The reason analysis of enterprise website ranking all the moment


: the first site due to the spatial instability caused by K. The time domain has been 4 years, with the new network is a virtual host, because during the new year’s holiday, the new network server space is not stable, leading website can’t open phenomenon, in 4 days later included and from more than 100 to 0, the site is clearly in love with the sea K off, even the high weight of the old site, because the space is not stable, was also love Shanghai K station. Here to remind the webmaster, even small and medium-sized enterprises, nor greed small cheap, the lower of the host, often can’t open the website must be punished by a search engine. read more

You know love is not love Shanghai which points you do website


(three) do not accumulate keywords in the station.

(four) in the collection, not false original.

is the title of the site is actually like the face of a man, the search engine spiders by title to identify your website wants to express, if you often to modify the site will undoubtedly make spider feel very strange, credibility is not high, the result of this is undoubtedly right down. I think you can understand, if you have a friend once in a while to a facelift for a long time, then you will feel familiar with his face? In fact for the search engine is like this, so small series suggest that if there is no particular need to try not to change their own situation, the title of the site. read more

A knife share increase tips related to the domain of love Shanghai


do not know if you have not used a software, it is in each batch or query domain information included in the website to submit your query information, we usually call it this website we webmaster tools, because it can query the Alexa Rankings, Shanghai love included, domain name whois and the chain of information. This software, I believe many people have used (or web version), but also does not seem to have what effect, because the effect is not obvious, so I didn’t like the same mass software is widely spread, and even some people will think that the software doesn’t work, just put in there to see, but I’m here to tell you is not the software doesn’t work, but it is used for batch query resources are then developed software of the author, after no updated (WEB version do not have to say), many sites have been closed or query page does not exist, and there is not too much of the resources. This software will lead to instant in operation is useless. read more

Good webmaster must know how to locate the web site optimization


second: so how to locate the specific site title? The positioning of the core factors, what is the

sperm competitionKeywords

2, understand the keywords of the website conversion rate high or low

I believe that most of our enterprise website hopes to the website promotion out, website can have good keywords ranking, the key is.

can be said that the positioning of the site is one of the core site optimization, why core positioning of the website is? Imagine if our website without a purpose, we do not know where the site of the target population, we do not know what to do website user groups, such as Shanghai dragon Er we are not very failure? We are a "headless flies" rattling? So we optimize a website, the first is one of the core of primary site location, so how to locate a site analysis to give a talk on some of my experiences to share: read more

Key to the development of a site is to enhance the user experience degree


webmaster to build a website that will try to strive for more and more people pay attention to them, however, and increase the number of new customers equally important and keep old customer loyalty, so that they have a sense of dependence on the website, so as to improve customer retention. So how to establish this kind of psychological dependence and trust, let them get a good experience on the site, popular point of view is to produce a good impression. Meet the customer experience, generally from two aspects, one is that they look comfortable, think of this website as the case, the two is to let them feel handy in operation, does not need to find something, waste a lot of time. read more

July love Shanghai website optimization experience 15


1, < title> marker role: the title is the core structure of the website, display your website title keywords in the search engine results. Long tail keywords and long tail keyword appears in the title bar rattan design recommendations.

we often mistakes, but we continue to learn from the experience of failure in the optimization process, make more accord with the website optimization love Shanghai requirements, but also enhance the user’s actual experience, we cannot promise you 3 heavenly love Shanghai home, because the informal technology and horse operation will let enterprise website to love Shanghai black the light box, six months of surveillance, even completely blocked. It is irresponsible to customers. So we suggest that owners or business related responsibility to be responsible is responsible for their own, do not blindly pursue pleasure and forget you this is the challenge we have love love Shanghai rules, did not find the lucky for you, once you only from XinKai Railway Station. read more

The long term keywords ranking techniques


2) then we can also view the related search keywords appear the love Shanghai which users often search, cycle difference between it and the drop-down box is time;

through the above points, we can be very good to know what the user needs, we can find the user what targets, also be able to understand the user more long tail word needs to our entire site around these needs to provide valuable content, and we are planning the entire site well, then I believe we will not comprehensive website data.

: the core value of read more

You are in Shanghai and Shanghai to Phoenix Phoenix


How should we look at the 2. ? Why do we

warsion said the Shanghai dragon is a tool, is a kind of network promotion methods, network marketing can cooperate well, make good use of Shanghai dragon can be profitable or assist the profit, we can conduct a comprehensive development and the chain site optimization to cater to the search engine’s preferences, station can promote a more standardized web site optimization as the search engine standard close station can form more information link, warsion believes that if we go to Shanghai dragon, a large collection of articles, a large number of original, even the black chain, cluster, hidden text, pages, and other big bridge of the black hat, the Internet will be our family to Shanghai dragon pure. read more

The whole process of building a chain of



does not have the friendship website, then called the Links, is nothing. So, I do the first thing you should do is to find a suitable site. One may wonder, so many Internet sites, we found a talk about a chant, what is the right site. In fact, the basic principle of this involves a chain of friends, friends of the chain is the principle of relevance. Our club is the best Links appeared in some sites related to our industry, such a chain is a certain significance. It is difficult to the phenomenon of a cosmetics website will have a website selling agricultural equipment chain. So, we are looking for friends of the chain, we should first analyze their own website, we belong to what industry, what are the upstream and downstream industries, what is our target user groups, etc. it can be found with us have a certain correlation between friendship website, generally clear positioning itself, we will through the following methods search for relevant website. read more

The new Shanghai Longfeng planning process how to effectively arrange work


a new web site of the Shanghai dragon plan is a very flow of things, and the old site of the Shanghai dragon optimization. The new site of the Shanghai dragon plan must be very clear everything arranged in the order in which can be discharged to the website search engine page in the shortest time. A good new optimization plan book must contain the following aspects:

third, the optimization of architecture and code website. The function of website architecture and code in a web site as the foundation of the house, lay the foundation to build a house, this is the basis of site. Each search engine stressed once more of the site’s structure, the flat structure and property structure is the most popular. The flat structure is popular in terms of: let the search engine can reach every page of your site in the shortest possible time link. Tree structure means two directory page of the website should be put in the two directory server, three directory to put in the three catalog. In order to ensure the site hierarchy. In order to make the search engine for the distribution of the weights of the website to achieve the ideal effect. read more