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first_img-You had offers from several teams after the decline of the Cultural in 2018.– Several asked but I spoke with the club: “I will never say that I want to go having a contract”. They told me that I was important and they would not hear anything. And I wanted to continue fighting for Cultural to try to return it where it deserves, Second.-How did it start in football?-My brother, seven years older, if he wanted to leave, he should take me. He was 10 and I was three. They played football and put me as a goalkeeper. But once, with five years, he left and they put me to play. “It’s very fast,” he was told when he returned. “Mom, this kid has to be taken to football. They say it’s very good, ”he said at home. And came the futsal, the 11 and with 10 years, Madrid for me.– Was it always a defense?-Yes! When I was little, I was a striker but when I got to football 11 they put me at the center and so I signed Real Madrid. Upon arrival, the coach said that better side, that there was another boy who should play as a central, that it was very good … And see if the time proved him right: it was Nacho, who is now in the first team. I was lateral until four years ago, when I returned to the Cultural, that Rubén de la Barrera told me no, that he was coming to me from the center.-What position do you prefer?-From central. The most important decision making. You can’t go wrong. If you are wrong or you slip out there is only the goalkeeper. It is a position that is all or nothing. -All or nothing. You have also experienced that in football …-I tell young people. I wish I was 20 years old in a team like Cultural, with this hobby, facilities, this city, these sports projects. That they value it, that this happens flown. And that in football in football one day you are up and another down, that is the reality. I was 18 in Madrid, I thought I was going to eat the world, and with 21 I went to be without a team .. I remember it was August 20, the league started, I had bought a house and I had no way to pay it . I went to Conquense, Second B, to share a flat with four and a lower salary than the minimum allowed, if they paid me it was short and bad. Two years after training with Cristiano, Ramos or Di María. – Thought to leave it?-No, but I knew that if I wanted to get out of there, I couldn’t say it, I had to prove it. And it was when I had a very good year and I signed at the Cultu the first time, in 2014. After Ferrol, I returned to the Cultural and relived the extreme: the ascent, a descent, the best and worst that can be lived in the football.– How important is Aspire for the Cultural?-I lived the moment without Aspire. 1,800 in the stands, the club looking for guarantees to be able to pay you. Go through the city and not see t-shirts, or children of the Cultu. And Aspire arrived and now in León we only talk about Cultural. In bars, children, 9,000 in the countryside every day. Hobby, players and Aspire is a whole that has made Leon return that illusion for football. -La Cultural has a special idyll with the Copa del Rey. Real Madrid in 2016. Barça in 2018. And now, Atleti.-Yes, in four years three times we have been touched by a big rival and the latter, if you want to make it beautiful, we all want Atlético to close that circle.-How do they face the game?-With a lot of enthusiasm, respect and knowing that it will be a very complicated game but at 90 minutes, in our house, with our people. If we have 1%, 2% or 10% chance, we will fight them.-If they resemble Atleti at all, it is that they ‘never stop believing’. Huesca knows …-Yes (smile). In recent years, especially in the Kingdom, there have been many comebacks. Before the Huesca everything was lost and, in ten minutes …-The most difficult of Atlético?– That with first level players, so much quality, competes as if they were Second. In Primera it is taken for granted that they are very good soccer players and that, with quality, it comes to them, that they could arrive playing against a rival of Second B. But Atlético besides having that competes like no one, not everyone competes so well. Any mistake makes you pay.-How many players are left in the Cultural ascent to Second of 2017?-Antonio, Leandro and me. And Leandro with round trip. But many things have happened since then. A descent, last year a hit: do not get into playoff With a very, very good team. When so much happens in so little there are always big changes.-How is the Cultural de 2020?-A very good team has been formed and with very good costumes, healthy and committed. And we all changed last year’s chip. We are already aware of being in Second B again and that it rises in June not in December. The dynamics is very good now.-Your weapons?-The Athletic will meet a team that knows very well what he plays. He is able to do it folded and, when he has the ball, he can hurt you. With a great enthusiasm for playing at home, before a team of so much entity. They are of a category far, far superior to ours and, well, we must try to be as successful as possible and that they have neither the good day nor the bad day … but the horrible day! (laughs).-You will measure, in a particular way, someone who knows very well: Morata.-Yes! (laughs) I had almost sponsored him in Madrid C and he was youthful! He came up with 17 years and was three with me. After Castilla arrived, I went to the subsidiary of Depor, and he stayed.-What was it like then?-Extrovert and very joker. Like now. Charming.-Is it better to mark someone you know well?-Upside down. I prefer to play against people who have no friendship because I am very competitive. But I am especially excited to play against him, if it is his turn. Although … I hope he doesn’t put the Cholo! Mark the differences.-For the fans of León you are captain … And capital.– (Smile) I have always said that the most complicated thing about getting a footballer is that people value their work, respect and love him for what he does both inside and outside. And I in Leon have found my site. I feel very identified with the people, the team. I have everything I could have in other places. Why move from here when I’m happy? last_img

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