Meishan employment monitoring for 15 consecutive months ranked first in the province


in the process of economic development, reasonable arrangements for all aspects of employment, is very critical! At the same time, the employment situation for the residents, a good implementation of the monitoring, is conducive to a timely understanding of the market dynamics of employment, to facilitate the implementation of the relevant units.

since April 2015, the city of Meishan (monitoring employment quality evaluation system of employment monitoring system in the data and the actual situation) for 15 consecutive months, ranking first in the province, and the first in the province within the scope of the provincial data. Meishan city to make full use of the employment service management information system of Sichuan Province, to strengthen the fine management of employment data, will continue to employment of county and township, village extension, and strive to achieve full coverage of employment data and zero error. read more

BBS’s old but not dead smaller more niche consumer stickiness users


originally published in the "financial world" magazine 25 March issue, the original authors, tiger sniffing:


negative growth

at the end of November 2012, the community NetEase suddenly issued an announcement:

"dear friends: the NetEase community is getting old. It’s time to say goodbye to all of you, and the NetEase community will stop serving at 0:00 on December 18, 2012."

‘s NetEase community has been shut down for almost 16 years, making some people believe that the community’s first social tools, such as micro-blog and WeChat, have become increasingly marginalized. read more

24 of the most common business profit models users accumulate more money doorways naturally emerge


Abstract: the Internet of people in the world never lack of profitable ways, there are many more complex clever profit model, so the entrepreneur should do is return to nature, good products, access to the user’s reputation, not on shaky, worry too much about the future how to make money.

since Google began to put ads next to the search results, advertising has become the Internet industry’s default preferred cash flow. But in fact, advertising was originally the main business model of print media, and now the Internet industry has completely taken away the limelight in the advertising field. Traditional industry is only thinking of product innovation, and the Internet industry seems to have to think about business model innovation. Google, for example, was worried about Google’s lack of business in 1999. After the listing of Facebook, there is still no reliable business model. But what’s happening now, Google and Facebook aren’t worried about income now?. So, it is not possible to make money directly from the user, it does not matter, only the number of users accumulated to a certain extent, there is a natural way to make money "emerge". Here are 24 of the simplest business models. read more

Analysis of personal station brand positioning marketing


these days, learning orientation, and today share about individual owners in their own field positioning marketing idea, a personal brand size, means in the field of influence, the brand can get many, especially in the current personal webmaster profit always have problems, and naturally help to the brand the difficulty.

about personal webmaster brand positioning marketing, the author is one of them, has been in this area which do one thing, it is constantly improve their own value and brand influence, make the brand to our work, and the individual stationmaster seems to be divided into several types, of which the largest population is the optimization of SEO series, then network marketing is one of the best series, Taobao series of customer, so how to talent shows itself in your field, the brand can tell you. read more

Come and listen to me about the station


has been in touch with the Internet for about a year now. Not long ago, I made a difficult choice and gave up the opportunity to practice in a number of state-owned enterprises. I decided to work in the SEO industry. SEO for me: not familiar, not too strange, the first time I met SEO, I remember it was in college.

at that time, an online friend asked me if I wanted to make money online. I immediately replied, "of course I do.". So I began to slowly understand contact Wangzhuan SEO, from now on, dream in SEO industry; the following began to me a simple story. read more

Different people different website operation view


1, a person who embarks from the Internet, focuses on users, traffic, and PV. How do you pull users in:


, A, information is not enough, you can use the collection method, add thousands of pieces a day;

B, the number is not enough, you can perfusion users, once 1 million users go in;

, C, popularity is not enough, you can use the BBS promotion machine, every day irrigation thousands of;

D, website popularity is not high, just do BD exchange links, spoof,

, E, the ALEXA of the website is insufficient, brush with boost or fake; read more

Case Amazon com home less promotions due to recommendation algorithm


Amazon has a strange phenomenon, that is, rarely do promotions on the site, even in the Amazon today deal, the activities are less poor. However, the domestic electricity supplier website Taobao, Jingdong, Dangdang, are eyeful of all kinds of promotional activities. Amazon what’s the starting point for doing this,


Gu Wendong’s point of view:

world progress depends on the heterogeneous, the United States offline shopping malls also promotions, Amazon can also rely on promotional strategies. In the absence of change the world before they truly believe that they can change the world, either idiot or really awesome. Amazon CEO is Geoff · Bezos, another person is not necessarily the case. Keso said the Niubi recommendation algorithm is the result of the long tail theory also results in the rise, others do not understand what happened to the case, Bezos has always insisted on doing, this is why Amazon is the king and the recommendation system can lead the trend of cloud computing. read more

Analysis of some profit models of industry portal websites


I and the friends of the same, is also very love of those expert income, I love that is how to make the money expert, recently, I study many portals, found not the same website profit model has not the same, so today share out to everyone look at these portals is how to make money.

no matter what you are doing, money is nothing more than 2 people earn money, or earn money users, or businesses earn money, if not the user is not business, you do not earn money, and on the Internet, users want to earn money unless you sell things, want to use other methods users earn money is not desirable, because free internet marketing has been made a bad odor, users may not come to your site to see an article to pay you 1 dollars or a few dollars what? That is not possible, of course, some people say that since the media has paid to read, ask, someone new can write a great article, but not a bit of fame in the circle of his article, people are willing to pay not see?. Well, to get to the point, then I’ll focus on how the portal earns the business. read more

Baidu library user experience review of literature products


Baidu search products can be said to be one of the world’s most successful Internet products, so we may know there are Post Bar, music, reading, rice, wallet and other hundreds of products, as the core of the user a user of Baidu and Baidu library products, today from a product manager perspective for everyone to do some Baidu library product reviews


share with Baidu library this product, because with the rapid development of the Internet, China pay more attention to intellectual property rights, copyright, the Chinese Internet market has been free from information service to the charging times. We all know that before 2010, we from the network to listen to music, watch videos, download files are free, and today you will find copyright, copyright, intellectual property content to fully enter the charging times, graphic design thunderbolt movie download, video site membership fees, my plans, from last year we have been enjoying the beginning Baidu library also began to enter the ranks of the charges. You may not have noticed, but from my experience I’ll share with you: read more

Beauty webmaster from the fool to the entrance of the experience share


children did not go to work, because it is not used to being constrained life: early in the morning is not awake to get up, wash after the crowded bus, the heart beat faster, afraid of being late, the elevator door closed to squeeze on this wave, one minute late is late for work but also that. Sick manager faces, with colleagues intrigue, also at the end of a hurried fire around performance, pull list, although a good treatment, but always felt that this is human life, so determined to start their own business. read more