Northern Beaches keeps growing as Far North residential hub


first_imgBrad and Sophie Walter and their dog Solo . They moved into their home at Panguna Valley in November and love the sense of community. Picture: ANNA ROGERSCAIRNS’ Northern Beaches continues to play a major part in the growth of the city as new housing estate and unit developments release later stages of land.The last lots at Kewarra Beach’s Panguna Valley are up for sale and Smithfield Village and Bluewater Estate both have many more in-demand stages to develop.Urban Development Institute of Australia Cairns branch president Adam Gowlett said demand for properties within easy reach of the beach, not just by the Southern seachangers., would always be high.“The beaches have a deserved reputation of producing a very laid back lifestyle,” he said. “With most folks lives being so increasingly busy, the search for a low stress home life will continue.“As the transit to CBD areas becomes faster and easier, there are even more reasons to consider northern beaches for a home.Gowlett said the Canopy’s Edge (Smithfield), Ocean’s Edge and Paradise Point (Palm Cove) developments offered elevated homesites close to the tight-knit beaches communities.“Paradise Palms (Kewarra Beach) has apartment and traditional housing options and Golden Lakes (Palm Cove) will bring a new level of luxury to the beaches,” he said.Brad and Sophie Walter built their four-bedroom home in Panguna Valley, Kewarra Beach and moved in late last year.The newly married pair also own a home at Northpoint in Smithfield and wanted to stay north of Cairns for the lifestyle.More from newsCairns home ticks popular internet search terms3 days agoTen auction results from ‘active’ weekend in Cairns3 days ago“Panguna Valley stood out — it is down the bottom of the mountains, a bit isolated, a good place to bring up a family. It’s quiet — the northern beaches are a nice place to live,” Walter said.“Compared to Northpoint it was affordable and we’ve got a bigger house this time around. It was a stepping stone. You get what you pay for and it is amazing.“We’ve lived at Smithfield and Clifton Beach and Trinity Beach.“I think you enjoy what you get used to. Everything is close. It’s worth driving all the way to Mt Sheridan for work to come home to Panguna Valley.”Walter said the friendly atmosphere confirmed the couple had made the right decision.“There are a lot of young families popping up in there,” he said.“The first day we moved in there we met first sets of couples and families, it made you feel at home.“We met a few other people because our dogs were escaping!” laughs Walter.last_img read more

More MPs opposing gay marriage


first_imgNZ Herald 29 Aug 2012A bill to legalise gay marriage is expected to clear its historic first hurdle this evening, but the battle lines have been clearly drawn as lobby groups and a growing number of MPs declare their opposition. Sixty-four MPs have said they will back the amendment to marriage legislation ahead of the first reading. It needs 61 votes to progress to a select committee. Labour MP Louisa Wall, the bill’s sponsor, made a final plea to opposing and fence-sitting MPs yesterday, saying the present law discriminated against same-sex and transgender couples. “[A marriage licence] is the only licence you can’t get if you’re homosexual in New Zealand. I feel it’s wrong and we need to make sure that we live in a just and equal society.” She had the backing of all but three of her caucus. Ross Robertson, Su’a William Sio and Damien O’Connor will vote “no” this evening. Mr Robertson and Mr Sio were among a group of MPs who met conservative lobby group Family First on the steps of Parliament yesterday to accept a 48,000-strong petition calling for the bill to be scrapped. same-sex marriage vote todayDom Post 29 Aug 2012A historic first vote in favour of gay marriage is expected today, sparking sharp political and moral division. Another Labour MP, Damien O’Connor, broke ranks with most of his caucus colleagues yesterday, suggesting Parliament should be focused on “far bigger issues” – and ACT leader John Banks made a U-turn on historical anti-gay comments to back the bill. Other MPs ducked for cover, refusing any comment on how they would vote. “We need to uphold marriage as a structure, as a construct around family life as a best intent,” Mr O’Connor said. “There are far bigger issues in society, and the inequality across the board that’s being driven by the National Government is something everyone should be concerned about and that’s what we should be focusing on.” Mr O’Connor will join fellow Labour MPs Su’a William Sio and Ross Robertson in voting against the bill led by their caucus colleague Louisa Wall. Rallies both for and against Ms Wall’s Definition of Marriage Amendment Bill will turn out at Parliament today ahead of the first reading vote, which is expected late tonight. Lobbyists about Parliament yesterday included a Korean delegation of pastors strongly against gay marriage. “Marriage is created and ordained by God . . . as a unit between one man and one woman to reflect the image of God,” the Rev Chang Bum Ko said. He said he would return to Korea if the bill became law. The pastors handed MPs a legal opinion by lawyer Ian Bassett, which was commissioned by the lobby group Family First. Mr Bassett’s opinion suggested church ministers, marriage celebrants and even wedding photographers who withheld their services to same-sex couples on the grounds of a moral objection to gay marriage would be breaking the law if Ms Wall’s bill was adopted. Family First delivered a petition to Parliament that it said included 50,000 signatures against gay marriage. “Same-sex couples already have legal recognition through civil unions, so there is no need to redefine marriage,” its director, Bob McCoskrie, said. But Ms Wall said there was “an inherent discrimination” against same-sex couples in the law. Pastors would still be able to choose who they performed a marriage ceremony for, she said. “What I don’t like is scaremongering.” read more

Prepared by UPF Albania From 5th – 8th of April 20


first_imgPrepared by UPF AlbaniaFrom 5th – 8th of April 2018, 43 Ambassadors for Peace from 13 Local Peace Councils of Albania and one couple from Kosovo gathered in Ohrid – Macedonia to study the content of the Divine Principle. The Regional President for East Europe, Rev. Jack Corley also arranged his schedule in order to support this seminar. Our goal was to have 50 Ambassadors for Peace this time, however we ended up having 43 exactly like last seminar we held in December 2018.The atmosphere of the WS was very high all the time. Ambassadors for Peace were very punctual and attentive to the content of Divine Principle.The Divine Principle lectures were given by Rev. Corley – The Regional President for East Europe, Mr. Ali Lacej – Coordinator of Albanians’ Peace Council, Mr. Gani Rroshi – National Leader and Mrs. Manjola Vasmatics – Vice NL & Community Leader of Tirana.Out of 43 participants, 28 of them were for the very first time to hear Divine Principle content in depth. Some of the Chairs of Local Peace Councils who attended helped a lot in taking care and supporting the workshop through their discussions and also by moderating some sessions.Part of the program was also sightseeing and family evening were everybody enjoyed by expressing their unique abilities in singing, dancing, story-telling and poetry. It was a very family atmosphere and nobody felt embarrassed to express themselves naturally.Interesting aspect of this WS was also the morning meditation where we read from True Father’s Autobiography and based on that lead the meditation. Some of them expressed that now they understood for the first time the importance on meditation and prayer. The whole WS actually was quite interactive and there was a lot of Q&A and comments from participants.The final session of the seminar was the Blessing Ceremony for those Ambassadors for Peace who didn’t receive yet the Blessing. After a short lecture explaining the meaning and value of the Blessing, 12 couples became part of the Blessing Ceremony which was officiated by rev. Corley.The Imam Hysen Hormova was the representative couple for the Holy Wine Ceremony and was very happy to be in that position. Everybody was very happy to be part of this beautiful event. The Blessing ceremony concluded with 3 cheers of Eok Mansei!At the end we gave the Ambassador for Peace Certificate to 12 participants whom husband or wife already was an Ambassador for Peace. They were introduced by their partners and it was very beautiful.The reflections from participants was very positive and they felt very hopeful. Many of them determined to come to Vienna to attend True Mother. The Imam especially praised True Parents and thanked God for sending them at this time. He said that it is great mission to unify all religions and be above them all. He bought Divine principle and said that he will study it immediately and “swallow” its content and share with his followers.Everything is possible only because of the grace of our Heavenly Parent and True Parents!last_img read more