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first_imgThe company E3Ventures signed with the club three years ago for a smaller amount than necessary to need the approval of the shareholders. This platform was responsible for creating accounts on social networks exclusively to improve the management of Josep Maria Bartomeu and others at the same time to criticize the personalities linked to the club. The club itself recognizes the existence of a collaboration contract with them but he assures that they have no order to carry out these practices. ⚠️⚠️ THE COMPLETE NEWS of QUÈ T’HI JUGUES d’avui: In the program What do you play? of the SER chain have brought to light that A company that works with Barcelona works in two-way communication tasks: improving the reputation of the Board of Directors and undermining that of some personalities of the Barca environment such as the candidate Víctor Font, Jaume Roures, or players and former players such as Xavi, Puyol and Pique.center_img 💻 Barça treballa amb a company that creates estats d’opinió a xarxes per:✅ PROTECT Bartomeu’s reputation and the board⛔ EROSIONAR the imatge d’exjugadors, candidates, politicians, entitats and méshttps: //t.co/raKCv1cyLu– Què T’hi Jugues (@QueThiJugues) February 17, 2020Among the messages filtered by the program are the following:21 12 2017: “Why doesn’t Messi make public the renovation with Barcelona?” (They say because they had bought Jaume Roures).11-25-2017: “Despite all the maneuvers of Guardiola, Messi is still in Barcelona”.“What a fierce Messi has at home. They get in with their son on social networks and Antonella comes out to defend him like a lioness.”11-21-2019 Paquito el Chocolatero and live Spain. Gerard Piqué hires Stool to perform in his Davis Cup. Do businesses understand politics? Of course not. “4-6-2018 “Victor Font has signed a pact with the devil (Roures) to storm the Camp Nou”.12-26-2019 “Qatar is undoubtedly the most open country in the Islamic world.” I imagine that Pep Guardiola speaks well or badly about a country according to what they pay him.“Xavi and Puyol are fights to the sound of Víctor Font”.last_img

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