Enough to remember and why WeChat in the flower briefly as the broad leaved epiphyllum who is red



bring forth the new through the old, the waves die on the beach, this is a phrase used to describe the application of mobile games now, appropriate. But if the replacement speed in the mobile store is 20 yards of the bike, that’s hot on WeChat’s circle of friends, and the speed of the game is definitely Ferrari’s 300 yard



bring forth the new through the old, the waves die on the beach, this is a phrase used to describe the application of mobile games now, appropriate. But if the replacement rate in mobile shopping is a bicycle for 20 yards, in the WeChat circle of friends hot application, game change speed is absolutely Ferrari 300 yards! In 2048, magic diffuse camera, face and other popular situation also adorable people stay in mind, another explosion of applications to attack, that is in order to make life into the movie as the theme of the "foot down". read more

‘ve got experience with local portals


I am an old webmaster, 01 years began to like the construction of WEB. Has done a lot of stations, basically count success. Maybe someone remembers the battle breaker. OK70, that’s the most profitable site I’ve ever earned. But at that time, advertising is not as much as it is now. Basically, the remittance is for advertising. At that time the statistics were Taiji chains, and IP reached 100 thousand. I didn’t know the statistics at that time, but the BBS online reached more than 4800. read more

10 sincere words for friends who are recruiting for the nternet


Do this for

online recruitment said more than a few, say a lot less, today is 3 years, before the count to the electricity supplier and the information on the Internet at the station, he spent 6 years. 6 years saw a lot of countless friends filled with ambition but need to adhere to the time chose to give up, but also see some more clueless insist to find opportunities for friends, anyway, the outside face more intense workplace environment, the network is indeed a can let more people have the ability shine place, at least most extent is this. read more

Hot flash purchase will go to buy today’s lonely


in the hot weather of July, vip.com and Dangdang products war ignited. Just come out, vip.com will hit 270 million yuan to do promotion news, but also heard Dangdang will be ready in July, 4 hundred million force brand sale, business tail product sinks. Although the rumors have not yet been officially confirmed, a fierce competition is inevitable, flash purchase this trendy concept, so once again hot, and become a hot spot in the field of domestic electricity supplier.

dials the pointer of time back a year ago, and the group buying industry is as hot as today’s flash purchase. However, a year later, group purchase is like a forbidden love princess, very lonely. In addition to the U.S. group occasionally put out a few data, Wo Wo Group speculation "buy shop" concept, the group buying industry no longer sound. As of two ecological patterns are similar, the development process of the two industry similar, behind the Rainbow Night encounter, there are too many things worth thinking and exploring. read more

do the experience of standing for a year


network for 1 years, summed up a little experience, said, I hope we do not throw bricks! More criticism!


;       I how to let users enter their own web site

first, as shown above, the above is my visit to www.bestb2b.com’s 1 minute source of access. Here are some of the following:

1: has the habit of getting up early, as the saying goes, "" the early bird catches the "" you see, the one who does everything doesn’t sleep until 8~9, and I’m very fond of read more

After doing the station will choose org meters


do stand for so long, has been using COM domain name as a station, one is good to remember, two is that generally use COM, feel that the versatility is relatively strong, three is com, seems to be more favored by search engines. In fact, I have heard before org domain name weight is relatively high, unfortunately, has not been tested.

A few days ago

suddenly want to be prompted by a sudden impulse query speed site, site began to find a suitable domain name to do, want to find a lot of imitation 123 such domain name but are registered, a little disappointed, suddenly think of Org domain name say Quan Zhonggao, or try this? And they began to specialize in search of the " speed; keywords " the relevant domain name, did not expect the search for a long time there is no proper, began to feel wangsu.org must have been registered so did not even try, finally can not find a suitable domain name, enter the URL disappointed, has made me excited ah, actually is not registered, so to save money name from the domain name registration. read more

How should the Olympic host pass


webmaster may be the hardest job in all of the industry, every day after midnight, the day is not bright, and the industry, in order to be able to update several articles faster than others. But sometimes hard work isn’t always productive. Because in this world, a lot of people, but not many successful people. While we are working hard, we should grasp the method of creating value.

network promotion is the most troublesome place of stationmaster. The development of a website is inseparable from the flow, whether it is Ding Lei, or Ma Huateng, are doing great efforts to do traffic, in the Internet industry, traffic means money. For individual owners, it’s harder to do traffic than they do. read more

BTChina Huang Xiwei setting up websites is purely personal interest


"this is a real permanent exit, and I’m not going to do the BT anymore."." In December 8th, Huang Xiwei, a BTChina stationmaster who was recently shut down, said in an exclusive interview with the daily economic news reporter. "I was ready, so the government said it was going to be closed, and I closed it.". As a personal website, BTChina has already come to an end."

founded the website purely "personal interest",

as the largest Chinese BT search engine, BTChina is in December 4th by the users found off, then came the co-founder Huang big caught the news. read more

A few experiences of rapid rise of new station


new station rapid rise in traffic experience and notes

do it although there are 2,3 years, but had never done what SEO, even what is SEO, I don’t know, just hard to update, do stand, in the webmaster circle, asked a few stationmaster, hoping to do some heavy experience, but most of the webmaster have only said content is the key, for 2 years, I always adhere to

at the end of 07, the mobile phone is a new station, the movie station, half a month, Baidu included, unexpectedly a month’s time, there have been IP flow 1500-2000, which makes me happy if some experience, decided to write and share the wrong place, we accept the heart criticism. read more

Doing a website and repairing a computer can not become a career


do not know how many people dream of a station can earn a lot of money, you can not go to work? I have a dream, hope your site with no reality whatever, advertising can feed themselves, but to do a few years later, I graduated from the University, I found that I was wrong, I can not use the website that income to feed myself


is looking for a job is so difficult, after graduation to ask parents to 1000 dollars, had been squatting in the talent market, in this month, I interviewed numerous companies, but no one saw me, I recall the past, scold me University, regret to go to college, learn what is there is no read more