How to go to the station from the user’s point of view analysis and optimization of Shanghai Dragon


website is like a person’s face, for example we take the woman, why some women deep popular, even some people are very beautiful is also considered frivolous behavior, the key lies in the connotation, the site is also a reason, a woman is born for men, no ugly women only lazy, I don’t know who said that, visible up regarding a person’s importance, and the website is a truth, through the line on the website after the thermodynamic diagram analysis, analysis of the source of the website keyword search, we will timely user attention to details is reflected in the significant position, convenient for the user to find the first time required, our objective is reached the user’s favorite, what? What hate? In addition to their own understanding of the industry, the best combination of website data. read more

Website optimization TAG tag benefits your website using


Now the Internet

TAG label right? Small series with a more popular words in fact TAG tag is a fast and convenient way of classification, take the love of music in Shanghai, we look at the classification label.

(two) of the website optimization work benefits.

Some of the rubbish site we are common in the Internet

optimization techniques in the vast majority of the stationmaster is the most common form of anchor text outside the chain, but to really use the TAG Tag Optimization or less and less, we all know that with the search engine upgrade algorithm, its final purpose is to let our website user experience based development TAG, and labels for the absolute majority of website undoubtedly is very good to show a function of user experience, and after a small series for their site test and analysis of some of the site found that the search engine is very friendly to the TAG label, can be very good to increase our website. read more