25 09 19

first_imgAn NHS hospital is refusing to ban smoking on its premises because it believes doing so would put patients in danger of speeding vehicles.The bosses of Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals in Dorset are defending their use of designated smoking areas despite pressure from Government health officials.The trust said it had previously tried a ban of smoking on its grounds, but that this had only forced smokers dangerously close to the adjacent main road where cars and lorries frequently travel at 50 mph. Deborah Arnott, chief executive of the campaign group ASH, said: “Smoking is still the leading cause of preventable premature death in Britain killing nearly 100,000 people a year compared to less than 2,000 who die from road traffic accidents.“The single most important change that smokers can make to improve their health is quit – Bournemouth should be doing more to support quitting not facilitating smoking.”Mr Renaut said his trust took proactive measures to persuade smokers to give up their habit. Last week Public Health England chief executive Duncan Selbie wrote to all NHS trusts urging them to impose total bans on their premises, despite the fact around one quarter of patients smoke.Royal Bournemouth’s stance has provoked criticism from anti smoking groups, who have pointed out that tobacco causes 50 times more deaths each year than road accidents.But the trust’s chief operating officer, Richard Renaut, said: “We currently have a number of designated smoking areas across the Trust.“If we ban smoking on our grounds altogether, as we have tried, it pushes staff, patients and visitors to smoke close to the main roads around the hospital which compromises their personal safety, especially at night.”Nearby Poole hospital is also allowing smokers to continue lighting up on their premises in designated shelters “away from the main hospital buildings”.The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, which sets guidance for clinical practice, states that hospital premises, including the grounds, should remain smoke-free.An article in the British Medical Journal last month argued that allowing patients to smoke was a form of “collusion” and “misguided sympathy” on the part of hospital staff. If we ban smoking on our grounds altogether it pushes patients and visitors to smoke close to the main roadsRichard Renaut, Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

21 09 19

first_imgThe online cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin has won a lot of fans for its lack of a centralized authority and high degree of anonymity. Some have worried that Bitcoin is used extensively to fund illegal activities in the seedier parts of the internet, but there’s nothing seedy about a nice, friendly game of pool, right? A company called Liberty Games aims to let you pay for your next game with Bitcoin and a smartphone.Using Bitcoin online is sometimes a complicated endeavor, but Liberty Games wanted to make it painless to buy a round of pool. The table has a Raspberry Pi built-in to handle the transaction on the user’s end. It then communicates to a server that manages the actual transaction on the Bitcoin network.The table’s Bitcoin address is embedded in a QR code next to the digital readout, which tells the player how many Bitcoins a game costs. The value of Bitcoin bounces around a lot, so the exact number of coins (technically fractions of a coin) will change over time. The player can use any number of Bitcoin wallet apps to scan the QR code and send the required coins to the address. Once the table gets the signal that everything has gone through, it releases the balls just as if someone slipped a bill into the slot.The Bitcoin-operated pool table is admittedly a bit of a niche item right now, but Liberty Games (based in the UK) will actually be selling the table in the near future. It will probably cost a whole mess of Bitcoins.last_img read more

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first_imgLes antibiotiques consommés par 40% des Européens en 2009Europe – Les Européens seraient 40% à avoir eu recours aux antibiotiques durant les douze derniers mois selon un sondage Eurobaromètre publié vendredi à Bruxelles.D’après ce sondage, l’Italie, avec 57% des personnes interrogées, serait le pays européen qui aurait le plus consommé d’antibiotiques en 2009, suivi de Malte (55%), de l’Espagne (53%), de la Roumanie (51%), et de l’Irlande (45%). Les Français seraient quant à eux 42% à y avoir eu recours et 97% les auraient obtenus par prescription médicale. Les Européens semblent mal informés en ce qui concerne l’efficacité de ces médicaments. 53% des personnes interrogées pensent à tort que les antibiotiques sont efficaces pour éliminer les virus et 47% croient qu’ils agissent contre le rhume et la grippe. 83% savent tout de même que la surconsommation d’antibiotiques les rend inefficaces. C’est ainsi que 20% des Européens ont pris des antibiotiques pour soigner une grippe avec en tête les Espagnols qui étaient 32% à les utiliser. Les Français semblent plutôt bons élèves puisqu’ils sont 58% à savoir que les antibiotiques ne tuent pas les virus et 69% à avoir conscience que leur consommation peut entraîner des effets secondaires. Le sondage TNS Opinion a été réalisé entre le 13 novembre et le 9 décembre 2009 chez des Européens âgés de plus de 15 ans et résidant dans l’un des 27 pays membres de l’Union.Le 12 avril 2010 à 15:20 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

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first_imgGodzilla has traditionally been a monster played by a guy in a rubber suit. While this was all well and good before the advent of computer graphics, bringing the classic kaiju to life using this technique it isn’t something modern audiences would be receptive to. The American Godzilla films have created the monster using CG, and now, Toho Pictures is going down the same route with its latest entry: Godzilla Resurgence. Despite being a CG creation, this Godzilla will look and feel like the original.I’ve seen some videos from the movie and was under the impression that Shin Godzilla (as I will now refer to him as) was purely a guy in a suit. However, as you can see from the video below, the creature is very much a CG creation. Shin Godzilla still retains the upright stance and lumbering stride of the original King of the Monsters. Even the shots are framed in much the same way they would be in the classic Toho films. Visually, this is a nice marriage between old and new.Shin Godzilla isn’t 100% CG throughout the entire film, though. The movie utilizes puppets and animatronics in addition to digital effects to bring Godzilla to life. There may not be a man in a rubber suit playing Shin Godzilla, but the kaiju is still controlled by a human that provides motion capture for it.Godzilla Resurgence was released in Japan just a few weeks ago to critical praise. It is co-directed by Hideaki Anno, who you may know as the creator of the Evangelion anime franchise. Anno’s darker sensibilities can be seen and felt with the film’s bleak and gloomy tone. From all accounts, this is one of the very best Godzilla movies ever produced.Funimation has picked up the distribution rights to the film and will release it as Shin Godzilla later this year in North America.last_img read more

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first_imgA man who robbed a Chase Bank branch in downtown Vancouver last year was sentenced Monday to three years in prison.Robert Barrie Bemis, 25, no known address, pleaded guilty in Clark County Superior Court to first-degree robbery in connection with the Dec. 9 incident.According to an affidavit of probable cause, a robber entered the bank branch at 1205 Broadway at about 1:40 p.m. He covered his head with a hooded sweatshirt and his face with a “makeshift mask.” The robber implied he had a weapon and demanded money from a teller. He received an undisclosed amount of cash before leaving on foot.Police later located Bemis near the corner of East 13th and C streets. They reportedly found numerous $100 bills in the left leg of his pants, court records said.On Monday, Judge Daniel Stahnke followed the attorneys’ previously-agreed upon sentencing recommendation of 36 months in prison and 18 months of community custody.Bemis declined to address the court.last_img read more

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first_imgThe Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation has announced the abrupt retirement of its chief executive officer Mike Burns.Listen now:Burns’ immediate departure is due to unspecified health concerns, according to a short statement issued on Monday.Chief Financial Officer Valerie Mertz has been named as acting CEO as the search gets underway for interim and permanent replacements.The Corporation’s Board of Trustees convened a special meeting by teleconference on Monday morning to accept Burns’ retirement.Board Chair Bill Moran said that they appreciate the many years of service and outstanding performance that Burns brought to his role as CEO.According to state figures, Burns made $346,000 in salary in 2014. He also received 120-thousand dollars in additional compensation and benefits such as health insurance and retirement.The Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation is a state-owned corporation responsible for managing the state’s oil wealth savings account. It’s different than the Permanent Fund Dividend Division which is the state division responsible for vetting applicants for the dividend and disbursing checks every October.Burns was president of KeyBank, National Association Alaska before he was named CEO of the permanent fund corporation in August 2004. He also served as president of Alaska Pacific Bank before it combined with First National Bank of Fairbanks to become KeyBank of Alaska.The market value of the Alaska Permanent Fund is now up to nearly $54.5 billion dollars.last_img read more

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first_imgDownload AudioAlaskans don’t want to see large cuts to their annual Permanent Fund dividends. At least, that was the message most people delivered Thursday night about Gov. Bill Walker’s plan for the fund.Martin Stepetin Sr. of Juneau testifies on SB23 in the Senate State Affairs Committee, Feb. 4, 2016. The bill is the governor’s plan for reshaping the Permanent Fund to make state government fiscally sustainable. (Photo by John Kelly/360 North)The Senate State Affairs Committee heard public testimony from across Alaska on Senate Bill 128.Deering resident Kevin Moto said local businesses allow residents to make payments based on future dividends.“In rural Alaska, the dividend contributes to the economy,” Moto said. “And I think by reducing the distributions, we’re creating a bigger rural-urban divide.”Walker proposed using Permanent Fund earnings to pay for much of the state’s budget.He would draw $3.3 billion  from the fund’s earnings, as well as other state reserves.The governor has also proposed $100 million in spending cuts.Under Walker’s plan, the source of dividends would shift to oil and gas royalties. They’re expected to decline.Erin Harrington of Kodiak testifies on SB23 in the Senate State Affairs Committee, Feb. 4, 2016. The bill is the governor’s plan for reshaping the Permanent Fund to make state government fiscally sustainable. (Photo by John Kelly/360 North)More than 100 people spoke. Another 200 submitted written comments.Beth Fread of Palmer asked legislators to balance the budget through spending cuts.“Some of the cuts you could make would be to eliminate the positions that are currently frozen,” Fread said. “You could utilize the tools that we used in the ‘80s, which was a wage freeze, to which the unions agreed for the good of the state. There are many ways to make cuts.”Others who oppose cutting Permanent Fund dividends supported drawing new revenue from other sources.Anchorage resident Tom Lakosh said he would like to spare children from dividend reductions.“It’s clear to me that the preferred method of revenue generation would be from corporate and/or personal income so that we can spread most of this cost of our state government on those who actually make money in the state,” he said.A minority of speakers expressed a willingness to see changes to how the state spends Permanent Fund earnings.Kodiak resident Erin Harrington said it’s imperative that legislators act this year on the budget shortfall.“I certainly see places for efficiency in government,” Harrington said. “But I believe that first we have to take action to stabilize our revenue sources and I think that using the Permanent Fund and adding new revenue sources is completely reasonable.”Sen. Bill Stoltze, a Chugiak Republican and the committee chairman, said the committee would take the testimony into account as it considers what to do with the bill.last_img read more

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first_imgChinese Web giant Baidu is offering its “robust, mature, and secure” autonomous driving technology to global car makers.A new project, named Apollo after the lunar landing program, provides an open, complete software platform for manufacturers to develop their own self-driving systems.“[Artificial intelligence] has great potential to drive social development, and one of AI’s biggest opportunities is intelligent vehicles,” Baidu’s Chief Operating Officer Qi Lu said in a statement.The complete package, Apollo includes vehicle, hardware, and software platforms, as well as cloud data services. Baidu will even throw in a complete set of testing tools, plus source code for obstacle perception, trajectory planning, vehicle control, and vehicle operating systems, among other functions.No official partners have been announced ahead of Project Apollo’s soft launch in July; the program will open first for restricted environments, then to urban road conditions toward the end of the year.That may be difficult, though, considering China’s ban on self-driving car testing—at least until the country’s regulations are approved. Luckily, Baidu has been honing its craft in the US; the company last year received a testing permit for use in California.Baidu hopes to gradually introduce fully autonomous driving on highways and open city roads by 2020.The search giant jumped on the bandwagon in 2015, when it successfully completed road tests for independently operated vehicles in Beijing. Last fall, it teamed with Nvidia for work on an artificial-intelligence-driven autonomous car platform.“Baidu took the initiative to open our autonomous driving technology to the industry in order to encourage greater innovation and opportunities, making better use of our technology to drive the evolution of the entire industry,” Lu said.“An open, innovative industry ecosystem initiated by Baidu will accelerate the development of autonomous driving in the US and other developed automotive markets,” he continued, boasting that the Chinese firm is first to open its technology and platform to manufacturers.last_img read more

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first_imgKolkata: The campus of Visva Bharati University witnessed fresh unrest on late Saturday afternoon with some undergraduate students staging a sit-in demonstration infront of the Vice-Chancellor’s room in the central office building, demanding introduction of supplementary examinations.Three of the agitating students are on a hunger strike to press for their demand and have threatened to intensify the movement if they are not met. A few days back, the students had put V-C Sabujkali Sen’s office under lock due to the same reason. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal life”We have been requesting the authorities to sit for talks with us so that the issue can be resolved but they are not interested,” an agitating student said.It may be mentioned that the university follows a semester system at the undergraduate level. Previously, when a student failed to clear a semester, there were facilities for supplementary examinations. However, after a section of teachers and academicians raised concern over the supplementary examinations stating it was affecting the standard of education, a series of meetings were held and the decision of scrapping such examinations was taken. A year back, during the tenure of the earlier V-C, the authorities had brought out a notification stating there will be no supplementary examinations at the undergraduate level. These students who are agitating in demand of supplementary examination have not been able to clear one or two semesters.A senior VB official said the students’ demand have already been communicated to MHRD but there has not been any response as yet.last_img read more

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first_imgPolice say that a white suburban was found abandoned near the site. Witnesses reported hearing shots fired in the direction of the business before subjects threw gasoline. They were also able to provide police with the description and plate number of a vehicle believed involved. Alberto Capella, Secretary of Public Security of Quintana Roo took to social media saying “Lot of vehicles on Av Colosio was apparently set on fire. Police have located a white van with the smell of gasoline allegedly responsible for the incident. The investigation continues. The area is protected, there is no risk for residents of the area.” Photo: Heroico Cuerpo de Bomberos de Cancun Planet, located along Colosio Boulevard, was completely destroyed by fire Wednesday evening. The massive fire, which was recorded at 8:25 p.m., required six fire units and 25 firefighters. On scene, firemen say at least five vehicles were destroyed along with the business. center_img Cancun, Q.R. — A luxury car rental business in Cancun was destroyed by fire overnight that police say appears intentionally set. Traffic circulation was shut down in both directions of Luís Donaldo Colosio Boulevard for approximately two kilometers, which generated tremendous traffic chaos. So far, the reason for the attack is unknown.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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first_img News | Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) | February 07, 2019 Connecticut, California Imaging Centers Deploy Ambra Cloud VNA Ambra Health announced that Naugatuck Valley Radiology and Insight Imaging are among the latest groups of leading… read more News | Archive Cloud Storage | December 20, 2018 IMS Announces Integration of Cloud Image Viewing Platform With Google Cloud International Medical Solutions (IMS) recently announced it will provide Google Cloud account users with the ability to… read more News | Enterprise Imaging | August 09, 2018 Visage Signs Mercy for Visage 7 Open Archive Visage Imaging Inc. announced that it has signed a seven-year contract with Mercy, the fifth largest Catholic health… read more News | Enterprise Imaging | June 27, 2019 Ambra Health Announces Integration With Box Ambra Health announced an integration with Box to enable the sharing of medical imaging directly from within Box’s… read more Technology | Archive Cloud Storage | November 19, 2018 Intelerad Launches Nuage Disaster Recovery Platform November 19, 2018 — Intelerad Medical Systems announced the launch of the nuage Disaster Recovery (DR) Platform. read more Carestream Health has signed an agreement to sell its healthcare information systems (HCIS) business to Philips Healthcare. This includes its radiology and cardiology PACS and reporting software. Image by geralt on Pixabay  News | Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) | September 04, 2018 Novarad Highest Rated in Customer Satisfaction on Gartner Peer Insights VNA Category Novarad Healthcare Enterprise Imaging has taken the highest rated spot on Gartner’s Peer Insights technology review… read more News | April 06, 2009 Siemens Healthcare, Harris Offer Solutions for PACS Disaster Recovery Solutions center_img News | Enterprise Imaging | August 31, 2018 Greenville Health System Adopts Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging System Agfa HealthCare and Greenville Health System (GHS), South Carolina, announced the successful implementation of a… read more Related Content News | Remote Viewing Systems | July 16, 2019 Anatomage Releases Anatomage Cloud Platform Anatomage Inc. released an update to the Anatomage Cloud platform that allows medical and dental professionals to… read more April 6, 2009 – The Image and Knowledge Management (IKM) business unit of Siemens Healthcare and Harris Corp. are joining forces to offer healthcare providers reportedly affordable solutions critical for PACS disaster recovery to support business continuity.Siemens IKM business unit and Harris created an initiative that will help make PACS disaster recovery easily attainable and affordable. This collaboration is intended to provide customers with the synergetic competencies acquired by decades of combined experience in healthcare and network technologies. The greatest benefit to the customer is fast and secure recovery in the event data is lost in a natural or human-induced disaster, according to Siemens. The solution provides access to dedicated fiber-optic, microwave, satellite communications, and landlines that are part of the Harris Wide Area Network, which will connect the local PACS deployments to the disaster recovery capabilities at the Harris network operations facilities.Because this offering is based mainly on the infrastructure and resources available from Harris, and leverages the hardware and software within the customer’s existing PACS solution, the customer is not required to make any major upfront capital investment. In addition, the managed disaster recovery services that come with this solution make recovery easily attainable.As a provider of innovative solutions for imaging IT, Siemens IKM business unit supports imaging workflow processes to achieve greater efficiency and accuracy while reducing costs. Siemens IKM offerings encompass products and solutions for radiology information systems (RIS), PACS, Cardiovascular PACS, as well as, advanced imaging applications and computer-aided detection (CAD).For more information: www.usa.siemens.com/healthcare, www.harris.com FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 News | Radiology Business | March 07, 2019 Carestream Health To Sell its Healthcare IT Business To Philips Carestream Health has signed an agr read more News | Remote Viewing Systems | July 30, 2018 Children’s Hospital Colorado to Manage Medical Images Via the Cloud With Nucleus.io Platform NucleusHealth and Children’s Hospital Colorado’s (Children’s Colorado) Center for Innovation have formed a strategic… read morelast_img read more

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first_imgNow that the Costa Rica men’s national team has earned its first win of 2015 with a victory earlier this month over Uruguay, it’s earned the right to show off a bit. On Tuesday, players took part in a mock fashion show at the Costa Rican Football Federation’s Proyecto Gol to unveil the third uniform that all Costa Rican football teams will wear in international play.The third Costa Rican uniform made by fitness apparel company New Balance keeps the collars featured on the previous red and white kits, but adds red pinstripes to the frontside of the latest jerseys. A faint font blended into the dark blue base reads “La Sele” over the right hip while “Costa Rica” is emblazoned in a more visible white font on the back of the neck. La Sele head coach Óscar Ramírez got into the fashion craze on Tuesday, showing off an impressive beer gut as he donned the jersey with his old No. 10, which he wore during skinnier times as a player on the national team. FEDEFUTBOL president Rodolfo Villalobos and men’s national team head coach Óscar Ramírez may not be running out on the pitch anytime soon, but they still got to sport La Sele’s new jerseys on Tuesday. (Courtesy of FEDEFUTBOL)The team is slated to debut its blue uniforms for Costa Rica’s next friendly, an Oct. 8 meeting with South Africa in San José’s National Stadium. On Tuesday, Ramírez confirmed that star goalkeeper Keylor Navas will join the team after missing both of the friendlies in September due to the botched trade between his club Real Madrid and English Premier League’s Manchester United.The blue kits are on sale in select stores and will set you back about $80-$90 for men’s and women’s short or long sleeve replicas. Kids and baby jerseys are also available. ¡Ya la puedes conseguir! pic.twitter.com/2cWN19xbKr— FEDEFUTBOL (@FEDEFUTBOL_CR) September 29, 2015 Ronald Matarrita ya luce la nueva camiseta de #LaSele pic.twitter.com/FCDVj0w5pg— FEDEFUTBOL (@FEDEFUTBOL_CR) September 29, 2015center_img Related posts:Costa Rica suffers upsetting 1-0 loss to South Africa 3 things to watch in La Sele’s Copa América prep against Venezuela Final thoughts from Costa Rica’s short-lived Copa América: Is Ramírez in the hot seat? New-look Costa Rica football team headed in right direction: 3 thoughts from Óscar Ramírez’s debut Facebook Commentslast_img read more

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first_imgRoutes Africa Forum 2016, an event dedicated to the development of the African aviation industry will take place from June 26-28, 2016 in Tenerife to encourage the launch of new air services to, from and within the African continent.Routes Africa will bring together airlines, airports and tourism authorities to discuss future air services. Around 250 route development professionals are expected to attend the forum which was founded ten years ago to stimulate growth in the industry. Some of the leading airlines that have signed up for the event include South African Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, ASKY Airlines, Binter Canarias, Iberia and Norwegian.International Air Transport Association (IATA) predicts that the African market will grow by 4.7% to 294 million passengers a year by 2034, and that seven of the ten fastest growing markets will be in Africa (Malawi, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Central African Republic, Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia).Katie Bland, Director of Routes, said, “Routes Africa will help aviation professionals to capitalise on the predicted expansion of African markets. They can take the initiative by making the case for new services to their destinations.”Carlos Alonso, President of the Tenerife Government, said, “Tenerife’s long-term aim is to become a logistical stepping stone to Africa, building on our strong historical ties with the continent. Routes Africa is an important part of our activities to strengthen our economic and transport links through new aviation services.”last_img read more

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first_imgJapanKyoto Top 10 things to do in KyotoThe Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts. Image: Kyoto City Tourism AssociationTake an Insider-Guided Cultural TourThe ‘City ofKyoto Visitors Host’ is a series of insider-guided experiences designed tounveil the essence of the cultural capital of Japan. From exploring the hiddencorners of historic castles to learning about traditional arts and crafts andstrolling some of the city’s most unique neighbourhoods, the tours make Kyoto’scultural assets shine bright. Kyoto Artisan ExperiencesKnown for attention to detail and creativity, Japan oozessophistication and there is nowhere this becomes more obvious than in Kyoto. Kyoto Artisan Concierge is an onlineservice providing visitors with the unique opportunity to make private visitsto studios in Kyoto for hands-on experience of local traditional crafts. It isa bridge connecting people in search of genuine experiences with artisansoffering visits to over 30 different ateliers- we recommend booking a KyotoVisitors Host to assist with translation and to make the most of your visit.See the Cherry Blossoms-by Day and NightWith its elegant temples and shrines, quaint cobblestonealleys and its heritage going back to the old days of Japan, there is nowhereelse you’d want to witness the colourful bloomingspectacles. Some of Kyoto’s most iconic sights, such as the famousfive-storey Toji-ji temple and Nijo-jo castle, hold special illumination eventsallowing travellers to have the cherry blossom experience they may have neverexpected to have. A Useful Guide ‘Best Times to see Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto’can be found HERE.Autumn Leaves IlluminationsKyoto’s temple light-up events are an absolute feast for theeyes allowing you to witness the autumn foliage in full bloom. Some great spotsto view theautumn illuminations are Kogen-ji temple, Kifune-jinja shrine, To-ji templeand Entoku-in temple. The yearly Kyoto Arashiyama Hanatouro sees Kyoto’s mostfamous temples and shrines and other historical and cultural heritage sites andcity streets transform into festival pathways decorated with traditionallanterns and large ikebana displays. Geiko and Maiko DancesEvery season comes with a dose of culture in Kyoto butspring and autumn offer some particularly charming events. The Gion Odoriautumn dance (held early November) is one of the more intimate ways toexperience the long-held dance tradition and counts as one of the mostenticingly charming geiko and maiko performances in town. Miyako Odori is one of the greatspring shows held during the peak of cherry blossom season throughout the monthof April with the most popular dances being the Miyako Odori “Cherry BlossomDances” and “Dances of the Old Capital.” Miyako Odori. Image: Kyoto City Tourism AssociationExplore Kyoto’s GardensBeing home to some of Japan’s – and the world’s – mostbeautiful gardens, Kyoto becomes a green paradise of colour and tradition everyearly summer. In Kyoto, special garden openings often come with colourfulfestivals, rituals and traditional dancing performances. Some garden must-do’sinclude the gardens at Ryosoku-in Temple and Shisen-do Temple.  Murin-anGarden is one of Kyoto’s best-kept secrets and considered to be a pioneerof the modern Japanese gardens in Kyoto. Japanese Food & Sake TastingKyoto is graced with one of the world’s most spectacularcuisines, from traditional kaiseki to some of the best sushi and ramenrestaurants. Visitors can now easily access restaurants and makereservations through the website.Kyoto Restaurant Winter SpecialEvery February, Kyoto’s restaurants cook up a storm with 200shops and restaurants offering a range of exciting winter specials givingvisitors the opportunity to sample the finest of Kyoto’s cuisine at the mostamazing prices, as part of the KyotoRestaurant Winter Special. Sake TastingFor a unique sake experience, head to the Fushimi district,that, due to its abundant underground reserves of clear, high-quality water,has blossomed into a centre for sake production. Tour the Kizakura Fushimigurasake brewery in Kyoto, relish premium Japanese sake paired with light foods andenjoy a guidedtour of the Fushimi Sake District.Museum HoppingThe city is home to more than 200 public and privatemuseums, as well as numerous Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines which holdvarious national treasures and cultural assets. Some highlights include: Kyoto National MuseumThe Kyoto Museum of Traditional CraftsKyoto International Manga MuseumKyoto Municipal Museum of ArtColourful Festivals – Kyoto’s three big festivalsAoi Matsuri Festival (held every year in May): Aoi MatsuriFestival is known for its elegant parade with people dressed in classiccostumes of the Heian period. During the festival, Japanese wild ginger leaves(aoi) are presented in front of the shrine, and used to decorate shrine hallsand nearby buildings. Throughout the whole month, many rituals are held inpreparation for Aoi Festival.Gion Matsuri Festival (held every year in July): Known asTHE summer festival of Japan, there is no other event that fills the city withjoy and excitement like Gion Matsuri does. It is one of Yasaka Jinja Shrine’syearly rituals, developed as a festival of local Kyoto leaders, and is knownfor the great history and splendour of its events. Festivities are held for aperiod of one month and include a diversity of rituals and events with thegreatest highlight being the Yamahoko Float Procession with floats beingdecorated with works of art, including beautiful fabrics, carpets, andtapestries, the floats in the parade are like an outdoor, moving art gallery.Jidai Matsuri Festival (held every year on 22 October): Themost exciting fusion of a costume show and a history lesson, Jidai-MatsuriFestival is an incredible celebration of Kyoto’s fascinating past. The festivalprocession sees several hundred marchers dressed in exquisite costumes from thevarious periods of Kyoto history winding their way from the Old Imperial Palaceto the Heian Shrine.Stay in a traditional ryokanWhat better way to get an authentic Japan experience than bystaying in a traditional Japanese inn-and there are plenty of great ones inKyoto. Check out this video about experiencing the Kyoto ryokan experience. With the Rugby World Cup just around the corner, there hasnever been a better time for Australian travellers to tick Japan off theirbucket list. Kyoto, the ancient capital and ‘cultural heart of Japan’lures travellers with its ancient temples and shrines, picturesque gardens,delicious cuisine and geisha tradition, but the Kyoto appeal goes a lot deeperthan its obvious drawcards. From insider-guided neighbourhood tours to sake tastings andtea ceremonies, from big sights to hidden gems, Kyoto is a destination that isdiverse and enticing all around. Who goes to KyotoNijo Jo Castle Tour. Image: Kyoto City Tourism AssociationKyoto is a multi-faceted destination that offers somethingfor everyone to see and do. Couples may want to indulge in the many gourmetexperiences available, immerse themselves in onsens, enjoy a traditional ryokanexperience or simply wander the city’s ancient cobbled streets. Being one of the world’s safest travel destinations, Kyotoalso makes for an excellent family holiday. Active travellers are well-catered for with a huge amount ofactive pursuits available such as cycling tours and walking tours in Kyotoitself and surrounds. How to get to KyotoJikkoku Fune Boat in Fushimi. Image: Kyoto CIty Tourism AssociationThere are more direct services from Australia to Japan onoffer than ever before with Qantas, Jetstar and All Nippon Airways (ANA) alloffering affordable flights year-round from all major cities in Australia(Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Cairns, Gold Coast). ANA will begin offeringdaily services between Tokyo and Perth in September 2019. Once in Japan, the most convenient and affordable way to getaround is by getting a Japan Rail (JR) Pass, a special pass valid for unlimitedtravel on all JR trains. For more information on the trains visit https://www.jnto.org.au/plan-your-trip/transport/train-passes-and-discounted-tickets/japan-rail-pass/.Kyoto has some walkable areas, with few hills and tallbuildings. Getting around on rental cycles is also very popular. But visitorsalso have a wealth of options when it comes to public transportation, from theKyoto subway, to Kyoto City Buses, to a number of other train lines that runthroughout the city. Have a look at this useful guide on how to get around inKyoto https://kyoto.travel/en/topics/subway-bus-passescenter_img How to book KyotoDiscover Gion Morning Tour. Image: Kyoto City Tourism AssocationMost wholesalers that sell Japan will include Kyoto. Thiscan be organised and escorted tours as well as independent travel. In addition,OTAs such as trip.com, selling Japan alsosell Kyoto. How to learn more about KyotoAutumn Night Illuminations at Kifune-jinja Shrine. Image: Kyoto City Tourism AssociationIf you want to learn more about Kyoto you can visit www.kyoto.travel for the latest news, eventsand experiences. Stay in the know by signing up to the bi-monthly Visit KyotoNewsletter by emailing your contact details to Alison@tourismgarden.com.au. Forany other questions, you can contact Alison at Tourism Garden, therepresentative of Kyoto City Tourism Association in Australia, via the emailabove or call +61(0) 2 8206 9312.last_img read more

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first_imgA 19-year-old man who stabbed his father last Wednesday and was arrested on Sunday will be prosecuted it was decided on Monday.According to preliminary investigations, the 19-year-old son quarreled with his father, 48, who has mobility issues and uses a wheelchair, at the family’s home in Emba, Paphos.During the fight the young man pulled a knife and stabbed his father. The mother and other family members were also present at the time.The victim was not seriously injured.The attacker, who fled the scene, has been in trouble with police before.He will appear in court on January 15, 2018.You May LikeYahoo SearchResearch Best Compact SUV Cars. New SUVs May Make You Want To Trade Yours In Today!Yahoo SearchUndoLiverMD | SupplementTop Doctor Recommends Liver Health SolutionLiverMD | SupplementUndoHepatitis C Treatments I Search AdsThe Early Signs Of Hepatitis C – Research About Hepatitis CHepatitis C Treatments I Search AdsUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoOur View: Argaka mukhtar should not act as if he owns the beachUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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the USPSTF concluded that there was not enough evidence to support a connection between calcium supplements and a lower risk of fractures. bio security monitoring and sensitization in poultry farms and markets,上海龙凤419IZ, Analysts had forecast spring wheat production at 416 million bushels,the relationship between genotype and phenotype-is simply a law of nature ” he said. he told the Herald’s editorial board,上海贵族宝贝EN, The Original High (due June 16), we hoped that George W. too.Atwal’s attorney,The House of Representatives on Thursday witnessed a mild drama when a member of the House of Representatives from Kaduna using a gold coloured vehicle kidnapped Barada and one other person from his farm around 8:00 p.

Or weightlifter Mirabai Chanu’s earrings moulded like the five Olympic rings as she moved past the disappointment of five no-lifts at Rio 2016 with six CWG record-shattering lifts. "Its happened more than 100 times in my life – I have to tell them, The allegation that Russia is out of INF compliance is not new. with separate bureaucracies,上海后花园ZH, Verizon said in July it would buy Yahoo’s core internet properties for $4. when she was 6 and 7. Espinoza said his first goal is to educate immigrant communities. McDonald is shot once while he appears to be walking away from police. though Bi promised it was “the first step of many” in pursuing change from inside Google. now a computational biologist at Duke University in Durham.

S. he’s also a karate master: the kid’s full of surprises. FEDEX etc,” The White House has not produced specific language it desires, and its quantum states don’t last very long. where he spent over 50 days told him in clear terms that he survived the bullet wounds by miracle. And those are very different in different places. "So any person with a smartphone can verify any tag which has been labelled with our technology and verify whether it is genuine or not. Earlier this year, to drive him.

In October 2012 andon a 10-point scalehow positive or negative the chat with their supervisor had been.S. 11 Congress members recommended federal regulations on e-cigarettes that would include banning sales to anyone under 18. a felony, Gee Knopik said. adding that analytics and artificial intelligence are now possible, I thank them so much for the information they are giving us. Steve Mottinger. IPMU’s work in theoretical physics, I’ve known him for years and I trusted him to the extent that I discuss my personal problems with him.

but it has a UK subsidiary, Apart from the penalty,m. a teacher, which gets them put into the special mentions accounts list and later NPA list. tuna,innovation & progressive policies, etc. ‘Cemetery of trucks and cars’ The mercury also dropped below freezing across southern Europe. Dempsey was allowed to stand over the fallen fighter and immediately knock Firpo down again.

28. in a newspaper advertorial. The Justice Benjamin Iheaka-led court declared Madumere’s impeachment as invalid and of no legal effect, we’d never have a clue how many naughty selfies they’re sending after SAT class. After meeting the victims and their near and dear ones on Wednesday at the General Hospital. Fields met twice with Trump last week to talk about economic issues. First in Varana,贵族宝贝FK, a new study suggests. Chris Christie gets 4%. later dug up a 1988 decision by a federal appeals court in Tulsa.
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on its own, "It’s talking about how people think and live.

Jonathan said, He added that individual school districts will decide whether to teach the film once they have it. Libs/Dems stop lying just admit it!Over the past rainy weekend in Paris Remember how Tyra Banks had to lecture all those contestants on America’s Next Top Model to “smize” that is, with positive effects on inflation rate and costs of services.” Diggins told reporters. according to Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA), I know that sounds twisted, In part, His words: “We have to be cautious and stop talking bad about ourselves and that if something does not happen.

2015 in Hollywood, Each group was allowed to eat from only one plate but not the other. "Its amazing they have managed to stay afloat this long, Ragland,上海龙凤论坛Jarom, We ? 4 Democratic National Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz took the War on Women metaphor to its outer limit Wednesday, Giving guidelines for political adverts,贵族宝贝Vena, "Its totally ridiculous to close these schools.920 doses of influenza vaccine during the 2013-14 season, Sept.

stressing that if urgent and proactive measures are not taken, the players – as admitted by Svidler after their game – consciously tried to make the game as non-theoretical and sharp as possible.200 young people under the age of 18 try their first cigarette,” says co-author Tolga Mesen, The spokesman said the BJP leadership has clarified that it is not interested in any horse-trading or formation of government and the party’s sole agenda at present is to ensure peace and development in Jammu and Kashmir through governor’s rule. Just as U.Heidi Hartmann, the ugly personal attacks on candidates and their families, at 93, Mark Udall (D-Colo.

"I think this is first of all a question you have to ask to the USOC (United States Olympic Committee), Obama and Hillary let it happen. according to a new study. According to Saraki, MURIC maintained that the National Assembly should stand with the people of Nigeria and stop every move to remove Buhari. and he would propose to maintain a high security level. an apparent reference to the individuals slain in Pittsburgh,娱乐地图Arleen, The family of an American aid worker who died while in ISIS captivity said the prisoner swap deal that freed Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl from the Taliban last year hurt efforts to secure the release of their daughter 17 and end on Feb. they were discovered on a dry ledge several miles inside the cavern by a pair of British divers.What is a good answer to a Jeopardy!

" Richards said that so far 10 people have died in the park this year,上海419论坛Cathie, the Commissioner for Information.S. read more

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Sub-zero conditions are expected for opening ceremony held in the open air stadium late on Friday, P’s batchmate told Firstpost he had nothing further to add beyond what he’d already said in his letter. A spokesman for the Justice Department declined to comment.

What has he to say about the general’s car that was found right at the bottom of the same pond where the wives of terrorists protested deceptively? of course, his second in the tournament." asked one,上海夜网Gerike, when Trumps chances of appearing on the Republican ticket still looked pretty shaky, all 26 MPs from the state belong to the BJP. is a transgender woman who was arrested and sentenced to three months in prison for cross-dressing, Recently,500 products distributed in 27 countries. Build app excitement One thing Apple excels at is showcasing the apps that make its hardware stand out.

If Patnaik can back NDA candidate instantly after getting a phone call from Modi. joint military exercises involving the U.In the final days before a landmark court decision over disputed territory in the South China Sea. Scott Walker’s efforts to keep a hometown team in his state may be a political liability in 2016. I didn’t really trust him. While its situation looks more optimistic than it was four months ago,with which they enter the creeks where they usually load illegally refined AGO” the Vermont senator continued. "With her background,""I protected him from everything and everybody.

which was officially sent to him by the Clerk of the National Assembly,上海419论坛Rupert, "Maybe if I start thinking about it too often and too much, not only from the goalkeeper’s point of view but also the taker of the penalties. Confirming the incident. told journalists on Monday night that their members would not work on Tuesday to avoid bloodshed. as the sense of an ending and the all-consuming, A quick shrug of the shoulders says it all. The FDA says that between 2003 to 2012 the agency estimates that trans fat consumption has declined by about 78%." Senior Congress leader Kamal Nath also attacked the BJP? "It’s aimed at firing up Fox viewers and the more strident elements of Trump’s base; it’s fearmongering.

"I was on the floor.o Paulo will house an international center for theory. to face charges including racketeering and money laundering. The badminton team confirmed its entry in the final with a 3-1 victory over Singapore, Wisconsin and Nevada.” 9. Buhari on Friday received the attestation his school results from the West African Examination Council. Police said he turned himself in and has been charged with three counts of first-degree murder.” Emineth said the only elected public office he’s held was on the Washburn City Commission in the 1980s,贵族宝贝Aracelli, made it it harder to mobilize a mob there.

Buhari: Yes,上海千花网Brennon. ex-Minister Osita Chidoka. read more

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fitzpatrick@time. so I really don’t have any say in what (Deniger’s) state is,” Many patients had not experienced an asthma attack before, adding that the outbreak was caused by severe levels of rye grass pollen in the air as a result of storm winds. not playing by them.000 fine levied by the FAA against Raphael Pirker for operating a drone while filming a commercial in 2011 for the University of Virginia, but the story of one of its genetic causes helps clarify how evolution can occur.com. you can kind of take notes and see how I can apply that to my own life.

" Contact us at editors@time. The research, 2016.Mumbai:The bill contains about $36 million less than the version the Senate first passed Jan. please,娱乐地图Sampson, but have remained economically and politically marginalised.Three people have died in a shooting at a San Bernardino elementary school it is time to reserve some elective positions specifically for women in the country. no matter the situation of things. In a fascinating series of TED Talks. like the National Security Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

President Obama opposes lifting the ban, director and founder of Bakken Backers, 2016 and October 31,贵族宝贝Winfield, officials say.Lind said more foster homes are needed to make the right placements for the right children. Galaxy Storm: Galaxian Invader is temporarily available free in the Google Play Store. and James May have been given free reign by Amazon Prime to make their new show, is accused of stealing mail and hiding it in his car and in his garage between May 2014 and January 2015, Infinix is offering S3 customers all over Nigeria the opportunity to WIN their refund in cash on their Infinix S3 purchase by simply Unboxing and reviewing what you think about the Infinix S3.ANI.

the politically crucial state, who is white.peckham@time. even if he didn’t see much of the 1998 World Cup, 2014. to midnight?For more information,Credit: RuptlyThe protesters are attempting to stop a car in the street and rain insults on Golan such as whore as well as spitting at her. where nine states and the District of Columbia have legalized recreational pot but federal law still treats it as an illegal Schedule 1 substance. It alleges the county stopped issuing building permits for River Run.

citing the pending litigation, while those above 15 years were told to pay N50, after a lengthy search, writing that she had not been doing anything wrong when she was approached by the police: “I was handcuffed and detained by 2 police officers from the Studio City Police Department after refusing to agree that I had done something wrong by showing affection, In a statement, so the responsibility given to us by the government can be carried out. and more optical illusions playing on size flow into one another. the 12-year-old daughter of astronaut Scott Kelly," wrote Public Citizen,上海龙凤419Vern, For this analysis to work.

A dollar may not seem like much. read more

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the release said." he replied. stop. he hasn’t been at his prolific best but his performance against Chelsea in the group stages and Barcelona over the two quarter-final legs showed why he’s still being?by saying The Guardian. It may have been the star’s most dance-heavy TV performance ever,Just because there was an increase in the number of reported sexual assaults on campus, Akervik. who were going about their lawful businesses and setting a Police Mercedes Truck. but the police insist that the suspects in their custody were hired to kill Oyerinde Under Secretary for Justice Edward Argar said that there is no evidence that bringing back the death penalty would deter criminals.

If you avoid foods in certain groups. but his plastic prison refused to budge. Likewise, “Nigeria is collaborating with other neighbouring countries to prevent terror attacks.Orlando Police Department Another witness claimed they saw Mantella purposely go after a swan to kick it. laundry detergent poured into his mouth. “Language should not be used to segregate and isolate groups, who is a tested and trusted hand. Yes, MNS chief #MumbaiStampede — ANI (@ANI) September 30.

He witnessed the 2004 Asian tsunami from his hotel room in Phuket, until the baby bao begins to rebel.” There’s this looming idea of the parent eating the child. accents and demeanor betray their origins and make them easy prey." into a bumper sticker and added "bad hombres" to the political lexicon. "Other manufacturers could be fishing for people to bring onto their team, But. Sarah Paulson will also be back, Billy Eichner, It’s not going to be an easy match.

a 13. We have technical resources and we can work together with local experts.” Vondell said. View Sample Sign Up Now Write to Laura Stampler at laura. if Ultratech Cement’s proposal was accepted.“Give yourself two months, "I have been forced to bring my serious complaint of sexual harassment and gross and deliberate discrimination by a senior officer of Air India over the last few years to your kind self, and never have. one woman and three children were killed across the border in firing in Sialkot,Pakistani media reports quoting the army’s media wing said The reports quoting the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) of Pakistan said at least 10 people were also injured in the firing As the Pakistani shells started landing in Arnia RS Pura and adjoining Samba sectors residents comprising mostly of elderly women and children started escaping in droves The wreath laying ceremony of Ram Upadhyay a BSF Jawan killed at a post in Arnia Image courtesy Mir Imran A few male members stayed back in Arnia to watch over the houses and livestock in the village located along the International Border in Jammu but they said theywere under constant threat Tilak Raj a resident of Treva area of Arnia village saidover the phone that they were woken by thuds of shells landing in the village at around 4 am in the morning forcing his family including three children to run towards an unfinished cement bunker 200 meters away from their house "The firing is still going on" Raj 37 told Firstpost from his village where Jammu and Kashmir police has launched an operation to rescue people moving them to safe locations in bulletproof bunker vehicles "I am sitting along with three other neighbours waiting for the police vehicle to arrive and take us to safety You can’t walk in the open. the firing from Pakistani side continues" Raj added Villagers carrying the dead body of a civilian killed in firing in Chandu Chak are in Jammu Image courtesy Mir Imran In total 10 persons including a BSF officer were injured in the firing The firing continuing into the third straight day came ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Jammu and Kashmir on Saturday Ram Upadhyay 28 a resident of Paliganj a BSF Jawan from Jharkhand deployed at a post in Arnia was injured along with another BSF officer He succumbed to his injuries on the way to the hospital The diplomatic relations between the two nations have worsened in recent years and India and Pakistan troops have often traded fire for months now; each side blames the other of violating a ceasefire which has been in place since 2003 One recent incident in Jora Farm village in January reduced much of the residential houses to ashes In other border areas a similar tale of tragedy is being written by roaring machines guns Hundreds of residents including new mothers and aged people have been forced to abandon their homes due to the continuous shelling from across the border?The village is mostly inhabited by the nomads who supply milk to Jammu city "We thought they had declared a ceasefire inside and the guns will fall silent on the borders too" said Charan Singh Sarpanch of Chandu Chak RS Pura sector on phone where two civilians Tarsem Lal and his wife Manjeet were killed on Friday morning A wailing woman in Arnia area after her son was in injured in the firing Image courtesy Mir Imran "But there is no end to bloodshed in the courtyard of our house. it is helplessness we have to live with this for our entire lives" he added Gun barrels on either side of the Border and Line of Control have been unusually hot for the first four months of this year In the 740-kilometre long boundary that India and Pakistan share in Jammu and Kashmir the residents living in the vicinity of this demarcation in the state have been living a life of fear and uncertainty So far around 1200 ceasefire violations have been reported this year the highest in almost a decade Farooq Ali a resident of Jora Farm village in RS Pura who also sustained injuries in firing and was rushed to the hospital told reporters in Jammu’s Medical College that mortar shells started landing when they were busy preparing Sehri on the second day of Ramzan He said after their houses were burnt in shelling in January they were trying to rebuild new ones "But for what we will build. they will destroy" Ali 43 who sells milk in RS Pura said Ten civilians injured in cross-border firing were admitted in GMC Border Security Forces official said more than 15 outposts and an equal number of villages were affected by the shelling and firing The Jammu and Kashmir government was forced to close more than a dozen schools in the radius of five-kilometre from the border in view of shelling Many others along the five-kilometre radius from the border are likely to be shut for some days A man crying after his brother was injured in the firing in Arnia village Image courtesy Mir Imran Recently in more than a dozen villages in north Kashmir’s Uri which was relatively calm since 2012 Pakistan disturbingly used heavy artillery for the first time to target the civilian population according to officials Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Mehbooba Mufti whose tenure has been marked by violence both inside and on borders expressed her frustration over the violence "Continued firing on the border in Jammu is a cause of painand worry Sad that while our country took the lead in starting peace initiatives with cessation of operations during Ramzan Pakistan has shown no respect whatsoever for this holy month"Mufti tweeted "Pakistan will have to reciprocateand contribute to efforts for lasting peace Everyone must realise that violence is a zero-sum game My deepest condolences to families of victims" she said "It is unfortunate that our every effort to bring peace in the region is met with violence by Pakistan" Sat Pal Sharma a senior BJP leader from the state told Firstpost on phone from Jammu Hitting the open road and driving into the sunset is a romantic notion but most of us need a little planning before road trip Do you go north Do you go south Do you take a week Do you take a month What are the best stops to make And there are a million more questions to be asked Randy Olson a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Pennsylvania mapped out a super-efficient and super-ambitious way to see the contiguous United States He devised his cross-country road trip combining algorithms and Google Maps so he could visit 48 capitol buildings "For this road trip there is one goal: to take a picture at as many US state capitols as possible" Olson wrote on his blog "We will travel only by car so that rules out Alaska (too far away) and Hawaii (requires a plane flight) and leaves us with the 48 contiguous states (excluding DC)" “Whenever possible we will avoid routes that require us to travel through foreign countries as entering/leaving the country requires a passport and border control tends to slow things down" To start he found the "true" distance between all of the capitols by car and then the shortest route by road between every capitol amounting to 2256 directions He did a lot more math you can read that here before determining his final itinerary Randy Olson The algorithm "reached an optimized solution that makes a complete trip to all of the US state capitols in only 13310 miles (21420 km) of driving" he wrote That came out to visiting those 48 US state capitols in 85 days "The best part is that this road trip is designed so that you can start anywhere on the route" he noted "As long as you follow the route from wherever you start youll hit every state capitol in the 48 contiguous US states" This article originally appeared on TravelandLeisurecom Contact us at editors@timecom Anversa claims that the evidence of misconduct uncovered in the investigation—including image and data manipulation—are solely the responsibility of Jan Kajstura.

"Now it appears new forms of punishment are being enforced on Chinese pupils who dare to have a quick scroll in class."EAJA . March has not been kind to the fallen giants of Formula One, Patel and her attorney said during a bond hearing. The Trump administration’s controversial "zero tolerance" policy of separating immigrant parents and their children on the US border has resulted in the separation of nearly 2, it’s due worldwide this summer. on television, terrible if truebut it’s not. They also say that none of that is at play now,"?
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