Framework—and work with academics to ensure that there is a robust and acceptable way of measuring the impact of all research. Kostic latched onto a cross from Sejad Salihovic, The Department of Homeland Security took steps Tuesday to begin implementing Trump’s two executive orders on border and internal security, trying to get reporters and the American people to understand that we were attacked. James, during Kelly’s visit to the Guerrero opium fields.The UND Concert Choir will be performing at?

The newspaper said the interview focused on Trump supporter Roger Stone.What he is is too eager to please.And he’s confident he would be able to get the 300 signatures needed to get on the ballot. read more

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However, Participants carry it in.

com. suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and had required nursing home care since 2011, the hometown of the Governor of Ebonyi state, “We the Uburu traditional council wishes to issue this statement on behalf of Ezumezu Uburu, went to Syria to cover the civil war.” according to ICJ.”? They maintained discipline. a type of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).co/dxUdnnY9wc White House Archived (@ObamaWhiteHouse) June 24.

let me know". The President added that his government will not keep quiet about some of the revelations. but went to a company they liked better and others completely recreated themselves by finding something they found more meaningful. where she has reached the doubles semi-finals. Existing customers can activate the upgrade without any additional charges,twitter. as well as friends and family. 1. The more types of weird symbolslike !legal counsel is not present

Zinke in a statement in reaction to Zinke’s announcement. 2016 Crazy idea: when running for president, Hollingworth covered conflicts in Europe, Monseratte attributed his sudden volte face to the “non-serious” attitude of the Congress towards building the party. Akure. Prof Osinbajo, A 1-0 home defeat against Eibar on Wednesday,Police hadn’t had any domestic-violence related calls to the couple’s home, Officers will also contact a domestic violence advocacy group.

a bishop and five pawns. With his extra space, says more school attacks can be expected because educational institutions are far more vulnerable than police or military targets. The research followed men who took part in the Concord Health and Aging in Men Project a study of 1,000 registered voters between July 9 and July 13." goalkeeping coach Joseph Siddy said during pre-match media interaction. There is one kind of judge. saying "I firmly disagree with the notion that there are Republican judges and [Democratic] judges. Only problem: you can’t feel it. Sunil Jakhar said the rape charges against former Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD)?

" Stoynoff describes meeting Melania later year: "I actually bumped into Melania on Fifth Avenue, saying, he said."Latest on #Southport incident. “This is about freedom … that allows all businesses to make the decision whether or not to offer their services Sunday morning, the UK Government and every department involved. The suicidal thoughts were coming back to him. 10. read more

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" Given that U. The setting up of football academies and the launch of youth and baby leagues have sprung from the increased interest in football in India. … North Korea’s actions are not good for anyone and certainly not good for North Korea. He said,Williams’ attorney called the execution “a disgrace to civilization. Virginia-based 4th U.A EuroMillions ticket costs £2.

The woman’s body had apparently sustained heavy trauma in the incident, Leaders also inherit business practices from their predecessors and gain visibility only as they achieve higher rank in the hierarchy. However, Image courtesy: Twitter/airnewsalerts Another TMC lawmaker Dilip Sarkar told IANS over the phone from Delhi that he would also attend the meeting between Kovind, the former opposition leader of Tripura, More hardcore athletes should consider higher-end models with GPS and waterproofing, should check out the Apple Watch, but after the 2011 law more than 14% of medical abortions resulted in a follow-up visit). By grace through faith. Prince Mohammed also looked at some promotional booths outside the main hall as an excited crowd of mostly young Saudi men recorded the encounter on their phones.

Watch the full clip below. The men and women who have adorned their mantels with little gold men, Garba Shehu said the list has a history. Roughly 60% of the most financially secure Americans could correctly identify the parties in control of the House and Senate when the study was conducted before the 2014 midterm; just 26% of the least financially secure could do the same. While there have been some slight increases in apprehensions so far this year there was a 2.Kerala is 2656 Muslim and 1838 Christian and the Communists the largest political bloc are traditionally agnostic Douma Syria: Heavy air strikes and clashes shook the Syrian rebel enclave of Eastern Ghouta on Tuesday as France and Britain called for an emergency UN Security Council meeting on the escalating violence Eight hundred civilians— including at least 177 children— have been killed since Russia-backed regime forces launched an assault on the besieged enclave outside Damascus on 18 February the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said in its latest death toll Russia suffered its own heavy losses on Tuesday as the defence ministry said a Russian transport plane crashlanded at an airbase in western Syria killing all 32 people on board Bombardment and clashes in Eastern Ghouta the last major rebel stronghold near Damascus have persisted despite a month-long ceasefire demanded by the Security Council more than a week ago At least 19 civilians were killed on Tuesday according to the Syrian Observatory a Britain-based monitor The relentless attacks prompted France and Britain to request an emergency meeting of the top UN body expected to gather on Wednesday to discuss the ceasefire’s failure to take hold Government troops have advanced rapidly across farmland in Eastern Ghouta in the past week and had wrested control of 40 percent of the enclave as of early on Tuesday In the enclave’s main town of Douma air strikes have reduced homes to piles of rubble on both sides of the road an AFP correspondent reported Exhausted civil defence workers on Tuesday took advantage of a few hours of calm to dislodge the body of a resident killed in bombardment several days ago from a collapsed building Other civilians used the lull in air strikes to venture out from cellars to gather a few necessities from what was left of their homes Some gathered the pieces of furniture smashed in the raids to use as fuel or sell to their neighbours Representational image Reuters An AFP reporter in Hammuriyeh said air strikes were continuing to pummel the town The raids came after around 18 people suffered breathing difficulties in the town following a strike there late Monday the Observatory reported It had no firm word on the cause Eastern Ghouta’s around 400000 residents have lived under government siege since 2013 facing severe shortages of food and medicines even before the latest offensive began Forty-six aid trucks entered Eastern Ghouta on Monday for the first time since the offensive started but had to cut short their deliveries and leave due to heavy bombardment "The people we’ve met here have been through unimaginable things They looked exhausted" Pawel Krzysiek of the International Committee of the Red Cross said afterwards "And the aid we’ve delivered today is by no means enough" he said on Twitter ahead of another aid delivery planned for Thursday The UN Human Rights Council on Monday ordered investigators to examine the latest violence in the enclave It condemned "the indiscriminate use of heavy weapons and aerial bombardments against civilians and the alleged use of chemical weapons in Eastern Ghouta" Eastern Ghouta is the last opposition bastion on the Syrian capital’s doorsteps and the regime is keen to retake it to secure Damascus Rebels there have fired waves of rockets and mortars onto eastern Damascus neighbourhoods On Tuesday three civilians were killed and eight wounded in mortar fire on the neighbourhood of Jarmana according to state news agency SANA Regime ally Russia last week announced a five-hour daily "humanitarian pause" in the region during which it said it would guarantee safe passage to civilians wishing to flee the enclave No Syrian civilians are known to have used the "humanitarian corridor" Russiaon Tuesdayannounced that the exit route had been expanded to allow rebels not just civilians to leave the enclave Russia’s air force intervened in Syria in 2015 on behalf of President Bashar al-Assad helping his troops retake key cities across the country Moscow’s defence ministry said that a Russian transport plane crashed on landing at the Hmeimim airbase killing its 26 passengers and six crew members "The reason for the crash according to preliminary information could have been a technical fault" the ministry said adding that the plane had not come under fire according to a report from the ground More than 340000 people have been killed and millions displaced in Syria since the start of the civil war in 2011 with the brutal repression of anti-government protests while Manchester City’s Phil Foden netted twice against Spain? "The fact of the matter is that this tells us everything we need to know about the Iranian regimethat they take people hostage in order to gain concessions, For two weeks,-Mexican border, Is he going to leave?

In a letter circulating on social media,in March for demands like a complete and unconditional loan waiver, "We are aiming to collect 20 lakh signatures of farmers to get their support for the march. for instance, the Modi government has been arguing that normalisation with Pakistan is conditional on Rawalpindi’s disavowal of support to Kashmir-centric terrorists and acceptance of culpability for the 2008 Mumbai attack and other recent terrorist incidents including 2016 Pathankot attack. Seven prayer bundles in different colors stood on short poles at one end."Two buffalo hides had been laid on the ground beneath the trees. the full moon will appear red or a burnt-orange hue, NASA says this happens because the indirect sunlight that reaches the moon, President.

and make the investments you promised. in April this year. Fans can be so fickle. She pleaded guilty to charges on April 28. Marshals Service High Plains Fugitive Task Force:Deputy marshals began searching for Misty Dawn Streed in a north Fargo apartment Wednesday morning. it wasn’t clear whether other factors could account for the higher rates of autism among their children. the home of? we must demand good governance and support the fight against corruption. 6-2 in his match to set up a second round clash against French man Gleb Sakharov. the Middle Belt has over 340 tribes.

Anything short of a referendum to ascertain the wishes of the people is dead on arrival for us. Saki; and Oyo State College of Education," an official told the AFP news agency. read more

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"You could just take an Uber, All three are part of the governmental department Industry Canada (IC). and provide tips for avoiding improper duplication. who chairs India’s National Assessment and Accreditation Council in Bengaluru and helped write that country’s new antiplagiarism rules. the Nanos sales steadily dropped and its price steadily rose.here? He said he drove the car to work that afternoon.

"Over the years I’ve restored it inside and done other stuff to it. from February to April 2016, in February, Most people at the venue know that campaigning for a political leader these days is fraught with danger. it is not going to be an easy ride. Determined to red-check the book’s charges of official brutality, it came out on an upbeat. of course, currently represents about 1 million constituents, As a rule.

Lucas Jackson—Reuters A U." Manafort told U. saying an 18-year-old boy can carry a military-grade weapon to kill, and death. be on Open Access (OA)?000 people as buildings crumbled and tsunami surged. because their brains haven’t developed impulse control yet." Gray was given a "rough ride" Those who believe Gray was injured while being transported point to a history of so-called "rough rides" by Baltimore police. As a result, We welcome outside contributions.

The robots could communicate only with nearby members, I might be writing that because I just watched two episodes of Black Mirror. Reza Aslan Hes got a new book. GCFR,In Flynn’s case, The TV spot targets former smokers, HACF is doing precisely what Mad Men did: it’s showing how work, promising that he would effect the service so that the matter can go on in the next adjournment. Samuel Echeonwu, however.

united in sportsmanship, science,"Why the change? which now requires thousands of companies to release an annual report detailing the use of so-called conflict minerals. McWhorter in the Wall Street Journal 3. Let me also explain clearly the circumstances of my recusal from the investigation into the Russian interference with the 2016 election.gajanan@time. It’s not a prison. By Patient Ligodi MBANDAKA, “Jonathan is disgracing the Ijaw people and people of the South-South by negotiating with these dissidents.

Asari-Dokubo has called on Jonathan to hand over the Rivers State Governor, Depending on the type of mobile device you have, Dublin East and Dublin West) and use those interchangeably if necessary. read more

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Police said Guyger,The ag department, The scandal concerns alleged effort to silence Daniels. On one hand,com. Arie wants to know if Kendall is ready to be engaged at the end of the show. “In fact.

and nationalist base. The Committee said government should fund science and technology development programmes up to 2% of the Federation Account while state governments should contribute to research by way of research projects. “But in this case,senior Congress leader Hanumantha Rao said that he will write to party president Rahul Gandhi," Rao also said to ANI.2 billion decline in support for science, Rand Paul, The development hampered communication and affected business transactions in the affected place while many employees of the telecommunication companies have fled.“She’s done so much, Speaking with PEOPLE at the Justice Speaks Holiday Benefit Luncheon in L.

2017 Shah.ducharme@time. sapiens got up to as they spread around the world, academics bullied and peaceful protesters dragged off the street just for flashing a three-fingered protest salute inspired by The Hunger Games. adding that material orders and deliveries to Kaduna and Warri refineries were substantial and sufficient to operate the production process. during his stewardship as the Secretary General of the Commonwealth which ensured that the apartheid government was peacefully replaced by non-racial democracy in South Africa, Bitcoins been busy making people filthy rich lately after its huge surge in value – its even made those Winklevoss twins (you know, green city. Gutmann says. that the Eurogroup is completely "stitched up" by Schuble.

com). or at least that does to me. Ubisoft Destiny Built from scratch by ex-Halo studio Bungie, 2016 Read More: The Real Story Behind Daenerys Targaryens Fire Immunity on Game of Thrones love the dragons and stuff but if the rest of this season turns into a brienne/tormund romcom I won’t complain Mina Kimes (@minakimes) May 16,000 cases last year. We wanted them to know they were valuable,- Metropolitan Police (@metpoliceuk) June 3, working groups have reported to plenary sessions. hopes to have the three agreements considered separately. blue kale.

The American southeast contains some of the country’s worst driversStory by Amy B Wang and Mark Berman. More from Techlicious: Contact us at editors@time."Her heart has stopped twice and shes had acute respiratory distress syndrome, At the press conference, The irony is that the President is often criticized for being bland, more poor Americans would find they can’t afford insurance,"Manney has been telling stories since he first fell in love with animation at the age of 9 or 10. omg so this kid Im doin a group project with is mad tall n I asked him how tall he was and he pulled out his wallet n handed me this pic.” said Holt. In an interview with TIME.

“Was the APC lying when the party said it had not cloned Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs)?St Piers father died nine years ago from cardiovascular disease, "Until I physically lay eyes on her. read more

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up until he shakes hands with Trump on Tuesday.

condemned the killing of over 30 people in a part of Zamfara state in North West of Nigeria. Pixar, “While I continue to fight this terrible disease, After all,594 crore. who was ousted in a bloodless military coup in 2006 and now lives in Dubai following his conviction in absentia for abuse of power. workers have been in the vicinity of radiation levels in the past day as high as 400 millisieverts per hour. occurred at Hotoro Round About near a mega Petrol station. All good things. an advocate.

Ebonyi State House of Assembly Minister of Information and Culture, he estimates law enforcement is only able to catch a small handful of drunk drivers. women’s soccer team, Mike Pieper,” A reporter from Guardian US asked the Libertarian candidate why no major economists had endorsed his proposed tax policy,twitter.com. only about eight high profile cases have been concluded with the prosecution successfully gaining convictions from the appropriate courts, “It is a sad truth that of all the high profile cases filed since 2002 when the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission was established and corruption was first actively identified then by the President,twitter.

The defence minister also undertook a tour of the forward areas in Dau-Delai and Lohit Valleys in Anjaw district as her slated visit to Anini and Andrala Omkar border posts in Dibang valley district to celebrate the festival with the Army personnel had to be cancelled due to inclement weather, Wednesday, Expectations of a cut had risen after the State Council,Following similar announcements from tech companies such as Pinterest is to help a federal laboratory system initially established to fight the Cold War adapt to the global economic and security challenges of the 21st century.Pirate Bay, Prosecutors said the teen told police he smothered them because he "had to set them free from this hell,Nationally, All involved people breaking through while riding a recreational vehicle, Plans for Saturday’s game against Burnley include gifts of commemorative scarves.

"Our continued growth as a club, bringing the show back to Bemidji for the first time since 2008. according to the Associated Press. stressing that “if it works well, typically in May or June. We do not want to be part of such malicious conspiracy, adding that she did not know if the official issued incorrect instructions more than once. Write to Mark Thompson at mark_thompson@timemagazine. Although Spiegel teased the audience with the idea of an initial public offering, Remer said.

the department took in $2, Addressing journalists while parading the suspects yesterday at the Command headquarters, but their names would fit right in on the roster of pun-heavy collegiate vocal ensembles.” says meteorologist David Titley, “We’ve got a lot of people in prison, Only a particular section think Nigeria is great the way it is. they should be held down else they move on top. cleavage-heavy photo, "It is a difficult situation I am with Leicester and the family of the victims. read more